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Tourist Attractions

  • The Perfect Feng Shui of Hawaii

    Hawaii Oahu has scored big in Feng Shui:
    1. The perfect water and Waikiki beach bring in the fortune.

    2. The Majestic mountains and Kualoa Ridge bring in the health and signifies the noble status of Hawaii.

    3. The round coastal lines and the very curved Pearl Harbor trap in the money and nurture the metro area of Honolulu.

    4. Oahu is only the third biggest island in Hawaii but it is the capital island (with Honolulu). It is because Oahu is located at the northwest corner of the entire islands group. Northwest is the direction for king, captain and capital.

    5. Hawaii is a perfect place to recharge “Water”, “Fire” and “Wood” elements.

    Thailand is blessed with Metal and Water

    Thailand locates in Southeast Asian, always in a very hot and humid temperature. To bless Thailand with top tourism business, Thailand people have to focus on water and metal elements to cool down the entire nation. Here are the treatments:

    1. Elephant is a divine creature in Thailand and it is a water creature. A vacation to Thailand is missed without an elephant ride or elephant show.

    2. Thousands of Buddhism temples and Buddhas were painted and decorated with gold (metal) color and material. Metal produces water to cool down. The meditation will certainly boost up the wisdom within (wisdom is water).

    3. Phuket Island and Phattaya are well-known for their beautiful beaches and pure water.

    4. Even the king of Thailand dresses in the formal color of white (metal).

    5. Tourism is water business, good for Thailand.

    6. If your lucky element is fire, Thailand is great place to visit.

    Effel Tower offers you the Strongest Yang Metal

    If your lucky element is metal, Effel Tower is your top tourist spot because:

    1. France is in the west of Europe. West is metal.

    2. Effel Tower is made of iron which is metal.

    3. This is the symbol of France.


    Torii in Meiji Shrine offers you the Highest Class Yang Wood

    If your lucky element is wood, the Torii (Wooden Gate) is your top tourist spot because:

    1. This Torii (Wooden Gate) is the largest and heaviest one piece of wood in the world.

    2. Meiji Jingu is the garden for the Meiji Emperor, the prime era of Japanese ancient history.

    3. Japan locates in the East (wood) of China.

    4. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Tokyo stands for the city of the east (wood)

    Egypt’s Pyramid offers you a Layer and Layer of Earth

    If your lucky element is earth, you definitely want to visit the Egypt’s Pyramid.

    1. Egypt pyramid is the symbol of top ancient wisdom, universal secret and the ultimate power of Pharaoh.

    2. Desert is full of sand (earth).

    3. Ancient and old structure is earth.

    4. Sphinx is the human’s face with lion’s body. Lion is dog (hot earth).

    5. Camel is also the earth creature.

    Singapore’s Marina Bay Garden offers you the best Modern Wood

    If your lucky elements are wood and fire, you definitely want to visit the Marina Bay Garden in Singapore.

    1. The gigantic mushroom or plant shape structures power up the wood element.

    2. Southeast is the wood direction. Asian is in the east, which is also wood element. Singapore is the southeast Asian country.

    3. Singapore is one of the “greenest” countries in the world. Green is wood.

    4. With strict laws and highly obedient citizen, Singapore is truly the cleanest city in Asian.

  • Dubai offers you the Most Luxury Metal and Water

    If your lucky elements are metal and water, you will be fully charged with top luck by visiting Dubai.

    1. Burj Al Arab Hotel: the sailing boat (water element) shape hotel, becomes the new landmark of Dubai. It could well be the most luxury hotel in the world.

    2. Burj Khalifa, or Dubai Tower: the tallest building in the world (boost up your luck quickly by using its elevator)

    3. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo: the must-see places in town.

    4. Palm Jumeirah: the iconic development was Dubai’s first man-made archipelago.

    5. Ski Dubai: Ski down a snowy mountain, in a shopping mall, in the desert. Ski is metal.

    6. Jewelry stores: Thousands of gold shining jewelry stores in many malls filled you up with the rich metal force.

    Maldives offers You the Purest Yang Water

    If your lucky element is water, the Maldives is your top tourist spot because:

    1. Maldives has one of the best, clearest and sparkling water in the world.

    2. It is made up of some many top island (water).

    3. Maldives is the place holding most of the honeymoons and wedding parties. Joyful events such as marriage will boost up your luck further.

    4. Even the fishes in Maldives is clear and transparent.

    5. Maldives is the place with most people doing snorkeling (water sport).

    Netherland’s flowers offers You the Finest Yin Wood

    If your lucky element is wood, the Netherland or Holland is your top tourist spot because:

    1. Tulip makes Holland Famous. Tulip is the flower with the brightest color spectrum.

    2. Netherland is the place with the most liberal thoughts.

    3. The windmill belongs to wood element, which reinforce the image of this country of flower.f this country of flower.


    Whistler Ski Resort offers You the Coolest Metal and Water

    If your lucky element is metal and water, the Whistler in Canada is the best place for your ski trip.

    1. Canada is north of USA. North is water.

    2. Snow is metal. Whistler Mountain is the biggest and most beautiful ski resorts in Canada.

    3. Plan your ski trip during the winter only because winter is the water season.


    Daytona Car Racing offers You Furious Burning Fire

    If your lucky element is fire, you don’t want to miss the annual Daytona Car Racing Games.

    1. Florida is the most southeast city of USA. South is fire and east is wood.

    2. Car is fire. Car racing is a fire sport.

    3. Daytona and NASCAR starts with the letter “D” and “N”. Both of them are the letter of fire.

    4. Rolex adopts the name Daytona for its top line of watch series, boosting up the noble status of Daytona.

    5. Number one is wood. Formula one is wood. Wood produce fire, making Daytona the hottest game on earth.


    Himalaya offers You the Ultimate Peak of Metal and Earth

    If your lucky elements are metal and earth and you possess the toughest mind and body to conquer the world, you may consider challenger yourself to achieve the ultimate peak — the Himalaya.

    1. Himalaya means “the Country of Snow” in Tibetan. Snow is metal and mountain is earth.

    2. With elevation of 8,848 meters, mount Everest is the highest point of the earth.

    3. With way too many deaths and failures in attempting to reaching the top, you should never consider conquering this peak if metal and earth are not your top lucky elements.