Enhancements & Cures

  • Burj Khalifah Tower – Rocket your Luck by Climbing the #1 Tallest Building

    With the height of 828 meter and 162 total floors, this Dubai Tower is the tallest building in the world. Here are some big Feng Shui tips to boost up your lucky instantly:

    1. Climb this tallest building in the first day of the Chinese New Year to receive the top luck for the entire year.

    2. Use the elevators which can carry you to the highest floor allowed in one ride.

    3. When riding, stand with only one food and make yourself like a rocket.

    4. Imagine and pray while riding in the elevator for your luck shooting up to the sky without limit. Take one deep breath and hold it as long as possible.

    5. Take the observatory tour and stay up in the sky for a while before return to the ground.

    6. If your lucky elements are metal and earth, Dubai tower is the best building to climb.


    Peacock Protect you from Flu, Virsus & Poisoning

    1. Peacock is metal because all birds including rooster is metal.

    2. If your lucky element is metal, decorate with your home with more peacock paintings or object. If you can find a metal peacock status, it is the best.

    3. Peacock is associated with royal and noble status. That is why the Macau Galaxy Casino adopts “Golden Peacock” as the theme design and color for the entire casino.

    4. In Buddhism, the Wisdom King of Peacock has the power to protect devotees from poisoning, either physical or spiritual.

    How to find out if Antique Vase is right for you?

    If you are fan of antiques, especially on ceramic such as vase, you need to be extra careful.

    1. Never buy an antique digging out from the ancient graveyard or burial ground.

    2. Never buy an antique without an authentic monk to do rituals to clean up the spirit inside.

    3. You should avoid antique ceramic if you were born in the month of:
    a. Dragon (early April to early May)
    b. Goat (early July to early August)
    c. Dog (early October to early November)
    d. Ox (early January to early February)


    Fan Helps to Expand Your Business

    Fan is not just used for a cool breeze in the hot summer. It has much deeper roots in Chinese culture and Feng Shui. Here is a list of common application of fan.

    1. Pictures and words can be written on a fan to deliver messages and feelings to the loved one.
    2. A fan is open up in such an expanding and enlarging fashion that it symbolizes an increasing benefits of wealth, power and blessings.
    3. If the entrance of a house is small and when stepping inside, the space becomes bigger and bigger, it is a great Feng Shui house.
    4. Fan in Chinese sounds like another Chinese word “Kindness”. With the blessing of kindness, all the trouble can be removed.
    5. People can use fans to blow away all the illness, disaster and bad things.
    6. People can also use it to fan fire which can burn down all the diseases and sadness.


    The Wisdom King of Love (愛染明王) to Boost up Your Marriage Luck

    Place this Wisdom King of Love in the East corner of your home or room to enhance your marriage or romantic relationship luck in 2016.

    Ammonite Fossil is the top Luck Gem

    Ammonite is said to be the food for Dinosaurs. Another blessing name for it is “Tai-Chi earth”. Only top master of the universe has the power and blessings to find it on earth. Being the 70 million-years old fossil, this extremely colorful ammonite will bring you top luck, even earth is not your lucky element – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    This Rock can Defend them All

    This rock with Chinese saying “The Taishan Mountain Rock is brave enough to defend” can be used to heal multiple Feng Shui problems:
    For Examples:
    1. Cutting bridge, highway or road so near you home
    2. The rocky hill with unpleasant view facing your home
    3. Inauspicious objects located in the front right of your home
    4. Sharp cutting object or corner or building edge facing your door or window

    Smile is the Medicine

    Yes. Smiling is the easiest and best way to boost up your luck instantly. It is because when you smile, your nose becomes bigger (more wealth), the end of your eyes lifted up (better people relationship), your mouth becomes bigger (more control over others), and your two cheeks boom up (more supports from others) – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    The Best Earth Element is Diamond

    If your lucky element is earth, make sure you buy a Diamond. It is absolutely a must for getting marriage. Diamond is the only precious stone that ghost and spirit cannot get inside because the density is so huge – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    The Best Wood Element is Redwood

    If your lucky element is wood, your best choice is to live near red wood forest – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    The Best Water Element is Lake View

    If your lucky element is water, your best option is to live near the lake, bay, beach, ocean – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    The Best Fire Element is Sun Shine

    If your lucky element is fire, make sure your home can expose to a lot of sun shine, especially sun rise – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    The Best Metal Element is Gold Watch and Jewelry

    If your lucky element is earth, make sure you own a nice gold watch or some fine jewelry – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Bottle Means Respect

    Buy a beautiful Vases/Bottle and place it at home to boost up your respect from others. It should be placed upright, not flat out – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Drum Means Reputation


    To boost up your reputation, you should place a drum like (round table/coffee table) near the front of your home – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Flag Means Success


    It is important for a company to have flags on the left hand side of the building. It will boost up the fame, leadership and opportunities for the company. For individual, it is a great idea to place a country flag on the left hand side of your desk to boost up the money luck coming from that country – Feng Shui Master Woody
    Another top idea is to virtually use flag design as the company. Bank of America, Microsoft, Six Flags are the winners of their field.

    Couplet to Stimulate the Blessing Power


    Not only limited to be used in Chinese New Year, couplet is a very common and inexpensive item to light up the whole house with instant and specific blessing – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Turtle Boosts Up Man’s Sexual Performance


    Instead of taking too much Viagra, simply place a bronze turtle next to your night stand.You may be surprised to see your ultra performance and duration. Plus, there is no side-effect – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Stamp of Approval


    A stamp means the power of authorization. Having the noble stamp like the emperor boost up your recognition and approval luck. Place it on the left hand side of your desk – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Treasure Boxes to Trap the Wealth Luck


    Making more money is everyone’s dream. To boost up your money luck, you should have many treasure boxes/chestes at home and place them in the right places/corners. If you make the closets or rooms to become the treasure boxes, your income will increase substantially – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Bamboo for Education


    Place 4 bamboo stalks grown in water in the literature corner (West in 2016)of your home to stimulate you or your child’s education luck. It works especially well if wood if you/your child lucky element — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Red Envelope to Resolve Dispute


    Red envelope is a must for Chinese New Year. The kids love it because it contains good amount of money inside. Red envelope is widely used in China with multiple occasions such as placing it into the treasure boxes and using it during worship. One less known usage is to cure the #3 green dispute star. Place it in a fan shape with elegant appeal — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Water Fountain to Bring in the Money


    Water fountain is widely used to stimulate the money luck of the home. For wealthy people, a big round water fountain in front of the home is the symbol of status. If you are not that wealthy, place a small water fountain in front of the home or inside the front door of the home make perfect sense, it works well especially if water is your lucky element — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Tree Next to Your Home to Protect You


    It is great to have big trees next to your home, especially on the left hand side. If the tree is so large to cover the top of your home, it is usually a good thing because it serves as an umbrella to protect your home. However, if it is way to big and thick and block out so many window view or make the house so dark, it is the other story — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Grandfather Clock to protect you from Dark Spirit

    Grandfather clock or tall case clock is good to place at home to defend you from the dark spirit. It is especially effective if placed on spot of the #5 yellow misfortune star flying every year — Feng Shui Master Woody

  • Tokyo Skytree – Boosting up your Top Wood Luck by climbing this #2 Tallest Tower

    With the height of 634 meter at the antenna spire (roof is only 495 meter), Skytree is the second tallest building in the world. The tower is the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kanto Region.

    1. Using the same Feng Shui practices and concepts as mentioned in the Dubai Tower.

    2. If your lucky element is wood, Tokyo Skytree is must-visit place in the world.

    Shanghai Center – the #3 tallest building in the world

    With the height of 632 meter and 118 total floors, this Shanghai will be the second tallest building in the world and certain the tallest in China. The overall construction was completed in March of 2016 but the interior design and modeling are still on going at the moment.

    1. Using the same Feng Shui practices and concepts as mentioned in the Dubai Tower.

    2. If your lucky elements are earth and wood, Shanghai Center will be a top building to climb.


    Concept of Hidden Treasure and Hidden Rich

    Many of my clients know how to apply the concept of “treasure box” to become rich. Wealth, however, does not come without trouble. In many cases, when you become wealthy, you encounter different kind of worry. To reduce this problem to the minimum, I would share with you another higher level concept – Hidden treasure.

    1. Place your most private, expensive, important documents, certificates, insurance policies, keys, jewelries and even will to a hidden treasure box.

    2. Place this hidden treasure box in the precise spot of the home as follows:
    a. If you were born on the wood day, you can hide this treasure box in the dragon, dog, ox and goat direction (refer to Feng Shui 101 : Chinese Zodiac and Direction Luck)
    b. If you were born on the fire day, you can hide this treasure box in ox direction.
    c. If you were born on the earth day, you can hide this treasure box in dragon direction.
    d. If you were born on the metal day, you can hide this treasure box in goat direction.
    e. If you were born on the water day, you can hide this treasure box in dog direction.


    A Blessing key to turn your home into the best Feng Shui House

    One of the best Feng Shui enhancements requires the key to your home and some imagination. Every day when you arrive home, before you turn the key and open up the door, take a few seconds to visualize the following pictures inside your home:

    a. Your husband is greeting you with a good news of his closing of a big deal.

    b. You kid is welcoming you with the school score report of straight A.

    c. A lot of treasures fall from the ceiling. These treasures include gold coin, diamond, jewelries

    d. Or any particular wish you want some much to come true.

    Put your subconscious power into reality. Your entire family will be influenced by your warm and positive energy. Don’t waste this golden chance of applying the blessing key every day. Tiffany & Co. is the first jewelry to apply this concept and design its signature key


    Shrine and its Care

    1. The Shrine is the spot to worship the sky gods (high level) or earth gods (lower level). Sky gods includes Buddha, Proctor or Buddha, Wise King (refer to the Buddhism page). The earth gods includes the guardian for the building, kitchen, etc. They did good deed while alive but not sufficient to promote to the sky gods level. Based on your preference, you can choose either sky gods or earth gods to worship at home.

    2. If you are not a Buddhist, you may want to place your shrine either facing the south or facing east. If you are Buddhist, you can place anywhere because Gods has the ultra power to conquer every direction.

    3. Only red wine, sweet cookie and fruit are allowed to use for worshiping the sky gods. Meat is also allowed for earth gods.

    4. Shrine should be elevated from the ground at least 4 feet to show the respect.

    5. Shrine is often decorated with three things: 2 red lights (never switch off), flower or bamboo and incense burner. Use bronze burner and containers for sky gods. Use ceramic burner and containers for earth gods. One incense or up to 3 incense is good enough. Don’t smoke the home with excessive incense, especially for family member with the need of top air quality at home.

    6. Shrine is a big fire element due to the use of incense and red lights. It is great Feng Shui if you place the shrine in the corner that belongs to a family member whose lucky element is fire.

    Mandala 曼荼羅 – Top Remedy for many cases

    If your religion is Buddhism, Mandala can be used in many place to defend your home.
    For examples:
    1. Your front door is facing directly to a elevator.
    2. Your home is facing or near Church, Temple or Graveyard.

    Use Money Cat to Bring in the Customers

    Place this money cat in the front part of your store or office to attract more clients and customers to come in the door and make purchase. It is widely used in Japan and Asian countries to boost up the business luck. If your lucky element is wood, this simple treatment helps greatly –Feng Shui Master Woody

    Golden Rooster Eats the Worms

    If you were born in Spring season, especially in February and March, chances are the metal is your lucky element. The best remedy for you is to have a golden rooster to cut the wood (eat the worm). Worm belongs to wood –Feng Shui Master Woody

    Monkey is the Key to Open up the Dragon’s Water Storage

    If water is your lucky element and represents money to you, monkey is your best friend to open up the dragon’s water storage. Then you will be super rich –Feng Shui Master Woody

    Pig is the Key to Open up the Goat’s Wood Storage

    If wood is your lucky element and represents money to you, pig is your best friend to open up the goat’s wood storage. Then you will be super rich –Feng Shui Master Woody

    Tiger is the Key to Open up the Dog’s Fire Storage

    If fire is your lucky element and represents money to you, tiger is your best friend to open up the dog’s wood storage. Then you will be super rich –Feng Shui Master Woody

    Snake is the Key to Open up the Ox’s Metal Storage

    If metal is your lucky element and represents money to you, snake is your best friend to open up the ox’s metal storage. Then you will be super rich –Feng Shui Master Woody

    Gourd Heals Sickness


    The bottle gourd (also named calabash or Hulu in Chinese) is a vine grown for its fruit. In China, it is a symbol for health. In the ancient times, doctor would carry medicine inside it, so it has fabled properties for healing. The Hulu is believed to be able to absorb negative earth-based Qi (energy) that would otherwise affect health, and is a traditional Chinese medicine cure. The number “8” shape makes Hulu an auspicious item as number eight not only represents prosperity but it also carries the “infinity” universal secret code. The bottle gourd is especially useful for defending the sickness star #2. According to 2016 flying star chart, the best location to place it is in the center of the home or office. If combining with the eight period flying star chart, north east is the ideal place to put it as it can also defend the misfortune star #5. –Feng Shui Master Woody

    9 Red Roses for Romantic Relationship


    9 red roses is a very common enhancement to boost up people relationship luck, especially for romantic relationship. The #9 purple relationship star will fly to the east corner of the home in 2016. Now you know what to do to earn your love– Feng Shui Master Woody

    String coin treatment to defense your health and luck


    Both of the worst #5 yellow misfortune star and #2 black sickness star belong to the earth element. Metal is needed to fight against these two notorious stars because metal can drain out their power. 6 string ancient coins is good to defense the #5 star and 8 string ancient coins is used to fight against the #2 star — Feng Shui Master Woody

    The Pair Gods of Union


    This picture or status of the Pair Gods of Union can be placed in the right corner of your home to bind the relationship between husband and wife to be stronger. A simple poster may save the marriage — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Blessing Word Up or Down?


    This Chinese character means blessing. It is particular popular during Chinese New Year to hand on the front door of the house. For people whose lucky element is water, place it upright. If not, place it upside down to pour out the water — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Word of Togetherness


    This Chinese character means compromise, calmness and getting together. This picture works very well when two people have been fighting each others and it is time to heal the relationship — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Double Dragons to Face the Ocean


    Place a pair of dragons next to each others and make them face the ocean/sea/lake. The goals to the suck up all the water from outside. It will be super powerful if water is your lucky element or your wealth element. A pair of elephants with the noses upfront will do the same trick facing the ocean — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Bagua Defenses the Bad Qi


    Bagua was widely used in ancient China to defense virtually anything negative such as sickness, bad Qi and even dark spirits. It loses some of its popularity in modern time. Bagua is a ancient Chinese clock. It is part of the Feng Shui master’s compass. With options of flat, convex and concave mirror in the middle, bagua has to be selected with caution. The popular use of bagua mirror is to reflect out the bad Qi in situation such as the door facing straight long hall way or a sharp inauspicious objects facing in your way — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Wind Chime is not recommended


    Many Feng Shui consultants in US love to recommend wind chime to their clients. It is not on my recommendation list. Wind Chime is a wild card. It may bring in smoothing rhythm if the wind is mild. However, if the wind is strong, it creates horrible noise. One belief is that wind chime may bring in the dark spirits. It may not be true but a common belief already established some kind of conviction and thinking power — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Five Element Productive Cycle Shield Remedy

    If we happen to seat, sleep or work in the space of Three Brake Star, God of Duke, #5 yellow Misfortune Star or #2 black Illness star and at the same time, we witness the construction or ground work outside of our home or office, there is the powerful remedy: five-element productive cycle shield.
    For example: on the south direction, we are meeting the Three Brake star and seeing the construction work, we can place five objects in this circling order: a glass of water, a metal ball, a rock, a red paper, and wood pen. Since south is the fire direction, we place water first to defend it and back up the water with all the producing elements in the order — Feng Shui Master Woody