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Great Feng Shui for Atherton’s top zip code ranking

Published on the 2016 March issue of Atherton Magazine

Atherton continues to be ranked #1 in 2015 as America’s most expensive zip code by Forbes Magazine. What is the Feng Shui story behind this amazing feat? Let’s exam:

1. Form school of Feng Shui:
a. Purity: Atherton is a strictly residential area. No industrial and business pollution. The air and nature is pure.
b. Water: Water is money. The Bay water on the northeast and the Bear Gulch Reservoir on the southwest of Atherton mark the head and toe water element. The entire body (area) is filled with wealth. During the 8th period (2004-2023), families with houses facing the southwest water source will enjoy great prosperity. Many homes in Atherton are qualified.
c. Green mountain: Mountain is health. The greener the better. The green mountains on the southwest direction provide healthy support for Atherton’s residents. With large acres of lot size, Atherton’s residents enjoy more “green” per household.
d. Curved coastal line: Only curved coastal line can trap wealth. Straight line cannot do the trick. That is why East Bay can never beat the Peninsula on prosperity. Atherton locates right in the middle of the most curved coastal line of the Bay Area. Facebook headquarter is right on this perfect spot and enjoys full benefits of this trapped Qi.

2. Four pillars of destiny school of Feng Shui:
a. Atherton was incorporated on September 23, 1923. If we view this date as the birthday of Atherton, we are having the following interesting analysis: Atherton was born on the “earth” day and in the autumn month (September) of “metal”. The strong metal force drains away the earth power of Atherton, making it weak. To get stronger, balance and lucky, Atherton needs fire (#1 lucky element) to produce more earth (#2 lucky element).
b. High tech field (electronic, software, internet, etc.) belongs to the fire element. Real estate belongs to the earth element. It is no wonder that Atherton can become a wealthy town, largely thanks to the contribution of these two fields.
c. Since Atherton was born on the earth day, water represents wealth to Atherton. Stock market belongs to water element as the stock prices are always up and down, just like tide. Stock option or stock investment is definitely one of the major sources of wealth for most residents in Atherton.

3. Flying star school of Feng Shui:
a. Northwest is the direction for father/male owner of the house. Redwood city locates right on the northwest of Atherton. Fire is red color and wood can produce more fire. This name Redwood city is perfect to offer the top fire luck to the male owners in Atherton.
b. Southeast is the direction for eldest daughter. Stanford University occupies this space. Therefore, the elder daughters of families in Atherton often have the top scores and great luck in school.
c. Southwest is the direction for mother/female owner. In 2016, southwest is actually the best direction for money luck because the #8 prosperity star falls into this space. Therefore, mother/female owners in Atherton will have the best luck and make the most money in 2016, especially for those who are living near the Bear Gulch Reservoir.
d. Northeast is the direction for youngest son of the family. Unfortunately, the notorious #5 misfortune star will fly to this space in 2016.Trouble, injuries and emotional instability are expected for the young son, especially for those boys whose residents located on the northeast area (between Middlefield road & Bay road) of Atherton. Special attention, cares and Feng Shui remedies become critical.

Wining the love thru Feng Shui

Published on the 2016 March issue of Atherton Magazine

For those of you who want to win the love from others easier, here are the best Feng Shui techniques:
1. If you are the male owner of the house, place your dreamed lady’s picture on the northwest corner of your home and bedroom.
2. If you are the female owner of the house, place your ideal guy’s picture on the southwest corner of your home and bedroom.
3. Find out your dreamed person’s sign (Chinese Zodiac). If he/she is
a. Snake, rooster or ox, focus on the fire treatment. Sending a red color heart shape gift or having a candle light dinner together will melt the heart.
b. Pig, rabbit or goat, focus on the water treatment. Having a romantic beach walk or taking on a relaxing cruise line vacation can dissolve the barrier.
c. Tiger, horse or dog, focus on the wood treatment. Bringing gorgeous flowers or hiking in Big Basin trails will ignite the passion.
d. Monkey, rat or dragon, focus on the metal treatment. Inviting for a great concert or having a Europe trip will fence in the love.
4. If you were born in the year of goat (1967,1979, 1991) or ox (1961, 1973, 1985), you have the top people relationship and marriage luck in 2016. Go full force in pursuing your love because the most auspicious stars are shining upon you.
5. If you were born in the year of monkey (1968,1980,1992) or tiger (1962,1974, 1986), your luck will be bad in 2016. It is likely for you to create a joyful event such as marriage to kill off the bad fortune. At least try to enjoy your own wedding.
6. In 2016, the #9 people relationship purple star lands on the east space. East is the direction for the eldest son, who will enjoy superior people relationship luck in 2016. If you are not the elder son of the family, you can still take advantage of this star by occupying the east room and placing 9 red roses in the east corner of your room, home or office.


Cherry Blossom Luck & Cherry Blossom Hazard

Published on the 2016 February issue of Conscious Design Magazine

Traditionally, Chinese families often decorate their homes with peach blossoms for the new year. Peach blossom is a symbol of great business success. It is also the remedy for enhancing people relationship luck, especially with the opposite sex.

According to the rule of “romantic relationship star”, if you were born in the year of pig, rabbit or goat, you will have a much better luck of love from the opposite sex with the placement of peach blossom. Thus, if you are still single, make sure to have it at home for the new year.

According to the movement of 2016 flying stars, the people relationship #9 purple star lands on the east direction/space of the home and office. The east direction belongs to the eldest son. It means that your elder son will have the top people relationship luck in 2016. To take advantage of this star for yourself, you may want to occupy the east room and place 9 red roses in the east corner of your room, home or office.

2016 is the year of monkey. Monkey is a playful, charming and stylish animal. Many social phenomena will reflect monkey’s behavior. In addition, 2016 is also the sun monkey year. Sun is bright, sharp and charming. As a result, in 2016 people will increasingly become more conscious to their looks, appearance and sexual appeals. To the extreme, cosmetic surgery is getting even more popular. To grab this booming trend and make quick bucks, many Chinese travel to Korean for a quick one-week training on simple facial jobs such as botox, nose works, eye enlargement, etc. Returning back to China, they all instantly become plastic surgeons. The total disregard of the medical laws and human’s life leads to what we call “peach blossom hazard”.

In advanced Feng Shui theory, monkey is the key to open the water storage of dragon. April is the month of dragon. In other words, in April of 2016, the abundance of water element will flood out, causing great disasters to the world and people. If you were born in the fall or winter and water is your bad luck element, you definitely want to be very careful and take no risk in April. Kidney and sexual organ are the water parts of the human’s body which got impacted the most. Sexual disasters will occur in such an alarming rate in 2016.
If you were born in the year of tiger, unfortunately, you will have the worse luck in 2016. If you are called “Cat” or “Kitty”, time is tough in 2016 as well. Puma and Onitsuka are the two “Tiger” brands with bad business sales in 2016. No wonder that Dick’s Sporting Goods has closed out their store session on Puma already. The top brand will be Under Armour in 2016, with the up and down “U” logo, resembling the horns of an ox. Ox is the animal with the best luck in 2016.

Better Health Starts With Your Home

Published on the 2016 March issue of Saratoga Magazine

A very important step in our health journey is Feng Shui. Working with Master Woody Chan made a huge difference for me, my business and my clients. It is a privilege to have him share few tips for a luckier 2016.

When you feel down and sick, the best things to do are sleep, study and do exercise with great wellness trainer like Ioana. Ox and goat persons have top luck in 2016 while monkey and tiger persons stand the last. 2016 (monkey) is associated with metal. If metal and water are your lucky elements, you will enjoy up to 6 years of good luck.

If you are a female owner sleeping in the southwest corner (with a huge closet and no window) of your home located in Atherton, you are doing great already. However, if you or your loved one sleeping in the northeast corner of the home, you’d better do Feng Shui to avoid the potential accidents and misfortune. Ground work outside of the home in the southwest, south and northeast direction will trigger disaster to the ones living in these corner of the home. Feng Shui remedies become essential in 2016.

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Woody Chan – Feng Shui Master
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Published on the Chinese Singtao Daily (星島日報)on 2016/1/14



今年屬虎(甲木)的人最犯桃花劫,叫Cat和Kitty的人最麻煩,Puma (虎) 和Adidas(甲木)的生意一定不行,最流行的品牌是Under Armour, 牛角U型也,屬牛的人今年最當旺。

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Published on the Chinese Singtao Daily (星島日報)on 2016/3/10


1. 純淨:在Atherton 市內只有民居,沒有任何工業和店鋪,汙染少空氣淨。
2. 水爲財: 位于Atherton 東北方的灣水與西南方的Bear Gulch 水庫連成一線,財星貫通,八運(2004-2023)西南方見水大發,這區享有。
3. 山管人丁: 山越綠人越健康,西南面的山翠綠無比,每戶的綠化面積全灣區最豐。
4. 曲者有情:不管是海岸線或是馬路線,這區的彎曲程度與量也是首屈一指,曲能聚財,臉書公司的總部在此,直接受惠。

1. Atherton 市在1923年9月23日成立成公司制度,如果我們把這一天看成它的生辰八字來占算,可以得到以下有趣的分析:Atherton是屬土生于金強的秋季,金多土就變弱,Atherton 需要火和土來生旺,所以火與土是Atherton的幸運元素。
2. 高科技屬火,地産屬土,難怪幾乎所有的Atherton居民也是靠這兩個行業發迹
3. 對屬土的Atherton,水是財星,股票屬水,這區居民一定是靠股票或股權發達。

1. 西北是代表男主人的地方,紅木城正位于Atherton 的西北方,火是紅色,木能生火,紅木城這個名字對Atherton的男主人十分有利,因为火土是這區幸運元素。
2. 東南方代表長女,史丹福大學在此,在Atherton 生活的長女有很強讀書文昌運。
3. 西南方代表母親或女主人,2016年,西南方最好運,財力最高,女性地位第一,Hillary Clinton也是靠此星,極有機會當上美國第一位女總統,所以住在Bear Gulch 水庫附近人家的女主人,運氣最高。
4. 東北方代表幺子,今年最凶的五黃星降臨,幼子的健康運氣受到考驗,意外頻生,特別是位于Middlefield Road 和 Bay Road 之間的居民,對幼子要多加照顧,擺好風水是上策。

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