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The best directions and positions in 2017 (1/28/2017)

1. The best directions in 2017 are East and North. If your home is facing or sitting in these directions, you will have the best Feng Shui home in 2017.

2. The best positions for 2017 are East, North and Center. If you have your master bedroom in these positions, you will have great luck (especially on money luck) in 2017.

3. The worse direction and position in 2017 is South. Make sure there is no construction outside or inside of your home, especially on the south direction and position.

4. Since east is associated with the first son of the family, your elder son will have the top luck in 2017. This could mean money, wealth and relationship.

5. Since northwest is associated with the man of the house and the #2 sickness star lands in this spot, fathers or male leaders in the world will get sick very easy in 2017.

Why Jewish is so wealthy? (1/2/2017)

Jewish have accumulated the most wealth and power in USA. With the population of only 6 million in USA, Jewish actually own one third of the wealth of American. Jewish totally dominate many fields such as high tech, investment, media, film, art and music. Why? Because they all have “Huge Noses”.

Here are some of the most famous and wealthiest Jewish on earth:

Lawrence Ellison (Oracle)
Mark Zucherberg (Facebook)
Michael Bloomberg
Sergey Brin & Larry Page (Google)
Steven Ballmer (Microsoft)
George Soros
Michael Dell
John Paulson
Carl Icahn
Shedon Adelson (Sands Casino)

Goldman Sachs is the big Dow winner of the Trump rally. Why? (12/1/2016)

Here is the Feng Shui reason:
1. There are 5 elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) in basic Feng Shui.

2. 2016 is the year of monkey. Monkey belongs to the “metal”. Everything related to metal will stand out and has top luck in 2016.

3. Financial sector belongs to metal. Banking is the most “metal” sub-sector of financial. Therefore, banking has the most upside potential in 2016.

4. The name Goldman is led by the powerful world “Gold”, which is the precious metal.

5. The logo is in white letter and blue background. White is the metal color and blue is water, which is the element for stock market.

6. The CEO Lloyd Blankfein was born in September, which is the metal months and season (Autumn). Consolidating all these metal power, Goldman Sachs reaches to the top winner in Dow.