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  • Brexit & Global Stock Market (June 23rd, 2016)

    While the whole world expected the UK would remain in European Union, the vote to leave edged to victory. This unexpected news rattled the global stock markets. Regardless the outcome, the stock market would have a big drop in June 2016. Here is the Feng Shui reason:

    1. June is the month of “wood horse”. Horse is the fire element and wood can fuel up the fire further.

    2. Stock is water and financial is metal. Fire can dry out the water and melt down the metal. Thus stock will plunge sharply.

    3. 23rd is the inauspicious date and it is the “Fire Rat” date. Rat is water and the fire on top dries out the water further. This date marks the big drop on global stock markets in 2016.


    Come in May, Go Away. Why? (2016-4-27)

    Will this happen in May 2016? Let’s exam:

    1. Generally speaking. Stock is water (its price ups and downs like wave, that is why we have the “Wave Theory” in Technical Analysis”). Financial is metal. May is the official start of summer, which is fire. Since fire clashes with water (stock) and melt the metal (financial), stock market tends to fall in May. That is why most fund managers would not bother to get hit hard and love to take a summer break with their kids.

    2. 2016 is the year of monkey, which is very energetic, bouncing ups and downs. That is why 2016 starts with a huge slide in the stock markets and bounced back in March and April. It is likely to see another falling coming during the summer.

    3. 2016 is a fire monkey. The fire fuels up the summer fire further. A dramatic fall is expected during the summer of 2016.

    4. According to the Chinese Calendar, May is the “water snake” and June is “wood horse”. June will be hotter than May. The stock market will hit hard during June 2016. Investors. Get really to “short” for profit.

    Candle or light bulb is bad for stock market

    Today (2016/3/23)is “Candle light rooster day”. Candle or light bulb is usually bad for the stock market. All the major indexes went south today. If you replace any burned out light bulb at home, you will expect to lose some money on the stock market within 7 days – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    The best Feng Shui analysis on Oil Prices Slump(2015/11)


    The plunging of crude oil prices to a seven-year low got on the nerves of many investors yesterday. Besides the non-reduction on OPEC oil production, the decreasing demand from China and advanced US shale oil technology, here is the more accurate and more reliable Feng Shui analysis.
    2015 (year of red goat) is the last year of the consecutive 6-year period of red hot fire. During this period, the fire related crisis such as terrorist bombing and gun violence became frequent events. Oil, as the dominant representative of fire, certain receives the world’s attention. Here is what happened:

    1. As the general rule, oil price should go up and stay up there with the re-enforcement from the big fire period. This was actually the case from 2010 to the middle of 2014.

    2. However, at the extreme heat point of the summer in 2014, the severe fire caused the desperate fight-back of the water element. Russian is water as it locates north of China and north is water direction. Due to the fighting between US and Russian (the fight between fire and water) the oil price dived from $110 to $54 in 2014.

    3. 2015 is red goat (hot earth). Saudi Arabia (or OPEC countries) is located on south west of China and south west is earth direction. Due to the fighting between US and Saudi Arabia (the fight between fire and earth), the oil price slides from 66 to 37 now. Be aware that the fight between fire and earth is as extreme as the fight between fire and water. Thus, the slump on oil price in 2015 is not as severe as that of 2014.

    Conclusion: going forward, since we are entering into 6-year period of water and metal (2016 is monkey metal, 2017 is rooster metal, etc.), the furious fire force is soon behind us. As the result, the crude oil price will go further down and stay lower for a long time. Enjoy the continuous lower gas price on the pump — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Another proof of Feng Shui’s accuracy happens today for David Einhon(2015/12/7)


    On Nov 19, I have written a post on David Einhorn ( ) , saying that his bad luck elements are wood and water. I have also claimed that he will have 10 tough years starting 2014. Here are what happening:

    2015 is a tough year for him because his major holding Consol Energy (CNX) dropped 75% YTD. The monkey on his Birthday Chart opens up the dragon (water storage) on his Luck Cycle Chart. Consequently, huge amount of water flooded out to put off the fire of Consol Energy, resulting in a major setback for him.

    Today (December 8, 2015), one of his major short positions Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) surges over 73% on the buyout news from a German company. Green is the wood color. Coffee is a plant, which is also wood. 2015 is the year of flower goat. Flower is wood. Goat is a wood storage. December is the month of pig, which is the key to open the wood storage. As the result, the tremendous amount of wood rolls out this month, causing another significant damage on his portfolio.
    Conclusion: I only wish that David can trust Feng Shui and figure out his bad luck elements are wood and water as early as possible — Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    David Einhorn, should we trust him on CNX this time?(2015/11/19)


    David (1968/11/20) was born on the tree (wood) day and in the winter month of pig (water). Plenty of water helps grow his tree to be very strong and outstanding. To get balance, David needs fire (#1 lucky element) to keep warm and metal (#2 lucky element) to trim his tree. Water and wood are his enemies.

    David, an American hedge fund (metal) manager, found Greenlight Capital (a fire name). It is a perfect name and line of business for David. He received extensive coverage in the financial (metal) press for short selling Lehman Brothers (metal) and made a fortune out of it. Yes, 2008 was the year of big fire. Lucky for him. To top it all, David was exactly in the “candle light” five year period according to his Luck Cycle Chart in 2008. His talent was in the perfect timing to display to the whole world.

    However, David’s recent (2014-2015) moves seems to be a lackluster as his heavily invested Consol Energy (CNX) has fallen dramatically (-75%). In fact, CNX is the worst-performing stock in S&P 500 over the past year. Based on his Luck Cycle Chart, when he turned 47 in 2014, he entered into a tough “rock and dragon” period. Dragon is the water storage and monkey is the key to open it up. Unfortunately the monkey actually presents on his birthday chart. As the result, the water flooded out and David suffered substantially in 2014-2015. Since this situation will last until the age of 57, we don’t expect much from him going forward, especially in 2016 (year of monkey). This monkey is not friendly to him. I will pass the CNX – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

  • Gold is the Golden Opportunity in 2016, indeed, as I have pointed out in my 2016 Year of Monkey Book (3/1/2016)


    1. 2016 (since Feb. 4th) is the year of Fire Monkey. Monkey is metal and Gold is a precious metal. In other words, good upside potential in Gold and other precious metal is highly expected.

    2. Break 2016 into 2 pieces: first half and second half. Fire Monkey means both fire and metal element control the first half of the year. But only metal controls the second half of the year. In other words, Gold can shoot up even faster in the second half of the year.

    3. Sword is positive metal and Gold bracelet is negative metal. However, the best way to invest gold is by Ox (which is the metal storage). In other words, instead of investing into the Gold ETF such as GLD, the best way to gain more upside is to invest into gold “mine companies” such as ABX, GG, NEM – these are the gold storage. In fact, GLD has been up about 15% YTD, ABX is more than double YTD.

    4. If metal is your lucky element, you will have much better fate to capture this Golden opportunities.


    Interest rate finally got raised yesterday. Feng Shui tells you good or bad going forward.(2016/1)


    Usually, when interest rate starts to go up, it will be bad for the stock markets and economy going forward as the costs of financing are going up for listed corporations and alternative investment such as fixed income securities starts to look more attractive. However, Feng Shui says it will be different this time around:
    1. This first interest hike is done during the winter season, which is the water or coldest months of the year. Stock markets (water) got strengthened by the water season.
    2. 2016 (year of monkey) is just around the corner. Monkey is metal which produces water. It is actually good for the US economy as the lucky element for US is also water.
    3. A white (metal) US president will replace a black (fire earth) president soon. More metal to produce water is expected.
    4. Both of the 2nd economy (China) and the 3rd economy (Japan) are also picking up steam next two years because water is also their lucky element, causing US less trouble.
    5. The substantial low oil & gas prices will continue to fuel the economic growth of the US and the world
    6. The purple #9 relationship star flies to the East direction or space in 2016. Since the US is located on the east of China, joyful events will happen in USA in 2016.
    Conclusion: enjoy next two years when it lasts – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Are we going to have Santa Clause Rally this year? Feng Shui says “No”(2016/12)


    In December (12/4-1/5), we usually will enjoy the so called “Santa Clause Rally” on the stock markets. From a pure Feng Shui perspective, it is very simple to explain. December is the month of rat (water) and Christmas is the most “water” or coldest day of the year. Stock belongs to the water element because its price goes up and down just like wave. That is why some guys have come up with the wave theory on stock technical analysis (A,B,C waves and 1,2,3 sub-waves: that kind of boring stuff). Under the strong water force, stocks usually will do well in Dec. “Santa Clause Rally” was coined to solidify this phenomenon. However, this time is different.

    Year (2015): flower, goat ===> wood, wood, fire, earth
    Month (December): rock, rat ===> earth, water

    Observation: a) 2 woods, 2 earths, 1 fire and 1 water. Water is too weak (Bad news for stocks); b) The meeting of rock and rat will transform into fire– the same “deadly code” for 2008 financial crisis (the year of rock rat). This transformed fire will dry up water (Bad news for stocks); c) Goat and rat clashes because hot earth will dry out water (Bad news for stocks)

    Conclusion: Under the impact of all these bad news, Santa Clause will fall down from the chimney. Guys, be extremely caution on December — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Today, Black Friday, what is discounted the most? The answer is Chinese stocks(2015/11/27)


    People Republic of China (1949/10/1) was established on the tree day in the autumn month of rooster (metal). Being cut by the heavy metal, China’s tree is in danger of collapsing. If a fire is presented to burn it further, China’s tree will die. Thus, fire (candle light) is the China’s enemy. Born in the year of ox, China’s ox clashes with goat. Thus, 2015 (year of goat) has to be a tough year for China. In short, “candle light goat” is the deadly code for China. We, Feng Shui master, call it “Red Goat Kill”. For examples:

    1. 1967 (year of “candle light goat”) started the terrified and savaging “China culture revolution”.
    2. Today (2016/11/27) happens to be on the day of “candle light goat” in the year of goat. This leads to a Black Friday event for China. Stock market is water. As the candle light fire clashes with the water, Chinese Shanghai Index dropped a whopping 5.48% today. Now you know when will be the best time to short sell Chinese stock markets — Feng Shui Master Woody

    The secret of changing CEO in Google(2015/8/10)


    According to Larry’s destiny chart below, Larry was a metal day person born in the spring month of rabbit (wood). Larry’s metal becomes weak in the wood month. To get balance, he needs metal (#1 lucky element) to be stronger and earth (#2 lucky element) to produce more metal.

    According to Eric’s destiny chart, Eric was an earth day person born in the spring month of Ox (earth). Larry is totally overloaded with earth. To get balance, he needs wood (#1 lucky element) to stab in and loosen up the earth and water (#2 lucky element) to drain away the earth and produce more wood.

    According to Larry’s luck cycle chart, the ox earth luck cycle appeared during his age from 22 to 26 (1995-2000). During this lucky earth period, he found Google in 1998. Starting from the age of 27, his bad luck water cycle kicked in and Google was getting into trouble. To save the company and himself, Larry brought in Eric Schmidt in 2001 because Eric Schmidt’s Destiny Chart was loaded with earth elements, which was exactly what Larry needed. Indeed, according to Eric’s luck cycle chart, starting from his age of 44, Eric’s luck element wood and water kicked in for 10 years (1999-2011) period. Eric became Google CEO in 2001.

    Starting the age of 37 (2010-2015), Larry entered into his own metal luck cycle. This luck metal element empowered him to take over the seat of Google CEO from Eric Schmidt. In 2015 (at the age of 42) when Larry’s water luck cycle kicked in, Larry had run out of metal luck and have to give up his CEO seat to Sundar Pichai — Feng Shui Master Woody