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Interior Feng Shui

  • Inspect the Upstairs and Downstairs Feng Shui

    Generally speaking, in a single-family house, the Feng Shui in the ground floor is the best because it can absorb more positive Qi faster and easier. In case of apartment, the second floor could be better because if you are living in the second floor (assuming only two floors), nobody will “step” on you while you are at home. Sometimes something that you don’t know can hurt you. Here are some things to pay attention in Feng Shui for upstairs and downstairs situation.

    1. Never sleep in a bedroom with a bathroom upstairs right above you. Simply imagine how bad it will sound if someone pee and poo on top of you every day.

    2. Never sleep in a bedroom with a kitchen downstairs right below you. Simply imagine how terrible if you are “cooked” by the stove every day.

    3. If your neighbor upstairs or downstairs place a huge electronic machine right above or below you, the magnetic field is so strong that you may suffer headache or brain tumor. Therefore, watching out for what your neighbors do with their home is very important for your families’ well-beings and Feng Shui.


    Ceiling and its Best Treatment

    1. Ceiling has to be flat. If it is a triangle roof top like a church or rising up on one side only, it is not a good Feng Shui. It is because mental stress, headache and even brain tumor may develop by the impact of the out-of-balance ceiling over time.

    2. No beam should be seen from the ceiling, especially in the kitchen, bedroom or living room where you spend a good amount of time every day. Many people are aware of this problem but unfortunately beam in the house and apartment is still very common in the US.

    3. The light hidden in the ceiling is better to produce warm yellow light rather than white light.

    4. It is not a good Feng Shui to hang a “Fan and lights” one piece under the ceiling.

    5. Never hang a Taichi, mirror or weird lightings from the ceiling.

    6. Ceiling cannot be painted in black. Otherwise, depression and bad luck may be the result.

    Lighting has to be done right

    Lighting is a large subject in Feng Shui. Let’s get straight to the points.

    1. Generally speaking, brightness is better than darkness. Darkness is associated with ghost and spirit. The darkest spot of your home is the place of horror. Brightening up this spot is necessary.

    2. Never live in a very bright house. Too bright means too poor. Brightness is justice and justice can easily lead to a break of relationship. No relationship often means no income.

    3. Never install 2 or 5 light bulbs next to each other or in a single structure. #2 is the illness star and #5 is the misfortune star.

    4. If your lucky element is fire, you should make your home brighter, use more candle lights and place a lamp next to your night stand when you are sleeping.

    5. Never install a light feature right on top of your body while you are sleeping in the ceiling of your bedroom. If it shines directly on your feet, you may have leg pain or injury.

    6. If you are the female owner of the house and you feel sick or bad luck lately, you should turn on the kitchen light or the light right above the stove at night time when you are sleeping.

    7. Neon lights mean business. Being so fugal about lightnings will make you poor. A city with the most colorful neon lights has the most vivid business. For example, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Manhattan, Downtown Los Angles.

    8. The red lights to worship the Buddha are always on.

    9. If you just replace a burned out light bulb, you will likely to lose money on the stock markets within 7 days.


    Avoid Remodeling your House with a Basement

    Never remodel your home and dig out a Basement. It could mean digging a graveyard for yourself. If you are buying a home with basement, it is slightly better. Human beings alive should try to avoid living and working under the ground level. There has been way too much tragedies and horrible things happened in the basement.

    Black Ceiling gives you Bad Luck

    Black does not always mean cool. Black is the color of dark spirit. Unless water is your lucky element, you should try to avoid black cloth. The worse place to have black is the ceiling. It can give people depression.

    Dehumidifier is the cure for your Arthritis

    If you are living in a very humid place. Dehumidifier becomes necessary. Otherwise, you run into the risk of having damp furniture, leather coat with disgusting mold or even serious health problem such as arthritis. Here are the key Feng Shui points:

    1. If you have too much water element in your birthday, you need to have dehumidifier to place in your corner of the home to suck up the extra water. Then you can become a more active person in life.

    2. If water is your lucky element, you still need to have dehumidifier to keep your home dry but not necessary place it in your corner.

    3. Old generation never has the luxury to own a dehumidifier. That is why arthritis is very common health issues for the old generation.

    4. Dehumidifier is a fire object. It should not be placed in the spot where the #1 water future money star lands as it will suck away the money luck in this spot.

    5. Never place a dehumidifier in the space where #2 earth sickness star or #5 earth yellow misfortune star lands as fire can produce more earth, more sickness and misfortune.

    6. The best spot to place it is where the #3 green dispute star flies to as it can drain out the wood power of this star, reducing any legal and argument problem.


    The Proper Use of Air Conditioner

    Air conditioner can produce cold air inside of the home and hot air outside of the home. Which element does it belong to? Since we are discussing interior Feng Shui, cold air is the key. Therefore, just like refrigerator, air conditioner belongs to the metal element.

    1. If your lucky element is metal, use the air conditioner more often. There is no Feng Shui effect for a non-function air conditioner.

    2. Place the air conditioner in the associated corner of the family member whose lucky element is metal.

    3. Never keep the used air conditioner as the previous owner’s bad energy or non-matching Qi will create bad luck for your family.

    4. Air conditioner is a powerful Feng Shui tool to stimulate the flying star landing on its space. If the auspicious star flies to the spot of the air conditioner, turn it on more often will stimulate the auspicious events to happen. However, if the bad star lands on this spot, everything you turn on the air conditioner, the bad luck will enhance as well. Therefore, proper handling with air conditioner become very critical to the lucky of your family.

    Window is Our Eyes

    Window represents eyes. If the window is dirty, our eyes will be blur. Therefore, we need to keep our window clean. Eye belongs to fire element. Eye is also connected to our lever and heart. If the window is broken, we may suffer cataract, blindness, lever failure and heart disease. Therefore, whenever the windows are broken, we have to fix it immediately.

    The location of windows is very important. If it locates in a certain family member, that family member would love to stay at home and look into the “window”. In the modern world, window means Microsoft Window. For example, if the window locates in the east direction which represents the elder son of the family, he tends to stay at home more often and work on his computer.

    Window is a powerful tool to stimulate a certain element. For example, east is the wood direction. If the window is located in the east space of the home and wood is the lucky element of your elder son, opening up this window will stimulate and enhance the wood power for your son. However, if wood is not his lucky element, having a window in the east would be harmful to him.

    Window in the east and south part of the house is much better than window in the west part because the light of sun rise is much auspicious than the light of sun set.

    Curtain or blind is also a big consideration for window at home. If fire is your lucky element, you should use a thinner and lighter curtain to let more light to come in to the home. Otherwise, a thick curtain is better. For blind, horizon style is better than vertical style because the forming of superior magnetic field.


    Refrigerator is a Metal Storage

    Kitchen is a fire place and refrigerator belongs to metal element. The reason we commonly place a fridge in kitchen is to balance the kitchen’s strong fire element because metal can produce water. Here are the points of learning.

    1. If your luck element is metal, fridge is your best friend. Do the followings:
    a. Try to buy more than one fridge: one in kitchen, one in living room and one in office.
    b. White and silver are metal colors. That is why most of the fridge are painted with white or silver. Stick with this traditional colors.
    c. Soda, beer, milk, ice cream and ice are all metal elements. They are perfect to put in the fridges.
    d. West is metal. Western countries such as German, UK, Netherland and Belgium are metal. That is why many top brands of beer comes from these countries. It is great to have beers from these countries.
    e. Place a bronze snake on top of the fridge to “open up” the metal storage of the fridge.

    2. If your lucky element is not metal, do the followings:
    a. Just buy one fridge at home. The small the better.
    b. Try to buy red or green color.
    c. Hide the fridge inside a wood closet or storage so that it is not visible.
    d. Put a wood cat on top of the fridge to defend its metal force.


    Bathroom and its Hidden Secrets

    Bathroom belongs to water element. If water is your lucky element, it is good to have the bathroom located in your corner of the house. If not, you need to do the following list of Feng Shui remedies to reduce the negative impact of the bathroom.

    1. Install a shower rather than a bath tub.
    2. Never take a milk bath. Only lavender or lemon bath is acceptable.
    3. Decorate the bathroom with plants to absorb the extra water.
    4. Turn on the vacuum vent more often to dry out the bathroom.
    5. Paint the bathroom in green or brown color, not white or gold color.
    6. Install and use the heat/warm light when taking a shower.
    7. No clutter or any unnecessary things inside the bathroom.
    8. Turn on the temperature and make the water hot when showing.
    9. Never use a glass door for the bathroom
    10. No open bathroom in the master bedroom.
    11. Bathroom should not be located right next to the kitchen. The worst design is that you have to go thru the kitchen first to get into the bathroom. Water clashing fire leads to big health issues.
    12. No more than one door for the bathroom. This will lead to unstable relationship and even surgery accident.
    13. No stone to place in bathroom because it will cost kidney stone or urine stone.

    Does Your Child have Talent and Luck with Piano?

    Nowadays, most children have increasing exposure to the fire and wood elements. Education is wood and computer game (TV, mobile APP, movies) is fire. To make a better balance, should you ask your child to learn Piano (metal)? You children will enjoy playing piano if the all of the following applies:

    1. Your child loves to eat ice cream (metal).
    2. Your child loves to visit Disney World (water)
    3. Your child never got injury by riding on a bicycle (metal) the first few times.
    4. Your child hates to play toy car (fire), Lego (fire) and doll (wood).

    Piano is an extremely metal object. If metal is the lucky element for your family and your child, it is a good idea to ask him to learn Piano. The music around the home has a purifying effect on bad Qi and germs. However, there is one thing to bear in mind. If your child stops playing the piano, it will turn from the metal element to wood element. Piano requires regular tune-up to make the right sounds. An off tune piano is just like a broken machine. It will emit the harmful magnetic field. This will create the clutter problem, especially if wood is not your family’s lucky element.

    Stove and its hazard

    Kitchen represents female owner of the house and kitchen belongs to the fire element. If the lucky element of the female owner is fire, it is good to cook more at home. Obviously, open kitchen is good for the family whose lucky element is fire. Otherwise, close the kitchen door and open up the kitchen window while cooking. The stove is the key part of the kitchen. Thus the situation of the stove reflect the situation of the house wife.
    1. There should be only one stove in a house. If there is two stove or two kitchens, the husband is likely to have a lover or second wife somewhere.
    2. The upper part of the stove represents the female owner’s upper body. The lower part of the stove represents her lower body. If there is vase stored in the shelf space right above the stove, the female owner is likely to experience head or neck pain. If there is smelling liquid or can of remaining paint stored in the lower space of the stove, some feminine disease may develop.
    3. Never let a mirror or aluminum foil on the wall to reflect the stove and make it double. Otherwise, husband will have love affair.
    4. If there is no stove in the house, a man will have tough time to find a wife.


    Mirror is the Cause of Marital Dispute

    1. If your lucky element is metal, you can live with mirror around you.

    2. Regardless of your lucky element, mirror should not appear in your bedroom, especially if it can directly reflect you or your wife while sleeping. If it reflects you, it will double you (or double husbands). If it reflects your wife, it will be double wives in the family. Either one is bad for the marriage relationship.

    3. Another potential hazard is the TV in the bedroom. The screen of TV is just like the mirror with the same effect. The right treatment is to cover the TV screen with a cloth.

    4. The best way is to hide the mirror at the back of the closet door. Whenever it is needed, simply open the closet door.

    5. The mirror should never directly reflect the kitchen stove because the double wife effect will happen as well.

    6. If your birthday reading is strong (for example: a tree day person born in the spring month), mirror will double you, making you twice as strong. For your own luck, cut down the mirror in your home.

    7. The only place mirror making sense is the dining room. It can double the food (double the wealth).

  • Home Office and Feng Shui

    1. If it is a home office where you try to build up your prospective business, do stock trading or simply enhance your fortune, then you should pick the room in your “Money God” direction to be your home office. For example, if you were born in Spring season, west is your Money God direction. Pick the room located in the west of your home. For people who was born in Summer season, the North room is the best choice. Autumn people should pick the east room. South room is ideal for Winter people.

    2. The direction of your desk in your home office is also very critical. The best direction to face is either your Money God direction as mentioned in point #1 or the most auspicious direction for the year: Southwest for 2016 and East for 2017.

    3. The alignment or furniture settings in your home office is equally important if not more. When you are sitting behind your desk, make sure you have the left dragon (a big cabinet, pictures or window), right small tiger (small stand or a low plant), backing with a tortoise (solid wall) and facing a phoenix (open space in the front).

    4. The chair you are siting is better to have a solid back and full arm rest so that you can claim the power of authority in your work.


    Square Table is a Battle Field

    Square represents conflict and fighting. Circle represents harmony. It is not a good Feng Shui to have a square or rectangle dining table at home. This will lead to family argument and even divorce. Square and rectangle table is more suitable for company office. The long rectangle conference room table is often used as the battle field during the company’s conference or meeting with board members.

    Cooker to Stimulate your Money Luck

    Cooker belongs to the fire element. It should be placed in the right spot as followings:
    1. It should be placed in the space associated with the family member whose lucky element is fire.
    2. According to the flying star theory, it should be faced to the most auspicious #8 fortune star to capture the money luck for the entire year.
    3. Using a Feng Shui Compass, you can find out the most auspicious #8 fortune star lands in the part of your home based on the period it was built. Then put your cooker facing this direction to absorb the entire 20-years period of money luck.

    Your Bed connects with your Entire Life

    Bedding is a very important subject in Feng Shui as average people spend eight hours every day on bed. Here are the most important tips you have to follow:

    1. Ideally, the frame of the bed is made of bronze as bronze is the powerful metal material to defend the #2 sickness star and #5 misfortune star no matter when these two stars land on the bed.
    2. However, if metal is your bad lucky element, you can skip this bronze bed.
    3. Never place anything underneath your bed, as it may create damage and injury to you.
    4. Never sleep on a used bed as other people’s bad luck and sickness will get into you.
    5. Pick an auspicious date to install a new bed and bedding stuff (mattress, sheet cover, comforter, pillow, etc.)
    6. Always buy a bed with head board to back you up and make you feel secured when sleep.
    7. Arrange the bedroom in the fashion of left dragon and right tiger (please refer to Feng Shui 101 for details)
    8. Never place the bed in the middle of the room without the supporting from the four sides. It is the signal of death.
    9. Make the bed flexible enough to move around to capture the auspicious stars each year if possible.
    10. Never have a light on the night stand next to your head when sleeping unless your lucky element is fire.


    Hang Only the Correct Paintings

    Many people love to hang paintings at home to decorate. The focus is on personal preference or visual effects or popularity of painting. However, hang the wrong pictures in the wrong place could be a cause of disaster. Here are the key points:

    1. The content of picture has to match the owner’s lucky element. If wood is the person’s lucky element, paintings with flower, tree or forest theme would be a perfect match. If water is the lucky element, consider pictures with ocean, river, bay, beach etc.

    2. The spot for hanging the painting is also very important. If your son’s lucky element is wood, hang the flower picture on the wall of the east direction will boost up his luck significantly.

    3. Never hang a lonely woman’s picture in the wife corner of the house. This will lead to divorce or being single for the entire life.

    4. Never hang a team of ladies pictures in the husband corner of the house. This will cause ex-martial affairs.

    5. It is not a good idea to have too many religion pictures hanging at home because you will turn the house into a temple, cooling down the relationship with the spouse.

    6. Hang the pictures at least 4 feet from the ground to show the respect of the paintings.

    7. The frame of the picture is also critical. Use metal frame only if your lucky element is metal.

    Trash Can can make you retired

    We can live with a home without a trash box or trash can. However, the incorrect treatment of trash can can be devastated to us. Trash can is the symbol of useless stuff. Here are points of caution:

    1. Never place the trash can in the corners associated with father, mother and family members. If you do, you will turn that family member into a trash – a useless or retired person.

    2. Trash can should be placed in only the following 4 directions of the home: dragon, dog, ox and goat. Use a Chinese compass to do the reading precisely to avoid making mistakes.

    3. The trash can is best to hide inside a kitchen lower closet or the bottom of sink. Invisible trash can will not produce the damage.

    4. Trash can is better to be small, cleaned often and capped to prevent the bad odder effect.


    Front Door and its Many Secrets

    In Feng Shui, the front door has a major impact for the luck of every family member because it is the only place everyone has to use every day. Let’s exam some of the key significance of the front door.

    1. Every year, a different flying star will land on the front door of the house. If it is an auspicious flying star such as #8 fortunate star, #1 future money star or #9 people relationship star, all family members will get benefits of this lucky star.

    2. Based on the location/direction of the front door, a certain family member will have a tendency to “get out of the door” and hate to stay at home. For example, if the front door is located in the southwest corner of the home (the mother’s corner), mother often stays away from the house and does a lot of shopping.

    3. For convenience, many people place a lot shoes near the front door. It is not a good Feng Shui practice because the odder of the shoes will pollute the auspicious Qi entering though the front door. It is advisable to put the shoes in other place of the house or at least hide them in a shoe closet.

    Balcony enhances our Wealth Capacity

    It is always a great Feng Shui to have a big balcony at home as the extension of a living room. The bigger the balcony, the more capacity to accumulate big wealth. Here are some points of interests for balcony.

    1. When an auspicious star such as #8, #1, #6 and #9 star lands on the balcony, we should open up the balcony door to stimulate these auspicious star to bring in more luck. However, if a misfortunate star such as #2, #5, #3 and #7 flies into this space, we should close the balcony door more often.

    2. Balcony should be viewed as an extension of the living room for bigger money capacity. It is not a good idea to ruin its good Feng Shui by placing some junks such as mob, used shoes or old magazines.

    3. For security reason or protection of young kids, many people have installed iron bars or steel locks in the balcony. It is also not good for Feng Shui because it will block the auspicious Qi and “block out” the metal power of the family member whose space is associated with the balcony.

    4. If wood is the lucky element of the family member whose space is associated with the balcony, it is great to have plants in the balcony to generate pleasant view and active oxygen.


    Washing Machine and your Digestion Problem

    Contrary to common belief, washing machine is not a water element. It belongs to fire and earth elements. With increasing drying function of a washing machine, it becomes a completely Feng Shui fire hazard at home. It has a huge negative impact to our stomach, intestine and heart. If it is misplaced in the wrong part of the home, our family members may ultimately suffer stomach cancer, colon cancer or heart attack. Here are the points for caution:

    1. The often we use washing machine, the lavish our dining will become. Thus the more digestion problem will happen due to the over rich diet every day.

    2. Avoid placing the washing machine in the father corner, mother corner and family member’s corner for the direct hit.

    3. Avoid running the washing machine while family members are at home. Turn it on right before getting out of the home.


    Bookshelf Vs Bookcase

    Imagine you are living in a home without a door. What happen? Anyone can come in easily to steal your belongings. This same concept applies to bookshelf as well. Anything from the bookshelf can be taken away easily. Therefore, the best solution is to install a door on the shelf, lock it up and turn it into a bookcase.
    In fact, bookcase can be viewed as closet or treasure boxes, the bigger the better. The extreme situation is to turn a room into a storage with treasures, especially in the corner of the house directly associates with yourself as the owner of the house. Then you will enjoy a huge money luck. To be further effective, you should store things that match with your lucky element. For example, if earth is your lucky element, you may want to store beautiful vases or ceramic jars into your bookcase or store room.

    Computer is Huge Fire

    Computer, mobile phone and all electronic devices belong to fire element. This generation of people cannot live with computer. The popularity of computer has boosted up the fire element to the extreme, making the world out of balance. Cancers, traffic accidents, wars and new types of virus were all increasing in alarm rate, thanks to the overwhelming of the fire element. Here is the best Feng Shui approach to deal with computer and calm down its fire poison.

    1. Place a glass of water, North Pole iceberg picture, ox ceramic next to your computer to cool it down.

    2. If fire is your lucky element, you have more luck and talent on computer.

    3. When the computer is turned on, you want to make sure the first screen shot is your lucky element.

    4. Pick a computer password which matches with your lucky element. For example, 1&2 for wood, 3&4 for fire, 5&6 for earth, 7&8 for metal and 9&0 for water.

    5. Apple is wood which produces more fire. Samsung is water which cools down the computer.

    6. The mouse is water. If water is your lucky element, make sure not to use the mouse with red light, optical connector or laser technology.

    Where to Charge your Phone?

    Mobile phone is a fire object. While you sleep at home, charging your phone becomes a daily event. Do you know doing it wrong may lead to a deadly consequence?

    1. If your bad luck element is fire, don’t charge it in your room while sleeping. Charge it in the living room, instead. Charging in the wrong place in the long haul will have a devastated consequence. For example, if your youngest daughter’s bad luck element is fire and you charge the phone in the west direction, your daughter may run an increasing risk of tragedies and health problem.

    2. The auspicious #9 purple fire star is associated with the wealth and relationship. Every year it flies to different direction. For example, in 2016, it lands on the east direction. The top idea is to charge your phone in the space according to the annual direction of this auspicious star. Now, charging your phone and stimulating the #9 star becomes “one stone kills two birds”.