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  • Mid-Autumn Festival and Feng Shui

    Tomorrow is the exciting Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the events widely celebrated by the Chinese. This date (8/15 Lunar calendar) marks the middle of Autumn. Here is a list of custom, folk tales and highlights from this festival with interesting Feng Shui explanation.

    Autumn belongs to the metal element. Middle of Autumn is the point of having most metal in the year. Because of that, metal theme is called upon for this holiday.

    1. Moon:
    a. Circle is metal. Moon is said to be the most rounded, biggest and most beautiful on this date.
    b. Moon is white or gold color with the sun light’s reflection. White and gold is metal color.
    c. Moon cake is the replicate of the moon. It is also in rounded shape.
    d. Egg traditionally is the key ingredient with the moon cake. Egg also belongs to metal.

    2. Folk tales:
    a. A folk tale of a hero named Houyi who rescued his people from the fire torturing of the 10 suns on the sky. He shot down 9 of them. Metal is so strong during its season. Even the fire has to be reduced.
    b. His wife named “Chang Er” is so hungry for the metal. She took the medicine accidentally and flied to the moon. Autumn was the season in Ancient Chinese dynasties to execute criminals. This is the season of death.

    3. Lucky element:
    a. If your lucky element is metal, you will love this festival because it offers you a lot of metal element.
    b. The opposite of Mid-Autumn festival is Easter, which happens in the Spring season. Easter is to celebrate of resurrection or coming back to life. The life and death difference conceptually is the struggle between spring (wood) or autumn (metal). Wood clashes with metal.
    c. If your lucky element is wood, you love the story of seeing a rabbit on the moon next to Chang Er because rabbit (wood) which can defend the moon (the heavy metal)
    d. If your lucky element is fire, you love to play with paper lantern (fire) during the night time (water and metal time) to defend the big moon (metal). It is because lantern (fire) can melt down the big moon (meta).


    Independence day is made famous by the fire and wood elements

    1. July 4th is the hot summer month (fire).

    2. Fireworks is of course fire.

    3. Barbecues is grilling food on open fire.

    4. Declaration of independence is a piece of paper (wood).

    5. The Statue of Liberty is hold a torch (fire) and a declaration (wood).

    6. Picnic is an outing that involves taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors, usually in a park or woods.

    7. Parades and carnivals are all about a long line (wood) of people dressing (wood) colorfully walking (wood) on the streets.

    8. Baseball games is a wood game, using the arms and legs (the wood parts of body) expensively.

    9. According to the Feng Shui’s producing cycle, wood produces fire. Tons of woods above fuel up the fire, making independence day very famous.


    Easter is made famous by the wood element

    The wood element makes Easter famous. Here is why:

    1. Easter is celebrated in the spring, which belongs to the wood element.

    2. According to the Chinese Zodiac, rabbit represents the month of March. Rabbit is the wood animal.

    3. Bunny is widely decorated in schools, homes and stores in USA during Easter.

    4. Bible and Babylon were widely agreed upon to be the origin of Easter. Letter B is associated with wood.

    5. For the kids whose lucky element is wood, they love the bunny.

    6. For the kids whose lucky element is metal, they love the egg hunt activity. Egg is metal which is the element to cut and reduce wood’s power.

    Chinese New Year is made famous by the Fire element

    Red is the Fire Color. Red is considered the most auspicious color in Chinese Culture. That reason is that red is the color of blood and life cannot go on without blood. Death person has a cold and white body because blood is no longer circulating in the body. White is the color of death. To fully utilize this lucky color, Chinese New Year is all painted with RED:

    1. Red envelope (a money gift to kids for blessings)

    2. Red Cracker (fire it up with red color to scare away the evil spirits)

    3. Red Lantern (to light up the world and burn away the sickness)

    4. Red Couplet (a pair of scrolls containing a poetic handwriting couplet)

    5. Red Dress (it is a tradition that everyone wear red clothes on Chinese New Year. Brand new dress is better)

    Thanksgiving is made famous by the fire and wood elements

    Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the winter month of November, the temperature is cold. To keep warm, balance and famous, it needs fire & wood (lucky elements). Let’s prove it:

    1. Pilgrims: they came from the England or from the East direction (East is wood).

    2. Harvest: Grain or Coin (all plants is wood).

    3. Turkey: Chinese called it “Fire rooster”. Rooster is metal but Turkey is fire metal.

    4. Pumpkin: Warm color. Chinese called it “South Melon”. South is fire.

    5. Macy’s: start with letter “M” which is fire. Selling fashion (wood) and shoes (wood).

    6. Parade with Balloon: heated (fire) balloon to fly.

    7. Snoopy: dog is hot earth or fire earth.

    8. Pie or cup cake: flour is wood.

    9. Watch Football: sport is water. Watch (eye is fire wood), foot is wood. Therefore, watch football = fire wood water.


  • Valentine’s day and Chinese Yuan Xiao Festival are all about WOOD and FIRE elements

    1. Spring is wood season. Both Valentine’s day (2/14) and Yuan Xiao Festival (Chinese version of Valentine’s day – 15th of first month in Lunar Calendar) fall in the wood season.

    2. Since wood produces fire, wood and fire are the most popular elements in these 2 special days.

    3. Fire means passion, drive and love. Wood can produce more of it. That is why Valentine’s day is filled with the red color and fire theme.

    4. Red color, heart shape, red wine and chocolate are all wood and fire elements for Valentine’s day.

    5. Lantern, riddle solving and hot glutinous rice balls are all wood and fire elements for Yuan Xiao Festival.

    Memorial Day is so Memorable because of the Fire element

    Memorial day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Fire element makes it so memorable. Here is why:

    1. The holiday is observed every year on the last Monday of May. May is the first month of summer (fire season). May is the month of snake, which belongs to the fire element.

    2. It originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868. Decoration starts with the letter “D” which is the letter of fire. Civil is also the letter of fire (refer to Feng Shui 101 “Find out your lucky numbers and alphabets”).

    3. Memorial and Military also start with letter “M”, also the letter of fire.

    4. Army and war are gun “fire”.

    5. These extreme fires will “stimulate” the water element. Ghost and spirit belongs to water element. That is why many people visit cemeteries and memorials, to honor those who have died in military services.

    6. The US flags with red (fire) and blue (water) color perfectly marks this memorable day.


    Australia is well known by its Water and Metal elements

    Australia locates in the Southern Hemisphere. South is fire. To get balance and top luck, Australia needs Water and Metal. Since metal can produce water which can distinguish the fire.

    1. Kangaroo is a Rat (water).

    2. Ostrich is a bird (metal).

    3. The Australian passport and coin were smartly designed to have Kangaroo and Ostrich as the symbol)

    4. The color of the passport is blue (water).

    5. Sydney is the most popular city in Australia. Sydney starts with “S” which is the letter of water

    6. The most famous building in Sydney is the “Sydney Opera House”. Opera is music and music belongs to the metal and water element.

    7. The Sydney Harbor Bridge was built on water.

    8. The Gold Coast also helps because gold is metal and coast is water.

    9. The Great Barrier Reef offers the best water.

    Three Wise Monkeys Day in Japan

    In many temples in Japan, we often see three bronze monkeys figures acting differently (one covers his eyes, one covers his ears, and one covers his mouth). Together they embody the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. This is the festival to limit the notorious and deadly metal power of the autumn season.

    Christmas is made so Famous by Fire and Wood elements

    Christmas (12/24) is celebrated on the coldest day of the year. To keep warm, balance and famous, it needs fire & wood (lucky elements). Let’s prove it:

    1. Christmas tree: tree is wood. A star is fire. Putting a star on top of the Christmas tree is “fire produces wood”. Perfect harmony.

    2. Nutcracker: A wooden army (fire) to crack open a nut (plant food is wood).

    3. Reindeer: deer is dog which is hot (or fire) earth.

    4. Santa Claus: all dressed in red (or fire) color with all wood elements such as long hair, long beard, hat and boot.

    5. Snowman: it is decorated with all wood elements: stick, carrot, hat, scarf & tree branches.

    6. Ginger man: cookie, ginger and flour are all wood.

    7. Christmas lights: all light decoration and candle lights are fire.

    8. Christmas card: card is paper, made of wood

    9. Grinch and Elf are all monster dressing in green (wood color)

    10. Bible stories:
    a. Bible is a book, made of wood
    b. Three (3 is a wood #) wise men saw the star (fire) in the east (wood direction) to visit the birth of Jesus. A light (fire) was radiating from Jesus’ baby head.
    c. Jesus was born in a stable, where horses (fire) and sheep (wood storage) are kept.