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Feng Shui’s new interpretation on Eye Popping, Vessel Blockage and Heart Stroke

Eye belongs to the fire element. When a person was born with too much water element (based on his birthday), his fire organ’s will get stimulated and be called upon to defend the excessive water. It is because fire (hot) is the enemy of water (cold). If the fire element is not sufficient, some fire illness and damages will happen. One common fire symptom is popping eyes because eyes are the fire organ of our body. Other fire organs include blood, vessels and heart. In other words, if we were born with having too much water, popping eyes, vessels blockage and heart strokes are likely to happen. People who were born in the fall or winter season are likely to have too much water. To recover or stay away from these illness, you may want to try out these effective Feng Shui remedies:

1. Dress and decorate more in red and purple color.
2. Travel more to the south direction.
3. Drink red wine, smoke and keep warm all the time.

Toilet Blockage leads to Skin Illness

Toilet is the most dirty place at home. If the toilet is blocked up, the dirty things will flood out. This situation will lead the high risk of digestion problem, skin illness or even colon cancer. It is never a good idea to have the toilet located in the northwest or southeast space of the home. Northeast is a better place to have it.

Do you Really have to Loose Weight like everyone else?

Weight loss advertising is overwhelming in the current world. Way too many people are so involved in activities and behavior of trying to reduce body fat. Obesity is widely published as an deadly disease. Do you really have to loose weight as well? In fact, fat body could be a lucky thing for you if:

1. You feel bad luck most of your life.

2. You were born in the opposite season. For examples:
a. if you were born in the FIRE day but also born in the WATER month (winter), you need to have a fat body to back you up.
b. if you were born in the WOOD day but also born in the METAL month (autumn), you need to have a fat body to back you up.

3. You believe that round face is more friendly and humorous. It is true in Face reading.

Start the Day with the Best Morning Walk

If you think you are too poor to buy a good Feng Shui house, here is a great solution for you. Try to do morning walk or exercise in the top Feng Shui location. For example, in SF Bay Area, the best Feng Shui spots are Atherton, Menlo Park, Hillside and Hillsborough. It is a great idea to take a morning walk in the best Feng Shui place to jump start your day with top oxygen. To make the walk more effective, you may want to look into these top Feng Shui advises:

1. Never do exercise in the #5 yellow misfortune spot (northeast in 2016) and #2 black illness spot (center in 2016)
2. East is always a great spot as the sun will rise and shine on this direction. East direction is also associated the Medicine Buddha. Fresh air and less traffic offers you great energy to start the day.
3. Match with your lucky element for this walk as well. If wood is your lucky element, for example, take a walk at 5am-7am, touch as much great trees as possible during the walk. If fire is your lucky element, try to expose yourself to the sun light as much as possible.

Why Drug Addicts can be Saved by Meditation?

Drug is often the tool that dark spirit uses to get control of a human beings. When a guy is heavy on drug, he is losing himself: His soul is getting out of his body and he is acting weird without a soul. When the soul is completely out of his body, he is a dead man.

Besides Drug, there are many forms of addictions: sex, alcohol, gambling etc. People who heavily addicted to these bad habits are trying to get some thrills (usually lasts for a couple seconds) in the beginning. They know they are really stupid to involve in drugs. This is certainly not a wise thing to do but it takes a strong mind to not be stupid. One smart way to achieve wisdom is mediation. Wisdom comes from internal while information comes from external. Drug addict (or stupidity) can be saved by meditation (wisdom).

Is swimming really good for you?

Swimming is definitely not for everyone. Some people have very good natural sense about swimming. Some people have dreadful feeling and even drowning experience with water. How to figure out your baby or yourself will get all the benefits that swimming will do as your physical teacher has advocated all along? Here is the real answer:

1. If you were born in the summer, you have a strong tendency about water. Swimming will be your lucky sport.

2. If water or wood is your lucky element, you will enjoy a lot about swimming.

3. If you have a very bad drowning experience or very afraid of ocean, swimming will not do you any good.

Should you Work out or Run more than Twice a week?

Every doctor tells you moderate amount of exercise is good for you. How to define moderate? In fact, there are more people get injury during exercise than getting healthy benefits in this world every day. Here is the Feng Shui rule of thumb to determine the frequency of exercise.

1. If water or wood is your lucky element, do more than twice a week.

2. If your cannot breath easily at sleep (because you have too much earth elements), run more than twice a week.

The 5 Elements and their corresponding body parts

Fire: eye, head, heart, blood
Metal: lung, intestine, colons, aspiration systems
Earth: nose, stomach, digestion systems, cancer
Water: Ear, mouth, urine, womb, bladder, prostate, kidney, sexual organs
Wood: liver, hand, foot, bone, spiral cord

The Best Sleeping Time

List of Common Diseases & Its Feng Shui Explanation

2016 High Risk Age Spot

For example, in 2016, if you are 41 year old (1976 year of dragon), you have a big accident or health problem. It is advised to go to the temple to do worship and clear-up rituals to avoid this potential hazard.

Facial Part & Feng Shui Reading I

The number on the face represents the “Age Spot”. For example, left ear covers 1-7 year of age for a man. For woman, right ear covers 1-7 year of age. If that part of the face is not pretty, has mole, birthmark or even broken or not smooth, there will be big trouble and even disaster happens on that age.

Facial Part & Feng Shui Reading II

This is a little rough but you get the picture. For example, nose represents wealth. The better looking your nose (big, round, tall, no mole, etc.), the more wealth you can accumulate. Of course it is over-simplified. There are many others considerations and supporting factors as well. In the nutshell, nose is the wealth foundation.

Foot Spots and its Related Organs

The foot covers almost all of the many reflecting spot of your body part and organs. Next time when you are doing foot massage, check out this table. More massage is need for the part of the bottom of foot which is sour and pain.

Ear Spots and its Related Organs

Very similar to foot spots, ear spots are more subtle. All you have to do is rough your ears red regular to be healthy.