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  • Why do we have Super Moon in Nov 2016?

    Here are the Feng Shui’s reasons:
    1. 2016 is the year of monkey, which belongs to metal element.

    2. Moon is a bright white circle sky body. White is metal color. Circle is a metal shape.

    3. Autumn (August to November) is the autumn months and autumn is metal.

    4. The hair of Donald Trump is golden, like the hair of a golden/metal monkey.

    5. When all these metals come together, it creates a Super Metal or Super moon.

    6. If your lucky element is metal, good things will happen to you. Otherwise, be conservative.


    June 2016 is all fired up by the “wood horse”

    Tragedies so far this month (6/13/2016)
    1. Explosion (fire) in Shanghai’s Pudong Airport on June 12th.

    2. Mass shooting (fire) inside Orlando nightclub on June 12th.

    3. US & Global stock (summer fire dries out the stock market (water)) indexes start to fall considerably since June 10.

    4. Linked-in (internet is fire) was announced to be purchased by Microsoft on June 12.

    5. May marks one more record hot (fire) month for Earth, according to NASA. June is steaming up.

    6. Five-alarm fire breaks out in Mission District of San Francisco on June 18th.

    Feng Shui Reason:
    1. June 2016 is the month of “wood horse”. Horse belongs to the fire element. Wood fuels and produces even more fire. Big fire leads to big “fire” tragedies.

    2. 2014 was the year of “wood horse”, leading to the rise of ISIS (terrorists with big fire weapon) in Syria and Iraq (hot countries with oil, which fuels the fire).


    Why there was an Earthquake in Kyushu, Japan 4/16/2016 12:25am?

    April is the month of dragon (wet earth) and 2016 is the year of monkey (metal). 16th was the earth day master on top of the day of dragon (wet earth). 12:25am is the mid-night of water time.

    1. The monkey metal is the key to open up the three pieces of earth (2 dragons and 1 earth day master). When the earths are “opened”, huge earthquake would happen.

    2. The water element of mid night would further weaken the earth element, triggering losing ground.

    3. Japan is in the northeast direction of China. According to the 2016 flying star chart, northeast is the worse direction in 2016 as the notorious #5 yellow earth misfortune star lands on this direction. Japan got hit again.

    4. Kyushu is in the southwest direction of Japan. Southwest is the earth direction. Too much earth got opened up. Earthquake is doomed to happen.


    You should listen to me and win big on Super Bowl 50(2016/2/8)

    I told you Broncos will win 4 days ago. This is the power of Feng Shui. You will may lot of money if you just listen. – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Attention Gamblers: Super Bowl 50: Feng Shui says Panthers will lose(2016/2/3)


    Super Bowl 50 will be held at 3:30pm on February 7, 2016 in San Francisco Bay Area. It is a NFL champion game between Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Feng Shui says that Denver Broncos will be the champion. Here is the reason:

    Panther is a black cat which is a tiger. Tiger has the worse luck in 2016 (year of monkey) starting February 4th because metal (monkey) cut/damage wood (tiger). Monkey wins and tiger loses. In other words, Panther will lose.
    The date of the game is February 7th (Sunday). It is the day of “earth”, which produces more metal.
    3:30pm is the time of monkey (metal). The metal force is getting extremely strong by the year(metal), the day (earth) and the time (metal).
    50 is an earth number, which boosts up the metal power further.
    San Francisco is associated with the Golden Gate. Gold is metal. Metal power is shooting up further.
    The League emphasizes the “golden anniversary” and the winner will receive a special 18-karat gold-plated trophy. The whole game is virtually painted in “Gold”. Metal element is totally overwhelming.
    Bronco is a horse which is the fire element. The wood from the current spring season will produce more fire for it to win.
    Conclusion: The metal force is way too strong. Panthers has to lose. Gamblers, all bets on Denver Broncos – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Feng Shui tells you why this winter is so cold(2015/1/25)


    Storm dumps record snow on New York City. Carriers had canceled more than 12,000 flights from Friday to Tuesday. The Port Authority of NY and NJ would be closed for snow removal on Monday. What is going on? Here is the Feng Shui’s answers:

    1. For the next six years, starting from 2016, we are entering into the metal and water period. 2016 is monkey (metal), 2017 is rooster (metal), 2019 is pig (water), 2020 is rat (water), 2021 is ox (wet earth).
    2. All of these metal and water elements will bring in big storm, huge rainfall and enormous flood. As metal produces water, more water causing disasters are expected, unfortunately.
    3. Year of monkey is not starting until February 4th of 2016 but the transitional force from fire to water is already happening. Being the first year, 2016 (monkey) is hard hit.
    4. We are now in the winter times, which is the water element. Double the impact and damages.
    5. Wells the good news is that the concern of California severe drought is officially over.
    5. After the last 6 years of big fire, we finally getting a release of big water. Gun fire (in American schools and communities) is subdued. Good blessed America — Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    You have to know the Greatest Prediction of USA, back tested.(2015/12)


    USA (1776/7/4: Independent day) was born on the earth day in the hot summer month of horse (fire). Under this heated environment, USA’s earth was too strong and too hot. To cool down and get balance, USA needs metal & water (luck elements). Since fire & earth are the bad luck elements, all of the major crisis occur on the “fire or earth year” and “fire or earth luck cycle”.
    Back tested events:

    1. 1929 (great depression) ==> year=snake(fire); luck cycle=earth
    2. 1941 (Pearl Harbor event) ==> year=snake(fire); luck cycle=dog(earth)
    3. 1973 (Oil economic crisis) ==> year=ox(earth); luck cycle=ox(earth)
    4. 1997 (Asian financial crisis) ==> year=ox(earth); luck cycle=dragon(earth)
    5. 2000 (Internet bubble burst) ==> year=dragon(earth); luck cycle=dragon (earth)
    6. 2001 (911 terrorist attack) ==> year=snake (fire); luck cycle=dragon (earth)
    7. 2008 (Subprime mortgage financial crisis) ==> year=rat (rock & rat combined into a big fire); luck cycle=snake (fire)

    Greatest Prediction going forward:
    1. Based on the luck cycle chart, since 1996, USA has entered into the bad luck period of fire & earth for 30 years. Crisis has been happening more often. It is advisable to be more conservative until 2026.
    2. Since metal is USA’s lucky element, 2016 (monkey=metal) and 2017 (rooster=metal) should be 2 good years. However, 2018 (dog=hot earth) will be a year of potential crisis. Good luck America – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

  • South is the worse direction in 2017(9/5)

    In 2017, the worse direction is South because the #5 notorious damaging star lands in the south spot. That is why south part of the nation get hit the most in 2017. For examples:

    1. In USA, tropical depression Harvey hit Houston, Texas the worse. Texas is the most southern state of USA. Houston is the southern part of Texas. Fall season belongs to the metal element. Metal produces water. Huge rainfall and flooring (water) came along. Harvey starts with a letter of H (water letter). Houston also starts with the letter of H (water).

    2. In China, No. 10 Typhoon Hato (also named Sky Pigeon) hit Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai on August 23, 2017.  These are the southern region of China. Macau, the most southern part of China, got hit the most. Flooding (water) created huge damages to the people of Macau. Returned to China in December of 1999 (winter is water), Macau has “metal and water” as its bad luck elements. Rooster (2017) was the year of metal. Fall season is the month of metal. Typhoon brings in Rain (water). All of these metal and water kills Macau. Hato starts with letter H (water letter). Sky Pigeon is a bird (metal creature). All of these were added up to Disaster.

    3. In California, Los Angeles-area brush fire is the largest in the City’s history. Again, LA located in the Southern California. There are too many “accidents”. Stay away from the south part of anything (nation, state, city & your home) –Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Powerball: Feng Shui can tell if you are the next winner


    Last couple days, everyone was dreaming of hitting the record Powerball, even though the chance of winning is close to zero (1 out of 292 million). It is sad to see so many people throwing their hard earned money into toilet. Don’t bother to buy a ticket unless you hit one of the followings :

    1. You were born in the Spring and Summer season. It is because winter is your lucky season and we are right in winter.

    2. Your face, nose, forehead, cheeks and chin are getting fat and round.

    3. Ox and goat are your lucky animals. We are still in the year of goat (according to Chinese lunar calendar) and month of ox (January)

    4. You are a poor person. Lottery is devil’s money. It will not go to the person who is already lucky or noble.

    5. Suddenly you feel luckier recently. Luck is a trend. It is coming gradually and then exponentially.

    Well, the list is getting long.

    Until then, good luck for the next draw –Feng Shui Master Woody

    The reason for Paris Terrorist Attacks in Nov. 2015


    According to the 2015 flying star chart on the left, WEST is the worse location of the world, suffering from both the “3 killings star” and “5 yellow misfortune star”. Serious disaster is expected in this Zone in 2015. Paris happens to be the most well-known city located in this western zone (based on the geography location of viewing China as the center of the world).

    In addition, 2015 is the year of goat which is the wood storage. A pig is the key to open this storage and let the tremendous number of wood flood out. The month of November happens to be the pig. These roaring woods fueled up the many bombings, gun fires and explosions, causing over 120 death. This horrific Paris terrorist attack occurred as the worse time and the worse location. Peace for Paris — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Can America really end the gun epidemic in the future? Feng Shui answer is yes(2015/11)


    After the horrible shootings in California this month and in many other parts of the country including Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia and Connecticut in recent months and years, Americans finally fed up with all this brutal and non-stop slaughtering. Anger and distrust feelings glooms the entire country. Is there any hope for America to reduce and end this gun epidemic in the future? The answer is yes in Feng Shui’s perspective. Let’s exam:

    1. Fire is gone: 2015(goat=hot earth) is the last year of the consecutive six year “fire/wood” period. 2014 (horse=fire), 2013 (snake=fire), 2011(rabbit=wood), 2010 (tiger=fire wood). With these years of severe fire (as wood produces more fire) effect, gun shootings were prevalent.

    2. Water is coming: 2016 (monkey=metal) is the turning point as it is the first year of the next consecutive six year “water/metal” period. The tremendous water (as metal produces more water) force will cool down America and the world. Gun violence will be under control.

    3. Obama will be gone: 2016 is the year of US presidential election. One thing for sure is that Obama will step down. Obama was the “tailor made” president for USA during the past “fire/wood” period. Put it this way. In the hottest years, we got a black (burned out) president (no racial discrimination here). Believe it or not, that is how synchronization works in this universe.

    4. A white president is coming: now, the naturally follow-up implication is that, during the next six years of “water/metal”, we are going to have a white president because white color is metal. Sorry Ben Carson, you are totally out of luck for the race (double meanings here, you know what I mean).

    Conclusion: Don’t worry too much about the future shootings in USA as it will be subdued –Woody Chan
    — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Largest diamond in over century found in Botswana in Nov. 2015. Why now? Why there?


    According to 2015 flying star chart, we know:
    1) South West is the purple 9 Future Prosperity Star: This largest diamond was found in Botswana (right above South Africa), which locates at the South West of China (please refer to the world map below. China is always central). In addition, Tai Sui (God of Duke) happens to fly into this same direction. Any ground work done on Tai Sui will result in dramatic things, either good or bad. Well this time is good. Also, 2015 is the year of flower goat (or wood earth). November is the month of pig which is the key to open the wood storage of goat. As a result, tremendous amount of wood rolled out to stab into the earth. The largest diamond was dig out and expose to the world.

    2) West is the yellow 5 Misfortune star plus 3 Killings star: France is on the west of China. Paris terrorist attacks happened on this direction.

    3) North is the white 8 Prosperity Wealth star: Russia is in the north of China. Russian Micex (stock market) has the best performance (+26% YTD) – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Chinese Commercially created Single Online Shopping Date 11/11, Everyone is Fighting for “Wood” today


    Today is a big day for Chinese e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, JingDong, Tencent and Baidu. The first 12 minutes transactions reached RMB 10 bilion for JingDong and Tencent alliance. The news is everywhere. This Chinese man-made event falling on November 11th (as 1111 is 4 pieces of sticks. 4 is the wood number) marks the “wood” element supremacy on this generation (2003-2023).

    Key point #1: The name has to match wood element: a) Alibaba started with “A” which stands for tree (wood). Its highly promoted online shopping platform is “Sky Cat”, which implies Big Wood, as sky is big and cat is tiger (king of wood). What an auspicious name! No wonder Alibaba can become the number one player. The partnership with Suning Appliance also helps because “S” is water, which produces more wood to Alibaba. b) JingDong has the “Dong” in it, which means “East”. East is the wood direction, c) Tencent means “Dragon Letter”. Letter is wood and dragon is water storage. Water grows wood. d) Baidu stands for “Hundred Degree” and hundred also belongs to the wood element.

    Key point #2: The business model has to match wood: a) hand and foot is the wood part of body. Mobile phone relies a whole lot more on hand movement than that of mouth. Thus, online business captures this major wood trend. b) China is the country in the East (wood direction). Therefore, online business flourishes in China. c) clothing and shoes are the most selling items online. Both are the wood element.

    Key point #3: The matching timing of wood: a) Since water produces wood. The water timing (9pm – 3am) benefits the growth of wood. Tonight at 10:30pm (water time), the US stock exchange (stock is water element) president Tom Farley will knock the starting bell for Alibaba’s Sky Cat Double 11 Global Celebration event in Beijing’s Water Cube stadium (perfect water place, Beijing located in the north which is water direction) b) Jingdong and Tencent also held a separate show last night to conquer. Smart move.

    The fighting for wood is heating up today (11/11) in the month of Pig (water and wood creature) – Feng Shui Master Woody