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  • Durian is the King of Fruit

    If wood is your lucky element, you will instantly fall in love with durian.

    1. Durian is the Malay-Indonesian languages word for duri or “spike”. Spike means protection. Nobody can attack you.

    2. The edible flesh emits a distinctive odour which evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust. Obviously, if wood is not your luck element, you would hate the smell of durian like a devil.

    3. Eating Durian can stimulate your spirit and fire you up.

    4. Ranging from breed, quality and scarcity, the price of durian can be a wide swing. The most expensive durian types including Cat Mountain King, Red Shrimp and Black Throne. These expensive durian offers the best wood element as the true King of Fruit.


    One of the best Shanghai Dim Sum Food from Taiwan – Din Tai Fung

    Din Tai Fung is one of the most well-known Chinese restaurant. It has stores globally, including NYC, LA and the San Jose (pending). This restaurant is famous for dim sum, dumpling, soup and cooked vegetable, perfectly matching the taste buds of southern China. Likewise, the huge success of this store is attributed partly to its conviction in Feng Shui. Let’s explore:

    1. Logo and name: Din Tai Fung are three separate words standing for 3 different “gua” coming from the origin Feng Shui master piece “I-Ching”. These 3 Gua are “Din gua”, “Tai gua” and “Fung gua”. Din stands for a cooking food container. Tai stands for physical and emotional health. Fung stands for richness and abundance. What are wonderful names of choosing the well matching 3 gua from the 64 gua of I-ching.

    2. Food: its most well-known and representative dish is “little steamed dumplings”. Even the size is small, it covers the whole universe of delicacy and taste. It also symbolizes wealth, the similar manifestation of wonton as I have mentioned before.

    3. Drawings: regarding the interior design of this restaurant, one of the eye-catching points has to be its many drawings of some famous Asian celebrities on the wall. These drawings brings up the status and “supports” from these Asian Stars.

    4. Transparent kitchen: it may be the only drawback for this restaurant. The goal is the let the customers to view the hygiene and organizing fashion of its kitchen so that the customers can eat with great confidence. However, transparency is a double edge sword. It can let people to see thru you and no secret can be kept in-house. Instead of a fully transparent kitchen, a tightly viewable window should be good enough.


    One of the best northeast Chinese Food – Xibei Noodle

    Xibei Noodle is one of my favorite restaurants in China. Its manual is full of delicacy delights such as Lamb shack, Sour milk, secret-receipt ToFu, Buck noodle, Sweet Rice dessert, etc. Besides all these mouth water dropping dishes, it has managed to create a superior Feng Shui environment. Let’s explore:

    1. Logo and name: Xibei means “West and Seashell” in Chinese. West is metal, seashell is water and noodle is wood. Metal produces water and water produce wood – what a nice harmony producing cycle name!

    2. Reputation: this restaurant smartly applies the “drum” Feng Shui theory widely inside the stores. Virtually hundreds of drums are displayed throughout the store, giving this restaurant great reputation in China.

    3. Respect: this restaurant also applies the “Bottle” theory, very much like what we see in Starbucks Coffee. The seasoning bottles nicely boost up the respect of this restaurant.


    Wonton is hidden with the Secret of the Universe

    Wonton (or Wonton soup), one of the most popular dishes in southern China, was the derivative of a Chinese word “Chao”. It was believed in China that right before this new order of the world was form, the entire stage of the universe is chaotic. Therefore, wonton is associated with the original form of the Universe. Once you eat wonton, you are getting in-sync with the universe. This is exactly what meditation or Buddhism pursues all along — being one with the universe. Wonton can empower you with this hidden force. The more you eat wonton soup, the fast the enlightenment will come upon you.

    Cold Drink is Health Hazard

    Cold soda, frozen yogurt, ice coffee, freezing juice and wine on ice are widely available and accepted by American because they feel refreshing and cool. However, do you know they are the true reasons of getting a cold, flu, hearing problem, kidney & urine issue, stomachache, intestine and digestion problem? In fact, not everyone can take in a cold drink especially in the early morning. If you keep having cold drink every day, don’t be regret of having serious arthritis pain at your older age. Therefore, don’t order cold drink any more if you have one of the followings:

    1. You were born in the autumn or winter season.
    2. You have too much water and metal on your birthday chart.
    3. Your lucky element is fire.
    4. While you are sleeping in your bed, your hands and legs are always freaking cold.
    5. You cannot swim or even afraid of swimming.

    Sesame and peanuts is a wealthy food

    Sesame can make your hair dark and good for your intestine. Peanut is filled with Magnesium can boost up your sexual appeals and people’s relationship luck. Sweets and desserts are the favorite foods of the Money Gods.

    Eating Crab can boost up your husband relationship luck

    If you are single and looking for boy friend or want to be loved more by husband , eating crab can help. Remember, don’t share a crab with others. Eat the whole piece by yourself.

    Food makes you rich

    The more you eat, the rich you can become. Here is the list and its associated element. If your lucky element is metal, then you should eat more beef.

    1. Pumpkin (fire)
    2. Beef (metal)
    3. Crab (wood)
    4. Lotus (wood)
    5. Onion, garlic (wood)
    6. Egg (metal)
    7. Red wine (fire)
    8. Nut (wood)
    9. Chocolate (fire)

    Food makes you smart

    The more you eat, the smarter you can become. Here is the list:

    1. Walnet (wood)
    2. Egg yolk (metal)
    3. Sesame (wood)

    Food makes you poor

    The more you eat, the poor you can become. Since you are a vegetarian, monk or nut, you are more likely to be poor. Here is the list:

    1. Peanut (wood)
    2. Sweet potato (fire and earth)
    3. Tofu (wood)
    4. Water chestnut (wood)

    Food boosts up male’s sexual appeal

    The more you eat, the more popular you can become among ladies. Shrimp is curve like a old person bending his body. Thus, shrimp symbolizes longevity in Japanese culture. Here is the list:

    1. Shrimp (water)
    2. Oyster (water)
    3. Cashew (wood)

    Food makes you happy and gets rid of depression

    The more you eat, the happier you can become. Here is the list:

    1. Banana (wood)
    2. Pistachio (wood)
    3. Potato / French fries / potato chip (fire and earth)

  • Mangosteen is the Queen of Fruit

    If wood is your lucky element, you will also the sweet and sour taste of mangosteen.

    1. Mangosteen trees reach fruit-bearing in 8–10 years, typically.

    2. Being the Queen of tropical fruit, eating mangosteen can lower your temper.

    3. Mangosteen offers a long list of health benefits including: lowering Cholesterol, reducing fats, improving skin, removing toxic. No wonder it is called the queen of fruit, a god’s gift for lady who pursues beauty.


    McDonald’s – the master of using Fire an Earth elements to conquer the world

    Being the most successful and dominant fast food chain, McDonald is actually a master of applying the Fire and Earth elements to win the world.

    1. Logo and Name: McDonald’s starts with the letter “M” and “D”, both of them belongs to fire element. Since fire produces earth, earth is the skills and talent for this restaurant chain. Fire and earth are McDonald’s lucky elements.

    2. Color: Red is fire and yellow is earth. You simple cannot give them a two thumbs up.

    3. Manu: French fries is a fire food and burger is beef which is earth. Both make McDonald’s famous. Since chicken is rooster which is metal, McDonald’s can never beat KFC for selling chicken. Metal is not McDonald’s lucky element.

    4. If fire and earth are the lucky elements for you or your child, you will love McDonald’s and visit them very often. Otherwise, you will hate McDonald’s and call it a Junk food. “J” is the letter of water. Now you know.

    5. Real Estate: If you, like most people, think McDonald’s make its money from selling burger, fries or soda, you are dead wrong. In fact, McDonald is one of the best real estate investors in the world. Very often, right before that region of the world becomes a real estate hot spot, McDonald’s already owns and opens a store right there, beating everyone on selecting the best location for property growth. Yes, real estate belongs to earth, which is McDonald’s lucky element.


    How did Starbucks build up its Dominant Power?

    It can be fairly stated the Starbucks is the most powerful coffee restaurant in USA and globally. How does it achieve this status? Let’s exam in the Feng Shui perspectives:

    1. Logo: Its famous logo was a re-design from the original logo back in Pike street store of Seattle. The breasts were hidden from the long hair and the color was changed from brown to green. What a smart move! Coffee is wood and wood color is green not brown. Brown color is associated with earth element. Green is the only perfect color for coffee, a green plant.

    2. Name: Starbucks starts with the letter “S” which is the water element. Since water produces wood. The name Starbucks has produce this wood business of coffee well.

    3. Interior design: The entire stores are decorate with solid wood chairs and tables, re-enforcing the wood element of coffee.

    4. Reputation: There is always a spot in the coffee shop that we can find a shelf with many choices of bottles and cups with its logo. Again, bottles, cups and vases can boost up its reputation hugely.


    Gyoza or potsticker is virtually a money food

    The Japanese Gyoza came from the Chinese Potsticker after the World War Two. Potsticker is a very popular dish in northeast China. One strong reason for its popularity is the fact the potsticker resemble the yuanbao, which is made of pure gold or pure silver — the symbol of big wealth. Therefore, the more gyoza you eat, the more wealth you can swallow in life.

    Caterpillar fungus helps out your Social Networking

    Caterpillar fungus is one of the most expensive foods or herb in the world. The reason is that it can open up your blood vessel network and also your social network in life.

    Beef & Prosperity — Feng Shui says all go hand in hand


    Whenever a country is in growing prosperity, beef (or its related products) is definitely in rising demand. Ox belongs to wet earth, which is the only element capable of growing or trapping all other 4 elements (wood, metal, water & fire). Thus, if you were born on the earth day, I congratulate you because you have a whole lot more chances of getting rich. Most of the powerful leaders belong to the earth group such as Obama, Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and almost all of the Chinese leaders. Therefore next time when you travel aboard, pay attention to the beef consumption there. Make the quick investment if the similar phenomenon occurs as follows:
    1. Japan: during 1985-1990, while Tokyo stock index and its real estate bubbled over 5X, “Kobe Steak” became insanely popular.
    2. Taiwan: during 1987-1990, while Taiwan stock index rose over 12X, “Beef Noodle” became the identity of Taiwan.
    3. Australia: during 1974-1980, while Australia stock index rose over 3X, “Beef Jerky” became the must-have daily food. During the 90’s, while the prices of natural resources, the export volume to China and the Australia dollar were all shooting up, “Outback Steak House” was jammed with people waiting over 2 hours every single night.
    4. Macau: during 2002-2013, while Macau government started opening up the gambling licenses from the monopoly Ho family and the value of Macau real property has been rocketing over 5X, “Beef Jerky” from Koi Kei bakery suddenly becomes a must shopped item for all tourists.
    5. European countries: They got the best “Cheese” . They got the best welfare.
    6. USA: The more McDonalds restaurants in the world, the more global power America can muster. However, when McDonalds introduced some other variety into the menu such as chicken sandwich and salad, it started getting into trouble. Obesity was the ugly word to be labeled. At the same time, American crisis were keeping coming (911, financial crisis, gun violence, etc.). Having said that, as long as “Hamburger” is still being grilled hot, America will be fine.
    7. India: Thanks to Hinduism, beef is not allowed on the dining table. I have nothing to say but “poor India”.
    Conclusion: you are welcomed to add to the list but let’s all get wealthy first by beefing up –Feng Shui Master Woody

    Food boosts up your fire element

    If fire is your lucky element, the following can help:

    1. Red Wine
    2. Spicy food: hot pepper, curry,
    3. Deep fried food
    4. Chocolate
    5. Red Bean desert
    6. Coffee
    7. Pumpkin
    8. Egg plant
    9. Lamb Shack

    Food boosts up your wood element

    If wood is your lucky element, the following can help:

    1. Salad
    2. Fruit
    3. Cereal
    4. Nut
    5. Pork
    6. level
    7. Veggie
    8. Papaya
    9. Soil Bean

    Food boosts up your water element

    If water is your lucky element, the following can help:

    1. Seafood
    2. Sushi
    3. Juice
    4. Milk
    5. Cold desert
    6. Soup
    7. Beef
    8. Pig Kidney

    Food boosts up your metal element

    If metal is your lucky element, the following can help:

    1. Chicken
    2. Beef
    3. Milk
    4. Cheese
    5. Daikon
    6. Pig lung
    7. Ice Cream