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Feng Shui Services

My Feng Shui service is not all about moving around your furniture. It involves many methodologies and different schools of Feng Shui in order to achieve instant amazing performance . As a new generation Feng Shui Master, my desire is to bring in only the best Feng Shui techniques from Ancient China (over 5000 years of wisdom), to make it easier to understand for the mass public and to make it as practical and beneficial as possible. These top techniques includes Flying Stars, Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi), I-Ching, Facial Reading, etc. The wisdom is to combine the Chinese Astrology (timing), interior and exterior (spacing) Feng Shui and individual birthday reading (human beings) to come up with the laser sharp accurate luck profile, which is presented in the fashion of the universal five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth. The goal is to utilize only the best techniques to boost up the luck of an individual so the he/she can achieve her goals (wealth, health, relationship, career, top selling books, etc.) in an amazing speed and accuracy.

One of My Feng Shui Design Projects

10475 Beardon Drive, Cupertino, CA 95104

I employed hundreds of Feng Shui rules to design this house, such as:

Exterior Feng Shui Rules:

1. A huge tree on the left hand side of the home, protecting the family like an umbrella, enhancing the luck of getting the help from many powerful people.
2. The curved path with a circle leading to the front door served as “Bright Hall”, bringing in the smooth and auspicious Qi.
3. A big rock and bush is placed on the street corner to defense the “scissor cut” from the cross streets.
4. Within at least 10 miles distance, there are no church, no temple, no police station, no dumpster, no jail, no graveyard, no horrible stories.
5. The whole neighborhood is full of trees and greenery.

Interior Feng Shui Rules:

1. Staircase does not go directly to the front door. The money will not leak out quickly.
2. No straight path from the front door to the back door, keeping the wealth of the family.
3. No kitchen and no bathroom in the middle of the house to pollute the entire house.
4. Having a relative square house, not to miss the important corner like Northwest (man), Southwest (woman), East (son), Southeast (daughter).
5. Require window in every bathroom to let the bad Qi to escape from the house.
6. No second stove to increase the odd of having a second wife or lover.
7. No beam at all in the house to create disaster.
8. Above 10 inch High ceiling to create bigger capacity for wealth and store more auspicious Qi.
9. No bathroom on the second floor with bedroom directly underneath it.
10. Kitchen in the back of the house to keep the family dining in the house together often.
11. A kitchen with a close door, not letting the fire element and cooking smell to pollute the whole house.
12. Home office is either located in the front part of the home to speed up the early success or located in the most auspicious “Sky Doctor Zone” to enhance the business success.

As the result, the cost of building this house was $1.7 million in 2009, now it is worth over $3 million (a whopping 76% gain in 6 years) in 2015 based on the