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Feng Shui Hazard

  • Never Make Figure or Doll Look Like You

    The reason not to do that is that if the figure or doll breaks into piece, you will suffer great injury or even death. Therefore, never make a figure or doll look very much like you or any of your loved one. For the same token, never “say” that thing represent you and the other object represent your loved one. You simply cannot afford to have any damage occur to that representative object.


    Cactus Hurts you Eyes

    Points of though:
    Featured with sharp needle leaves, cactus is not an auspicious plants to keep at home. Some people use it as a defensive play for any weird objects outside of the home. However, placing cactus in the wrong place may hurt other people and this does not make you feel good either.

    1. If a cactus is placed on the window board, the eyes of the family member associated with that direction will get eye problem.

    2. Cactus is inauspicious because it usually grows in desert where little life exists. No life no Feng Shui.

    3. If you use cactus as a natural plant to absorb the poison gas like formaldehyde (a gas emitting from the new painting of the house), make sure to use it only temporally and never place it in the important corner directly associated with any of your family members.

    4. Besides cactus, any plants with pointed leaves or thorns are not recommended to place at home at they will create Sha Qi, hostile energy.


    Bird Cage is the Cause for your Detention

    Points of though:
    1. Never place a bird cage at home, especially if is an empty cage. Bird Cage would lead to legal trouble and even prison sentence, especially when an inauspicious star land on the space associated with your family member.

    2. One of the top fashion brands which used the bird cage as store decoration recently has entered into serious legal problem.

    3. Never place these four animal (dragon, dog, snake and pig) statures or pictures at home. This is a strong force for detention and imprison.

    Crystal is a Favorite Place for the Spirit to Hide

    Crystal has huge energy. If applied properly, you can boost up your luck by simply wearing it or placing it in the right place at home. However, here are a few points of caution:

    1. Crystal is a favorite object for dark spirit to hide, especially for green phantom crystal and white crystal.

    2. There are too many fake crystal to confuse legitimate buyers.

    3. Before daily use, crystal needs to be purified. The purifying process starts with placing the crystal inside the sea salts for 7 days. Then wash it with water tap for 3 minutes. After that, it is safe to wear. When you stop using it, put it inside the sea salts again.

    4. Purple crystal is a powerful fire and earth element. If it is a big piece and placed in the wrong spot of the home, you and your family members may suffer health issues such as lever failure, intestine problem, even brain tumor and cancer.

    5. Never place crystal at home or wear it if your bad luck element is earth.

    6. Never place crystal near the front door area because small rocks in front door will lead to stalker and sexual offence by others. Crystal is a small rock.

  • Mask will Harm Your Face

    It does not matter if it is Chinese Opera mask, Korean folk mask or European style ballroom mask. Mask is not an auspicious object to hang at home because the colorful face mean “damaged face”. The more colorful and twist of the mask, the worse outcome may occur. For the fate of your own face, never buy and hang mask at home, especially in the location directly associated with any of your family member.

    Magazine and Newspaper will Upset your Stomach

    If you love to read magazine and newspaper, where to put and handle them becomes a Feng Shui issue.

    1. Magazine and Newspaper belongs to wood element. If your lucky element is wood, it is good for you to read them and pile them up. The idea place to put them is the east direction of your house. East is the wood direction. These reading materials will re-enforce the wood element further. However, you also need to look reference to the current year flying star to see what star lands on the east direction and make the final decision.

    2. If wood is not your lucky element, try to discard them as soon as possible after finish reading.

    3. Magazine and newspaper will lead to your stomach and digestion problem, especially when you place them in the southwest corner. The female owner of the house will get the most obvious impact. Both southwest direction and stomach belong to earth element. Based on the damaging cycle of Feng Shui 101, wood damage earth. Magazine and Newspaper will damage your stomach.

    Declutter Your Life

    It is never a good idea to pile up your home with clutter, not to mention good Feng Shui. Clutter and miscellaneous things at home will dramatically reduce your money luck, your health and overall luck. Feng Shui care a lot about fresh air and spacy room. Only large space and fresh air will have positive Feng Shui effect. Clutter will never help. There are three types of clutter impacted the home the most:
    1. The broken electronic devices: they will emit harmful microwaves and magnetic fields which leads to cancer or serious illness. They have to be gone.

    2. The rotten and smelling food: it will grow bacteria, mold and fungus to harm our health directly.

    3. Useless things: You may use it once and probably never use it anymore. Throw them away or put it in the storage to hide them.
    Clutter is your enemy. Never allow enemy to stay in your home to hurt your in many aspects of your life.


    Sculpture’s Hazard

    When art meets Feng Shui, many unexpected outcomes may occur. In the field of art, it could be extremely creative, exaggerate or even totally out of this world. In many cases, there are huge conflicts between artistic expression and Feng Shui’s concept of harmony. Here are some common artistic forms with a big no-no in Feng Shui:

    1. Naked human body sculptures: It means “Poor” status in Feng Shui. A Family is so poor that it cannot afford even a cloth.

    2. Sculpture without complete body part: It means “disable” or “accident” in Feng Shui, especially when a notorious #5 misfortune star or #2 sickness star lands on the location the sculpture was placed. Never buy a sculpture without a head. The consequence may be deadly to the family associated that direction.

    3. Sculpture with weird structure or expression: It means “emotional or mental problem” in Feng Shui.