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Feng Shui 101- 505

Feng Shui 101 – the Basic

Qi – Energy

Qi is energy, flowing in and out. For examples, here are three well-known ones:
1. Auspicious Qi (Good): slow, smooth, pleasant and gentle.

2. Sha Qi (Bad): fast, straight, direct hit and gone.

3. Money Qi (Money Luck): Lots of traffic/movement, stop in front of your home/office and you can capture it.

Tai Chi

If you know what a “taichi” is, you probably are well acknowledged about this basic concept. Yes, it is the circle with two color. Inside the white part, we can find the black dot and inside the black part, we can find the white dot. This shape is round and curve. This symbol actually reveals a lot of secrets about the nature. Basically, we can separate the whole world into two basic forms: Yin and Yang or negative and positive or woman and man or moon and sun. The list can go on forever but you know the concept.

Yang is associated everything positive, upward, strong, powerful and so on. Yin represents the opposite. We cannot live in the world with only one. We need both Yin and Yang to survive. A women cannot get pregnant by herself. Animal cannot live only by the moon. That is why we see both Yin and Yang in the “taichi”. It is essential to have a balance life.

The Five Elements

Metal (金)

Metal people have a strong sense of justice, even in the expense of relationship. They have a strong sense of pride and possess a strong force and power. People whose lucky element is metal should often dress in white and gold, travel to the west for opportunities, learn to love eating chicken and develop a career in the financial market and accounting, etc.

Water (水)

Water is the mother of life. Without it, there is no life. Water can flow thru any subject and area. Its flexibility leads it to superior wisdom. People who need water element should try to learn and love swimming, while drinking more water may not help that significantly. Dressing in blue, raising a fish tank at home, going to the north for opportunities and staring a singing career may present the right options for people whose luck element is water.

Wood (木)

Wood is flower, tree and forest. People whose lucky element is wood (in other words, people’s birthday is lacking wood element) should fill up their home with plants and wood products, visit park and forest more often to absorb the wood energy. Raising a cat at home, growing a beard, dressing green shirt and working hard on being a professor in college should turn out to be the brightest idea for people whose lucky element is wood.

Fire (火)

Fire can keep us warm but it can also burn down everything. We need a burning heart to push us to the next level. On the other hand, being too aggressive may often lead to hatred and damage of relationship. People whose lucky element is fire should often dress in red, travel to the south for opportunities, learn to love horse, and develop into a fire career in software and automobile, etc.

Earth (土)

Earth is a tricky one. It is inter-related with the four season. It can further be broken down into two sub-groups: Wet earth and hot earth. We can find the water element inside the wet earth and the fire element inside the hot earth. Earth is very special because it can associate with all other four elements. First, wood has to grow from the earth. Second, metal or gold is hidden inside the earth. Lava or fire can evoke from the earth. Water can also spring out from the ground. Because of the huge capacity characteristics of earth to cover all elements, earth people have great talent in managing all kind of people with all kind of elements. It makes natural sense that many world leaders belong to the earth group. Raising a dog at home, dressing brown color shirt and engage on real estate business will fit the people whose lucky element is earth.

The Producing Cycle & Damaging Cycle

Productive Cycle

In the nature world, there is a producing, supporting or nurturing power existed, which makes things stronger. More precisely, here is the productive cycle: metal produces water, water produces wood, wood produces fire, fire produce earth, and earth produce metal. It may be easier to understand and remember in this way: the burning metal will turn into liquid (water), water can grow plants (wood), wood can be ignited to create fire, fire can burn everything and turn it into dust (earth) and earth can nurture the hidden gold (metal) inside.

Destructive Cycle

The nature definitely has another face, the destructive cycle. Not everyone can be friend. There is enemy existed. This destructive cycle goes this way: metal damages wood, wood damages earth, earth damages water, water damages fire and fire damages metal. Again let’s put it in a more intuitive way to explain. A saw (metal) can cut down wood. Wood can stab at the ground (earth) and make it loose. Mud (earth) can pollute water. Water can extinguish the fire. Fire can of course, melt down the metal.

The Twelve Earthly Branches (12 Animals)

Chinese New Year is widely celebrated even in the western world nowadays. New York City has become the latest city to declare a city wide holiday for Chinese New Year. It becomes more common for a non-Chinese to know his Chinese zodiac sign. Just like using a chopstick, knowing your own animal star becomes a fun thing to learn.

Element That Each Chinese Zodiac Belongs To

1. Rat: water
2. Ox: wet earth, hidden with metal and water
3. Tiger: wood, hidden with fire and earth
4. Rabbit: wood
5. Dragon: wet earth, hidden with wood and water
6. Snake: fire, hidden with metal and earth
7. Horse: fire
8. Goat: hot earth, hidden with fire
9. Monkey: metal, hidden water and earth
10. Rooster: metal
11. Dog: hot earth, hidden with fire and metal
12. Pig: water, hidden wood

Dragon has the Universe Secret Shape

1. Dragon is the only Chinese Zodiac which was totally imagined. Thus our imagination power is far bigger than what you can believe and make.

2. Dragon is the symbol of all Chinese Emperors and the symbol of superior power and authority.

3. Dragon travels in the sky in “S” shape, which is the secret of universal harmony. Curve is friendly and emotional attached. Straight line, on the other hand, is the symbol of ruthless. That is why a straight line “I” added to “S” and become “$”. Running a business and talking about money is ruthless and will hurt the relationship. It is very true.

4. All life comes in “S” shape: DNA is twisted “S” shape. Intestine is “S” shape. Blood Vassil is “S” shape. Our spiral is “S” shape. The middle part of Taichi is “S” shape. Taichi is an exercise designed to provide people with health and longevity. When our body become straight and flat, we are not too far away from death.

5. Dragon is a water creature in China and water coming out from its mouth, not fire. It is contradictive to the fire dragon image of the western culture. Since dragon is a water creature, it is good for anyone who has too much fire element.


It is the first of the 12 year cycle of animals in the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese New Year usually starts around February 4th. Rat represents the positive water element. In other words, if your lucky element is water, then rat is a good luck animal for you. Rat has a characteristics of being very social, outgoing, smart, flexible, adaptable, shrewd, eloquent, cunning, manipulative, arrogant, Jealous, ruthless and greedy. Perfect couple or partner for rat is ox. Rat belongs to the top four most sociable group. Rat man is font of bad hobbies such as gamble, prostitution, drinking and drug. Rat can be combined with monkey and dragon to generate the strongest water force if needed. Rat and horse is the enemy.


Ox represents the wet earth or mud element. Ox has the characteristics of being very hard working, creative, skillful, patient, stupid, stubborn, quiet and timid, easy to believe others and easy to lose temper and bad loser. Perfect couple or partner for ox is rat. Ox belongs to the top four most capable group. Capable person, by definition here, is the one who is very gifted with particular skills. Ox can be combined with rooster and snake to generate the strongest metal force if needed.


Tiger represents the tree (wood element). Tiger has the characteristics of having early success, being dominant and possessive. Tiger people like adventure, hate to be criticized, like to be a boss and start up a company. Tiger people are not submissive and do not like staying at home too long. Perfect couple or partner for tiger is pig. Tiger belongs to the top four most changeable group (tiger, monkey, snake, pig). Changeable person, by definition here, is the one who is easy to be influenced by others and changes his mind, ranks in the middle in terms of being sociable and being capable. Tiger can be combined with horse and dog to generate the strongest fire force if needed. Tiger and monkey is the enemy.


Rabbits represents the flower (wood element). Rabbit has the characteristics of being very smart, sociable, non-decisive, non-focus, hungry for security, timid and selfish. Female rabbit usually has bad temper but kind inside. Perfect couple or partner for rabbit is dog. Rabbit belongs to the top four most sociable group (rat, horse, rabbit and rooster). Rabbit can be combined with pig and sheep to generate the strongest wood force. Rabbit and rooster is the enemy.


Snake represents the fire element. Snake has the characteristics of being very intelligent, persistent, extremely focused, self-confident, eloquent, charming and calculated. Many scientists, professors and investment experts are born in the year of snake. Perfect couple or partner for snake is monkey. Snake belongs to the top four most changeable group (tiger, monkey, snake and pig). Snake can be combined with other ox and rooster to generate the strongest metal force. Snake and pig is the enemy.


Horse represents the fire element. Horse has the characteristics of being very generous, passionate, revengeful, impatient, adventurous, and demanding. Horse person will never admit failure and cannot not keep a secret. Perfect couple or partner for horse is sheep. Horse belongs to the top four most sociable group (rat, horse, rabbit and rooster). Horse can be combined with tiger and dog to generate the strongest fire force. Horse and rat is the enemy.


Sheep represents the fire element. Horse has the characteristics of being generous, sacrificial, sensitive, worrisome, unstable, pessimistic, gentle but strong inside. Sheep people have a strong survival sense but don’t know how to pursue his happiness. Perfect couple or partner for sheep is horse. Sheep belongs to the top four most capable group (dragon, dog, ox and sheep). Sheep can be combined with pig and rabbit to generate the strongest wood force. Sheep and ox is the enemy.


Monkey represents the metal element. Monkey has the characteristics of being very smart, aggressive, energetic, kind and fair, non-secured, controlling, gamble loving and debatable. Monkey lady acts like a man, arrogant and dominative. Perfect couple or partner for sheep is horse. Monkey belongs to the top four most changeable group (tiger, monkey, snake and pig). Monkey can be combined with rat and dragon to generate the strongest water force. Monkey and tiger is the enemy.


Rooster represents the metal element. Rooster has the characteristics of being very self-entertaining, hard working for its interests, sensitive to color, anxious and easily arguable. Perfect couple or partner for rooster is dragon. Rooster belongs to the top four most sociable group (rat, horse, rabbit and rooster). Rooster can be combined with ox and snake to generate the strongest metal force. Rooster and rabbit is the enemy.


Dog represents the hot earth element. Dog has the characteristics of being very gentle, lovely, charming, loyal, persistent and emotional and easy to cry. Dog man is childish and easy to get ex-marital affair but feels no guilty about it. Perfect couple or partner for dog is rabbit. Dog belongs to the top four most capable group (dragon, dog, ox and sheep). Dog can be combined with tiger and horse to generate the strongest fire force. Dog and dragon the enemy.


Pig represents a mix of water and wood element. Pig has the characteristics of being very active, lovely, smart, impatient and self-centered. Pig person has great memory and easy to catch others’ attention. Perfect couple or partner for pig is tiger. Pig belongs to the top four most changeable group (tiger, monkey, snake and pig). Pig can be combined with rabbit and sheep to generate the strongest wood force. Pig and snake the enemy.

Chinese Zodiac & its Represented Time Slot


A Quick Chart To Find Out One Of Your Lucky Elements

For example: If you were born in February 8th, your lucky element is metal. This is a good quick table to identify one of your lucky elements. For the person who born in the last month of the season such as April, July, October and January, this chart may not be the most accurate because these four months belong to the earth element which usually is hidden with other elements. A more comprehensive technique like BaZi is required to find the lucky elements precisely.

Dominant Elements in Recent Past & Future

Based on the following table, we can easily find out the general “temperature” of the previous six and future six years. The rule of thumb is that fire and wood is always considered as “hot element” as wood can be burned and produce the fire. In the same token, water and metal is always regarded as “cold element”. Interesting enough, 2016(year of monkey=metal) is the first turn-around year after the previous consecutive six years of hot temperature. Going forward, we will enter into the six period of cold temperature. Founding out the temperature of the year has important meaning in analyzing our luck level for each year.

For example: if you were born in the summer season, you are likely to be a “hot” person. You are more energetic and passion than many people because of the hot element. To balance your hot temperature and get lucky, you will be happy to meet the cold years. In other words, 2016-2021 should be a great 6 year period for you, if comparing with the previous 6 years.

Find Out Your Best Friends & Worse Enemies


As the picture on the left, since rabbit’s enemy is rooster, people who were born in the year of rabbit (1975, 1987) will have a tough time in the year of rooster (2005, 2017,etc)

Feng Shui 202 – the Basic II

The Ten Heavenly Stems

Now we have learned the two basic concepts: Yin Yang and the five elements. Combining these two concepts, we can come up with something more interesting and more accurate. We call it the Ten Heavenly Stems (2 x 5 =10): yang wood, yin wood, yang fire, yin fire, yang metal, yin metal, yang water, yin water, yang earth and yin earth. With this tool, we can obtain more vivid pictures about the nature and about ourselves. To make it more graphic and easier to remember, ancient Feng Shui masters had assigned ten different natural objects to associate with these ten heavenly stems, as follows.

1. Tree (yang wood)
2. Flower (yin wood)
3. Sun (yang fire)
4. Candle light / Neon light (yin fire)
5. Rock (yang earth)
6. Mud (yin earth, or wet earth)
7. Knife /Sword /Saw (yang metal)
8. Gold Bracelet (yin metal)
9. River (yang water)
10. Dew (yin water, or a tiny water drop)

Find Out Your Lucky Numbers and Alphabets

For example: if your lucky element is wood, then your lucky number is 1, 2, 11, 12 and so on, your lucky alphabet is A, B, K, L, U, V. These are the best options to use to create the name for your business, pick the phone number, driver license number, lottery numbers, stock symbol, apartment number etc.

Direction and Chinese Zodiac

This is a modified compass for easier reading and connection with Chinese Zodiac

The basic direction:
1. East belongs to the wood element. Rabbit is exactly on this direction.
2. South belongs to the fire element. Horse is exactly on this direction.
3. West belongs to the metal element. Rooster is exactly on this direction.
4. North belongs to the water element. Rat is exactly on this direction.

Refer to the compass above for the direction of other animals. For example, goat is located in southwest more to the south direction.

The Best Directions for the Eighth Period (2004-2023)


Best choice: Best wealth and best health direction

1. Sitting North West and door facing South East
2. Sitting South East and door facing North West

Second choice: Best wealth direction

1. Sitting North and door facing South
2. Sitting East and door facing West

Third choice: Best health direction

1. Sitting West and door facing East
2. Sitting South and door facing North

Worse choice: Worst wealth and worst health direction

1. Sitting South West and door facing North East
2. Sitting North East and door facing South West

Crouching tiger hidden dragon – The most power Feng Shui rule to help you close the deal

The movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was real awesome but it gives us a false impression that they only like to fight against each other. In fact, the dragon and tiger can be your best partners if you know how to use them. The following Feng Shui concept is very simple but widely effective. Try it out. You can’t believe that you can close the deal so easily.

Based on my ugly drawing above, assuming that you are sitting in your office, facing the prospect. The closet on your left symbolizes the Dragon. The lower table on your right represents the Tiger. Be advised that the closet has to be bigger and taller than the lower table. You have to place them extending toward Mr. Prospect, visualizing that they are your left and right arms trying to hold and grab your prospect. To make it work, you have to place both pieces in the office.

To make the fine touch, you should hang a mountain picture on the wall to back you up. Images like Rocky Mountain, Alps and Himalaya always works the best — Feng Shui master Woody Chan

Feng Shui 303 – the Flying Star Feng Shui

The River Map

This is the origin of the 8 Trigrams ( or Bagua). It was known to be written on the back of the dragon horse god.

The Book of Luo

This is the origin of Flying Star. It was known to be written on the back of the Turtle god.

The 8 Trigrams (Bagua)

Inspired by the Book of Luo and River Map, the late heaven Bagua was developed to measure the eight directions of buildings.

Flying Star Feng Shui

During the 8th Period (2004-2023), this flying star chart applies, where the #8 star lands in the center for 20 years. The significant of each star are explained as follows:

#1 white water star: another name is greedy wolf star. This is an auspicious star, dealing with easy money such as gamble, investment or in heritage. Often time it has to work with the government officer to get the job done.

#2 black illness star: another name is called giant gate star. This is the second worst star next to the #5 yellow star. It has to do with illness and sickness especially related to the earth part of the body such as stomach, intestine and nose.

#3 green legal dispute star: The name sounds bad already. Legal trouble, dispute, argument becomes more common thanks to this inauspicious star.

#4 green literature star: This star has to do with education, literature, school or trainings. This star will boost up the tendency of learning. If you want your child to excel in school, you should ask him to sleep or do homework in this spot.

#5 yellow misfortune star: This is the worst star on the chart. We have to cure this one as this star is associated with disaster, disease and even death. Construction or ground work seen in this spot will trigger the misfortune to happen.

#6 white authority star: This is an auspicious star but the power is diminishing as it is further away from the 8 period. Nevertheless, it is a star to deal with authority luck.

#7 red fighting star: another name is broken army star. Just the name alone gives us a bad image about this star. This star has to do with disputes, fighting and injures.

#8 white prosperity star: This is the most auspicious star for the entire 8th period. It is associated with fortune, health, noble status and top luck. Keep good track of its flying location and occupy more of this space will boost up our luck dramatically.

#9 purple relationship star: This is an auspicious star as better relationship with people and spouse is highlighted. If you are in the business of sales, you should definitely try your best to occupy this space.

Feng Shui 404 – God of Evil

Purple Dragon Noble Star

Based on the theory of “God of Evil”, this Purple Dragon Noble star is one of the most famous and auspicious stars. The way to read it is according to the animal of your birth year. For example, if you were born in the year of monkey, your “Purple Dragon Noble star” is rabbit. This simply means that you will have great luck in the year of rabbit (2011, 2023), or in the month of rabbit (March), or in the time of rabbit (5am–7am).

Marriage Star

Marriage Star is one of the most popular stars that people want to know. This star relates to your luck on marriage, romantic relationship and joyful events such as having a baby. Based on the chart above, you can find out your marriage star easily. For example, if you were born in the year of monkey, your “Marriage star” is Goat. This simply means that you will have great marriage and joyful event luck in the year of goat (2015, 2027), or in the month of goat (July), or falling in love with a goat person, person with goat’s name, etc.

Sky Flower Helpful People Star

We are living in the generation that a college degree can never guarantees a good job no more. Should you quit your stupid job and start you own company and become a boss? Here is the most accurate Feng Shui’s tool to shed some light on you biggest decision in life.
Here is how to read this table:

1. If you were born in the “Tree day”, your “start-up star” is goat and ox. If goat or ox is your lucky animal, then you will have top luck to start up your own company. You are encouraged to go for it. Otherwise, stay with your current job to pay the bills.

2. Well, you may not know which “day” you were born, nor goat or ox is your lucky animal. For this complicated question, you are strongly advised to consult a Feng Shui master and avoid making the life-long mistake.

Money God Star

Do you really have the fate to become very rich? Here is the quick, easy and reliable chart to find that out?

1. First, you need to figure out which day you were born (Day Pillar Heavenly Stem) by running a quick check on a Million Year Chinese Calendar.

2. Find the matching pair on the table above. If that is your lucky animal (or lucky element), you are destiny to be rich, super rich.

3. To avoid all the confusion, you may want to consult with a Feng Shui master to find that all out.

Literature Star

This is the star to find out if you or your child has good talent at school or education. For example, if you were born on the “sword” day (Day Pillar Heavenly Stem), your associated “Literature Star” is “Pig”. If pig (water) is your lucky element, then you have top luck and talent on study, education, literature and college. You may even want to pursue a career as an University Professor. To enhance your literature luck, simply buy a wood pig stature and place it on your desk while studying.

Traveling Horse Star

Traveling Horse star is directly associated with travel for vacation, frequent travel for work, immigration, change new job, and house moving. For examples:

1. If you were born in the year of rat, in the year of tiger you will have a big chance to travel, change new job, etc.

2. If you were born in the year of ox, the more pork (pig) you eat, the higher chance of moving house, travel or changing new job.

3. If you were born in the year of rooster and your house is facing northwest (pig’s direction), you are a very active employee traveling everywhere to get the job done.

Feng Shui 505 – BaZi Basic

The Powerful Concept of “Ten Gods”

Ten Gods is an advanced knowledge of Feng Shui. Once you master this concept, you can be a professional Feng Shui consultant. To make it simple to understand, here is an example:
If you were born in the day of fire (Self), then metal represent your wealth, earth represents your skills, wood represents your mother, fire represent your siblings, water represents your authority.