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  • Pockemon Go & its Feng Shui stories @7/2016

    Pokemon Go is on fire worldwide. Why Pokemon? Why now?

    1. Pikachu: 2016 is the year of monkey. Everything looks like monkey will capture the world’s eyeballs. The symbolic creature of Pokemon is Pikachu, which is a golden hopping creature, resembling a monkey.

    2. Pokeball: 2016 is the year of fire monkey. Monkey belongs to metal element. Metal is associated with white color. Fire is associated with red color. That is why pokeball is half red, half white. Ball is rounded and circle, just like a “Taichi”. Pokeball captures the essence of the universe.

    3. Pokestops: stop sign is used to slow down, stop and accumulate the Qi. The first secret of making money is to stop the Qi right in front of your home or office. Thus, stop sign, zebra crossing or road bump will do the trick.

    4. Capture it: Pokemon means money. The whole world is chasing for money. Pokeball is thrown to at “money” and capture it. The second secret of making money is to capture it before it is gone. A closet (or treasure box) functions actually like a pokeball, capture the monsters (money).

    5. Battle Field: monkeys are animals prone to conflicts and fights. Therefore, fighting becomes a common phenomenon in 2016. Incidents such as IS suicide attacks, Gun shots at the police, Truck bombings, Protect against Donald Trumpt and other fighting happens daily. Pokemon battles is re-born to match and synchronize these theme of 2016.


    Metal and Earth put Gucci to the Top

    If your lucky elements are metal and earth, Gucci will boost up your luck further:

    1. Gucci starts with the letter “G” which is the letter of metal.

    2. The luxury color theme of Gucci is brown (earth color) and gold (metal color).

    3. Gucci is the one of the top brands from Europe, west of China. West is metal.

    4. Gucci is famous for its leather products: bags, shoes, wallets and shoes. Leather is earth. Since earth produces metal, these leather products further reinforce Gucci’s metal power.


    Rolex is the Wealthiest King with the Crown

    Top Feng Shui reason for Rolex’s success:
    1. The word Rolex starts with the letter R which is in a metal group. Watch business is metal, nicely paired.

    2. Time is one universal dimension. Time piece maker is blessed with the power of the universe.

    3. Crown is the symbol of King with ultra power and nobleness. The golden color (metal) of the crown is perfectly selected.

    4. For a metal person (company), wood means wealth. That is why the background of this top brand or even the treasure box (case of the watch) is all green (wood). Therefore, with this green color, Rolex is the money printing machine.


    Why Do You Love this Luxury brand Particularly?

    The reason why luxury brand names are good for you because they are the “top auspicious thing at the moment”. If it also matches your lucky element, it is perfect to own it. Here are the simple Feng Shui rules to help you identify the top brands just perfect for you.

    a. Perfect for someone with this birthday (8/8 – 11/7): Louis Vuitton, Armani, Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Vivienne Westwood, Lacoste, Longchamp, Versace, Valentino, Bulgari, Boss, Adidas, Brook Brothers, La Peria, Bobbi Brown, Loccitane, Lancome.

    b. Perfect for someone with this birthday (11/8 – 2/18): Chanel, Celine, D&G, Dior, Miu Miu, Chloe, Cartier, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, MCM, Moschino, Coach.

    c. Perfect for someone whose lucky element is earth: Prada, Patek Philippe, Frank Miller, Fendi, Furla, Piaget, Porsche, YSL, Paul Smith, Omega, Estee Lauder.

    d. Perfect for someone with this birthday (2/19-5/4): Gucci, Hermes, Rolex, Givenchy, Hogan, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren.

    e. Perfect for someone with this birthday (5/5-8/7): Salvatore Ferragamo, Tiffany, Jimmy Choo, Jurlique, Shiseido, Sisley, IWC, Saint Laurent, Tod’s, tudor, Jaeger, Jill Stuart.


    Crocs Drags You Down Financially

    Shoe design can be viewed as a shelf or treasure box. Money can fly away from the open shelf but it can be locked in the treasure box. For financial well-beings, you may want to wear the treasure design of shoe more often. For example, Flip flops show off or displays a large portion of your foot. If foot represents your treasure, everyone can see it thru your flip flops. On the other hands, a lady can trap and hide almost the entire foot and leg in a winter leather boost. It is more like a closet or treasure box, the taller the better. Often times, when people are staying at home not being productive, they tend to wear flip flops, slippers or slanders more often. Thus, Crocs is a poor man’s shoe. With a lots of holes and designed like a flip flop, it will drag you down financially.

    Hoodies is a Mourning Dress

    One of a popular clothing designs in USA is hoodies. While this may look cool, hoodies is not an auspicious design. In ancient Chinese or even nowadays, this hoodies is only worn during the mourning session of the funeral event. All the family members and offspring are required to put this one with the attached hats covering their heads the entire time to show the last respect to the deceased and earn some condolence from others.

    There is no such story in USA. However, this hoodies are often worn by someone with bad situation such as losing a job and staying at home or trying to keep warm after getting sick. Serial killers with a hoodies raincoat covering their heads are often displayed in horror movies. Therefore, wear it with your own risk.


    Cold Hat is bad Luck

    “Stylish” is not necessary good Feng Shui design. Cold hat is one of the examples. Cold hat is often worn in the hospital by the cancer patient who lost lots of hair after the chemotherapy treatment. Head is the most important part of the body and it should not be covered half. If metal is your lucky element, wearing cold hat will reduce your luck further. Try one your own risk. Ashton Kutcher wore cold hat a lot during his down time dealing with the separation with Demi Moore.


  • Cartier Ring to Boost up your Luck

    Ring can boost up many luck for your including marriage, wealth and power.

    1. Cartier starts with letter “C” which is fire. If your lucky element is fire, Cartier Love Ring is for you.

    2. Cartier is fire. Metal represents money for a fire person. No wonder that Cartier can make so much money by selling metal rings and metal watches.

    3. Ring is not just for married person. If you are still single and want to find a significant other quickly, wear a ring today.

    4. If you want to have more power over others, wear a ring in your index finger (left hand for man and right hand for woman).

    5. The reason why many men finally earn more money or become wealthy after marriage is because of the marriage ring. For a man, money and wife belong to the same star. If you want to make more money, you need to have a girlfriend or a wife. Vise versa: if you want to have a girlfriend or a wife, you need to make more money.

    Estee Lauder Powers up Your Earth Element

    If you love facial and body lotion, you are mostly likely a die-hard fan of Estee Lauder. Here is the reason why:

    1. Skin is earth element. People whose lucky element is earth tend to use lotion very day because they need to balance their shortage of earth, get lucky and survive.

    2. Estee Lauder starts with the perfect letter “E” which is the letter for earth element.

    3. The colors of its bottle are brown, red, purple and gold. This is the perfect color scheme for the earth element. Brown is earth. Red and purple are fire which produce more earth. Earth produces metal (gold).

    4. The top models and celebrities used to promote this brand are likely to be the ladies with tons of earth element in their bodies. If you don’t believe that, look them up.

    5. Estee Lauder comes from USA, which is the east direction of China. East is wood. For a wood country like USA, earth represents wealth. That is why Estee Lauder (earth) brings in so much money for USA and becomes the number one skin care brand in terms of revenue.


    Crocodile Bag to Scare off People

    No that many live creature in this world can eat people. Crocodile is one of them. If you can afford to have a crocodile bag, people will respect (scare away) by you. If wood is your lucky element, crocodile bag will bring top luck. It is because crocodile also belongs to wood.

    Should you Wear Earrings?

    Not everyone should wear earrings. Make sure the color, animal or pattern matches your lucky elements. Wearing earrings only if you find yourself under one of these situation:
    1. You were born in the Spring or Summer.
    2. Water or metal are your lucky elements.
    3. You are not allergy to it.

    Should you Wear Hat often?

    Not everyone should wear a cap. Make sure the color, animal or pattern matches your lucky elements. Wearing cap often only if you find yourself under one of these situation:

    1. You were born in the Fall or cold Winter.

    2. Wood is your lucky element and metal is your enemy. UK is in the west direction of China and Europe, it is country full of metal. That is why so many people in UK love to wear hat (wood) to balance it out. Hanging hats at the back of the door also help enhancing the wood element.

    3. You became bald and you feel bad about it. Hair is wood. When your hair is loosing, your wood element is getting weak. If wood is your lucky element, wearing cap or hat will boost up the wood element.

    Should I wear Black?

    Many people say black is stylish, black makes me look skinny, and black color brings in the devil. Well the truth is only people whose lucky element is water can wear black. 2016 is the year of metal which produces tons of water, especially in April. If you were born in the winter season (November, December or January), you will have tons of bad luck wear black this year. Do you really want to challenge your luck?

    Color of dress

    It is very critical for you to know your lucky color. Wear the lucky color dress for the important occasion will boost up your chance of success. Here is the quick list:

    If your lucky element is wood, wear GREEN.

    If your lucky element is fire, wear RED or PURPLE.

    If your lucky element is water, wear BLUE or BLACK

    If your lucky element is metal, wear WHITE, GOLD, GREY

    If your lucky element is earth, wear YELLOW, BROWN, PAIGE, ORANGE