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Family Relationship

Wedding picture Can Save a Divorce

If you want to keep a long lasting good relationship with your spouse and no get into a divorce, a wedding picture is a must.

1. You should hang it in both the northwest corner and southwest corner of your master bedroom. It may looks old fashion but it has strong psychological effect.

2. It has to be a wedding picture between you and your spouse, not a family picture or random picture from vacation.

3. Never have a mirror to reflect this wedding picture. Otherwise, there will be another man and woman showing up in the marriage relationship.

4. Hanging the picture on the head of bed is better than the end of the bed. Hanging at the end of the bed will create some money argument between the couple.

5. Hanging on the left hand side of the bad is better than the right hand side of the bed.

6 Month Rule to find Your Significant Other

The simplest but most effective rule of finding a long lasting true love is the rule of Six Month. It simply means that if the birth month of your boyfriend or girlfriend is six month earlier or six month later than yours, it is a perfect match for you.

For example, if you were born in the summer month of June, you will be very smart to find a girl friend who was born in the winter month of December. It is the most compatible relationship you can ever find. If you are not the lucky one whose has a husband whose birth month is only a couple months apart from yours (such as June and August), you find yourself to argue with him so easily. All Feng Shui is saying is that common interest may lead you to a good feeling about him in the beginning. However, long lasting relationship is really about how you can help each other with the missing elements. Apply this rule of six month can save you tons of nightmare.

How to Give Birth to a Baby Boy?

If you want to give birth to a baby boy (or girl), here are the Feng Shui ways to do it.

1. East direction represents boy and southeast direction represents girl. If you want to have a boy, you may want to make love in the east corner (east room) of the house. For girl, it is southeast.

2. Never make love in the northeast corner as it is space of the ghost.

3. A woman with big bottom has bigger chance to have a baby.

4. If your Bazi birthday is too weak (for example: a sun fire person born in the winter month or a flower person born in the autumn month), it is very difficult for you to have a baby.

5. Producing cycle and intercourse time: if you were born in the metal day, the baby you may produce is water. Your luck of having a baby will dramatically increase if you are having sex in the middle night. To be more specific, if you were born in the gold bracelet day and you want to have a baby boy (river person), you want to make love at the “Pig Time” or 9pm-11pm. You may want to consult with a Feng Shui Master for a perfect shot.

Does Your Mom brings you Love and Luck?

Your mother produces you. If you are a metal person, your mother is earth. Generally speaking, it is better to stay away from your mother when you start working. It is because you will be forced to learn and grow faster by doing more things independently. However, you may want to hang out with your mother more often or even live with your mother if any of the following applies.

1. Your Bazi reading is very weak and you are actually very skinny. For example, if you were born on the dew water day and in the summer month, you needs your mother to provide you with more water.

2. You are the type of person who gets sick easily.

3. If you are too popular with men, you need your mother to fend them out. On the contrary, if you are single and never have a boyfriend in your life, the best strategy is to stay away from your mom.