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Face Reading

Face Reading Essence

Based on a human’s face, we can actually find out many secrets about life. In the world of Feng Shui, the better the face a person has, the better life he/she will enjoy. Mean people have mean face. Kind people have kind face. There are many information written on our face. It is up to us how to interpret our luck in alignment with the thousand years of data, statistics, correlations and study (Feng Shui Face Reading).

What are the best Feng Shui Eyes?

1. Eye is the window of soul. Having the best Feng Shui eyes are extremely important to your life. People with high status in life often have very “sharp eyes”. There are power and wisdom directly coming out of the eyes. People with sleepy eyes has no luck.

2. Eye belongs to the wood and fire elements. If your lucky elements are wood and fires, you have higher chance of having big and beautiful eyes.

3. You tend to near eye glasses if you have too much wood/fire or too little wood/fire.

4. What is considered the best Feng Shui ear: bigger, sharper, clearer, perfect shape, no broken area, not too far or too close to each others.

5. Moles on the top or bottom of the eyes are bad things. On the top, it means you have higher chance to lose your real property. On the bottom, it means you are likely to cry over your husband’s pre-mature death. A woman with a mole on the lower eye lash line has a high risk of miscarriage.

6. Bigger eyes means more charming but easier to over-looking things. Smaller eyes means that person is very detailed oriented but likely to be very calculated and not too generous to others.

7. People with small black area (Iris) and more white area (Sclera) have very bad luck. They tend to be very violent and prone to commit crimes.

8. People with outward eye tilt are more optimistic and more attractive to others. People with inward eye tilt are more pessimistic and often lack of confidence.

9. People with two eyes very close to each others are very conservative and tend to be not open.

10. Chinese people with very light or even golden iris are often away from their family or even abandon them.

11. Eyes control the luck from 35-40 years old.

What are the best Feng Shui Ears?

1. Ear belongs to the water element. If your lucky element is water, you should wear metal rings more often because metal can produce more water. You will hate to wear any earrings if water is your bad lucky element.

2. If water is your bad luck element, you are likely to have ear problem.

3. What is considered the best Feng Shui ear: bigger, whiter, harder, perfect shape, no broken area, closer to the sides of the head.

4. Moles on the ear and near the ear is a good thing. It means you are a smart person.

5. The bigger the ear pearls (Lobule), the better (longer life, better status and luck in life). People without ear pearls are easier to argue with people.

6. People with curve-out antihelix are hard to deal with. They won’t listen to people that much.

7. For a man, left ear represents his luck from 1-7 years old. Right ear represents his luck from 8-15 years old. For woman, the order starts from the right ear. If you has broken frame (helix), it means you had bad luck (usually health problem) in that year range.

What are the best Feng Shui Nose?

1. Nose belongs to the earth element. If you have many earth element, you tend to have a big nose.

2. If earth is your bad luck element, you are prone to have nasal problem.

3. What is considered the best Feng Shui nose: bigger, straighter, perfect shape, no broken area.

4. Moles on the nose is not a good thing. It means you are likely to lose your fortune.

5. The taller the nose (Dorsum), the more fame a person can earn.

6. People with richer/bigger nose sides (Ala), the more luck they can have from easier money (gamble, stocks, inheritance).

7. People with obvious nose beam (nasal sill) can save and hold on more money.

8. People with big and round tip are kind and have big money luck.

9. For a man, nose means fortune and wealth. The bigger the nose, the more wealth a man has. For a woman, nose means husband and wealth. The straighter the nose, the likely a woman can marry a rich man.

10. Nose controls the luck from 41 to 48 year old.

What are the best Feng Shui mouth?

1. Mouth belongs to the metal and water elements. If metal/water are your luck elements, you tend to speak well.

2. What is considered the best Feng Shui mouth: bigger, more nature red/pink color, balance volume between upper and lower lips, perfect shape, no broken area.

3. Mole on, above or below the mouth is not a good thing. It means you are likely to get sick, get food poison or even stomach/colon cancer.

4. The bigger the mouth, the more control and money earning power a person has. It is better to have a big mouth for man. Big mouth for a woman is usually not a good thing. Woman with big mouth can make her husband poor.

5. People with pale or dark lip color tend to have poor health condition.

6. People with the edges of mouth (Frown)tilting upward are optimistic and attractive to others.

7. People with thick upper lips tend to have more sexual desire but they also tend to be more trustworthy.

8. People with thin upper lips are more attractive and tend to know how to “sweet talk” to others.

9. People with pretty “Cupid’s Bow” and obvious tip have family to be around at old age.

10. Mouth controls the luck from 60 to 61 year old.