Exterior Feng Shui

Swimming Pool & its Feng Shui Rules

Many people love to have a swimming pool at home. It may enhance the value of a property if it is nicely designed and located. To receive perfect harmony from a swimming pool and avoid all its potential dangers, you may want to bear these Feng Shui rules in mind.

1. Swimming pool is better not to be in the shape of square or rectangle as these shapes symbolize coffins. A circle or curving shape resembling the number 8 is ideal.

2. The tile pattern on the bottom of the pool cannot be a “cross” or any inauspicious symbol.

3. The ideal location of the swimming pool relative to the house is better to be in the direction associated with the family member whose lucky element is water. For example, if your eldest son’s lucky element is water, the best location for the swimming pool is to be on the east side of the house.

4. Clean water is directly related to the good health and great wealth of the family. Dirty water often leads to dirty business.

5. During the current Feng Shui’s eighth period (2004-2023), the most auspicious direction to have a swimming pool is the southwest corner of the house. This alignment of the swimming pool will enhance the wealth and fortune for the family.

Which Floor Should You Pick?

1. According to the flying star theory, the ground floor is best, followed by the 2nd and 3rd floor. It is because the most auspicious star #8 is accounted first from the ground, followed by the #9 purple joyful star and the #1 future money star. Therefore, the top choices are the first 3 level. There is less Feng Shui if you live up to the air. The worse floor is level 5 for misfortune star. Generally speaking, the Feng Shui get worse if living up high, even through the view may be better. The Qi of the ground floor is more solid and real. That is why all the top brand names are fighting for the ground floor in the Mall.

2. According to BaZi theory, if your lucky element is wood, 1st and 2nd floor is best for you. If your lucky element is fire, 3rd and 4th floor is the best. If your lucky element is metal, 7th and 8th floor is the best. If water is your lucky element, 9th and 10th floor is the best.

3. Single family home is always better than multi-level apartment, condo or town house. It is because residents tend to occupy more space and Qi (wealth) in single family house, no need to share and spread it thin with other people.

4. For a single family house, the best level to sleep is in the second from the top. For example, if your house has three levels, the best level to live or have the bedroom is the second floor. The living room should be located in the ground floor to absorb all the best Qi to increasing wealth.

What is the commonality among Apple, Google, Amazon and HP?

The answer is: They all started from “Garage”. Why?

1. Car belongs to the fire element. Garage is the fire storage.

2. High-tech sectors such as computer, internet, software, etc. are all belongs to the fire element.

3. The baby fire (start-ups) needs the big fire (garage) to back it up with more fire to increase the odds of survival.

4. If fire is your lucky element, you have great luck in working for both automobile sector or high-tech sector.

5. If fire is your lucky element, you will have top luck if you are the man of the house and the garage locates in the northwest corner. For the lady of the house, the top fire luck comes from the garage located in the southwest corner.

House at Dead End of Road

Never, never, ever live in the house near or right at the “Dead End of a Road”. You don’t want to end your life in that house. Don’t think it is the place for quiet living. Don’t attempt to do any Feng Shui remedies to resolve this bad luck. You have no choice but move to other home.

A Big Tree Next to your Home. Good or Bad?

It depends. Let’s exam:
1. Location: If it grows in front of the main door, it is very bad Feng Shui because this tree will block your future. If it grows on the left hand side of your home, it is called “Dragon tree”. You can receive a lot of help form powerful people. However, if it grows on the right hand side of your home and there is no another tree with equal size on the left hand side of your home, this tree is called “Tiger tree”. You will get trouble of having a tiger tree. The female owner of the house will become a dominant lady. The man of the house will get many trouble with women.

2. Proximity: the tree is better not to be too close to the windows and doors, as it will block the good Qi from getting in. Family members will suffer from eye problem if the tree branches extending into the house.

3. Lucky Element: if wood is not the lucky element for the owner or the family members, it is good to have a big tree near the house. However, it depends on the direction it grows. For example, if it grows in the east direction and if wood is the son’s bad luck element, it is not a good Feng Shui house for the son. The severity is also depended largely by the flying star landing on that direction of the tree.

4. Dark spirit: Dark spirit loves to hide under the big tree. In many cases, people who suffer foot pain or injury consistently may live in the houses with a big tree trapped with dark spirit. The only solution is to move out.

5. If you cannot move out, a couple remedies available to defend the negative power of the tree.
a. Use red paint to draw 9 circle on the trouble tree.
b. Use a metal chain to tie up the tree.

Park your Car in the Lucky Spot

Many people use the door from the garage to get into their home. This garage door may play a more significant role than the front door to the luck of the family members. Car is a fire element. Garage or parking lot become the fire storage.

1. If fire is your lucky element, you should do these:
a. Park your car in the lucky corner of your home. For example, if east is your lucky direction and your garage is not in the east space of your home, you should park your car on the spot of the street to the east of your house.
b. You are happy to see a park lot is located in the lucky direction of your home.
c. You are happy to have a stop sign in front of your home as many cars will stop in front of your home to offer your more fire element.
d. Buy Japanese (wood) cars, USA (wood) cars and BMW (fire).

2. If fire is not your lucky element, do the followings:
a. Paint your garage in white color or place a water fountain inside the garage to reduce the fire power.
b. Buy European (metal) cars and Mercedes Benz (metal).

Antenna or Satellite Antenna Gives You Headache

There are two types of antenna nowadays. One is straight fish bone style. The other is round bowl style. The round bowl style is much better than the fish bone style in Feng Shui, especially when it is placed with the bowl facing outside. Usually, Antenna is installed on the top or roof of the home/apartment for better signal. Here are some points for caution:

1. If you are living in an apartment with many floors, stay away from the top floor because it is too close to the antenna. The radiation will be harmful to your health, especially on the head and brain.

2. If a Satellite bowl is facing toward you and your home, it is a bad Feng Shui. Remedy is needed to defend its attack.

3. If the antenna is located in the direction associated with your family member, he/she may suffer headache or bad luck.

4. If the antenna is located in the direction where a bad luck star such as #2 and #5 lands, try to avoid using this space as much as possible or implement some Feng Shui remedies.

What kind of mountain are your facing?

If you are living around or facing with mountains or hills, you need to know these:

1. Shape: round top is the best. Triangle top is the worst, which is the source for eyes and bone problem. Rough with many rocks or non-smooth surface is also dangerous.

2. Green: the green the better. Try to avoid living near a bald mountain or dry hill where little trees and plants are growing. Green means oxygen, money and health.

3. Health: bald mountain with many tough rocks is the source of skin problem, stomach illness and even terminal diseases.

4. Ground work:Whenever there is ground work near your home, you may need to do Feng Shui remedies to defend the damage, especially when the notorious #5, #2, god of Juniper or 3 killing star lands on the ground work direction.

Avoid Homes with These Situations

1. The house was built on the slop. The money Qi will run straight down without getting into the house.
2. There is a nearby road/bridge/highway curving out from your house, creating at “cutting knife” effect.
3. There is a neighbor house with his front door directly facing your front door.
4. A missing corner house.
5. A house getting narrower and narrower after entering from the front door.
6. A house with triangle floor plan or triangle root top. Flattening out the ceiling will resolve this problem.
7. Never live underneath the stairs. It will lead to brain degeneration.
8. Never let your remodeling workers stay over-night in your home.
9. To bring up the top spirit of your home, you should hold a house warming party during the moving in date, and invite a lots of kids and dogs into the house. If the kids are crying and the dogs are staying away from the house, it is not going to be a good Feng Shui house.

Live Close to the Riches

The area where you can find a lots of wealthy people live is the best Feng Shui place.

1. For San Francisco Bay Area, the super riches love to live in Atherton, Menlo Park, Woodside & Hillsborough. I never find a super wealthy person lives in Modesto or Stockton.

2. If you cannot afford to buy a house in these area, try to rent a room in these area. If still not possible, try to take a morning or night walk in this area. Spending as much time from this area as possible is the best strategy.

3. Never live too far away from work. If it takes over half an hour to work, it is too far. Over an hour everyday has been wasted on commute. It simply means less energy for career success.

Pursue a Home with Active Oxygen

The simplest way to become lucky is to have a clear mind. The best way to obtain clear mind is to have enough active oxygen. While you are reading this article, take a deep breath. If you can inhale refreshing air, you are already living in a great Feng Shui house. However, the sad thing is that most of people don’t even know that they are taking refreshing active oxygen or not.

According to a survey, 46% of the people don’t even know that they have congestion nasal. They are used to the breathing with half of the nostrils. During the past two decades, flu and cold have been way too common that people are living with flu and cold bacterial very long term without knowing it. They get tired easily than before but cannot explain the reason. In this world, 80% of the people are living in sub-healthy condition without knowing it.

There are so many ways to pollute your living environment that prevent you from obtaining the active oxygen:

1. Too much trash or useless objects laying around in your home.
2. The water source surrounding you is not clear.
3. When you open the window, the wind is too big and the dust is easily accumulated inside your home.

The top Feng Shui home should be filled with circulating active oxygen. The air should be refreshing and rejuvenating, offering an unbelievable scent. You should feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plants can offer this benefits but not any plant can take away the Carbon Dioxide and offer active oxygen. Only the plants with big leaves can do. Therefore, take care of your allergy, open up the southern window, and grow more big leaf plants. You will have top Feng Shui life.

Your Neighbors have Huge Impact on You

You got to know your neighbors. Here is why:

1. If you find yourself in the door-facing-door situation, you are actually in the fighting position with your neighbor. Either you win or you lose. Therefore, never live in a home with a front door facing a super powerful neighbor whose door is bigger and the house is granter than yours, because you are doomed to lose.

2. If the neighbor in the back of your home is super wealthy and powerful like Bill Gates, you are definitely living in a good Feng Shui house. You will get tons of support and backup from top people.

3. Make sure the building or house on the left (dragon) of your home is bigger and taller than the building or the house on the right (tiger) of your home.

4. In the front of your home, it is superb if you can find a store with your lucky element. For example, if fire is your lucky element, there is a Korean BBQ restaurant nearby. If metal is your lucky element, there is a powerful bank nearby, especially in the northwest direction if you are male owner of the house.

5. There are enough open space in front of your home to let the auspicious to accumulate and get into your home.

6. If you are living in an apartment which looks like a crown, you will have great lucky if metal is your lucky element. If not, move out.

Are you OK to Live Near a Hospital?

A house near a hospital never has a good Feng Shui. Just the siren sounds, death storage and sick people are enough to make you frown. There are a few points worth to mention:

1. Generally speaking, living very near with a hospital view may easily cause accident and injury, especially when the #6 or #7 flying star lands on the hospital’s direction.

2. If metal is your lucky element, you are fine to live near a hospital. Nowadays, everyone is born in the hospital. This explains why people with metal as the luck element have higher chance of success in life. To reduce the negative impact of hospital, parents should choose the name of hospital matching your expected baby’s lucky element. For example, name of the hospital starts with letter A or B is the wood and your baby needs wood.

3. If metal is not your lucky element, stay away from hospital and should also avoid the professional of being a doctor, nurse, medical assistant and hospital staff.

Graveyard and Feng Shui

A house near a graveyard never has a good Feng Shui. Just mentioning the word graveyard would be enough to make you uncomfortable. Only a few exception is worth to mention below:

1. If you were born in the rock day and water is your lucky element, then you have luck to make good money. It is because water represents wealth to the earth person. Graveyard is water. Rock and water can combine into fire. It is a matching pair in great harmony. In other words, if you were born in the summer months (May, June and July) and you were also the rock day person, living near graveyard is fine for you. Otherwise, stay away.

2. If you are in the medical, health care, hospital or funeral business, you can live near graveyard.

Stay Away from Temple & Church, Fire & Police Station

Temple & Church: If your family is living near a temple or church, your daughter will have a tough time to find a husband. Also, your family members tend to engage on abnormal professional.

Fire & Police Station: Never live near a fire department or police station especially if you are

1. Your birthday is too weak. For example, you were a flower day person born in the autumn (metal) season. The metal force is so strong that your flower runs a high risk of being cut down. Then your birthday is said to be weak)

2. Your bad lucky element is fire, especially when the #7 and #9 flying star lands on the front door of the fire department or police station. Your home may not burn down to the ground but you may run an extremely high risk of getting a cancer or serious lung disease.

3. You are easily awoken by noise. Imagine a fire truck or a police car is running with loud sirens at night time. Can you sleep well?

Conclusion: Exterior Feng Shui is more important than interior Feng Shui – Master Woody Chan

Hong Kong is more than just the Pearl of the East

1. Water: Hong Kong is actually made up of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon peninsula and New Territory and some smaller islands. Victoria Harbor is right in the middle, leading to the South China Sea. The water quality is the best among all other China region, so does the wealth effect.

2. Mountain: 70% of the land in Hong Kong covers with green mountains. Thanks to the constant high level of humidity and 9 months of rainy season. The greener the mountain, the healthier the city. Because of this, Hong Kong residents finally beat Japanese in longevity in the world.

3. Curved coastal line: The curved coastal line is the well-known golden bowl shape, which holds super fortune nicely.

4. Time: Yes, there is a Time Square located in the luxury shopping district named Causeway Bay. The Russell Street, right in front of the Time Square, was noted as the most expensive luxury street in the world in 2014.

5. Turtle: The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wan Chai was designed as a turtle to bring in the long lasting prosperity.

6. Dragon: The Victoria Peak and its extension serves as the dragon of Hong Kong, extending further to the Kowloon side. This dragon upholds Hong Kong’s noble status.

7. Flag: The International Commerce Center (ICC), located in the center of the financial district named Central, is the tallest building in Hong Kong, serving as a flag to bring in the world’s attention.

8. Drum: the new Observation Wheel, representing the drum, boosts up Hong Kong’s reputation further.

9. Stamp: The new government building in Admiralty is served as the stamp of approval in Hong Kong.

10. Direction: Hong Kong is the southern city of China. South is the direction for business prosperity while north is the direction of political power. Thus, Hong Kong is further elevated to the elite status by the south direction as the financial center of the East or the Pearl of the East.

What Feng Shui does NYC has to reach the top of commercial success?

NYC simply has the best versions of all the basic Feng Shui Elements. Let’s exam:

1. Flag: Status of Liberty is the best version of flag to wave to people and bring in the best luck.

2. Stamp: Empire State Building is an official stamp of approval sealed hard on Manhattan.

3. Mountain: Many tall buildings form multi-layers of top mountains, strengthening the dominate position and backing up NYC.

4. Water: Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, creating clean and stable money flows to the city.

5. Curved costal line: NYC has one of the most curved costal lines in the world. This extremely curved costal line traps in all the money from all the directions.

6. Time: At the heart of NYC, there is a famous name called “Time Square”.

7. Well-balance of 5 elements:
a. Wood: the oxygen rich Central Park brings in the fashion success of NYC
b. Metal: the lovely music of Broadway brings in the financial success of NYC
c. Water: the richest transportation systems (airports, bus terminals, taxi & subways) lead to the stock market position of NYC
d. Fire: All the electronic devices belong to the fire element. Apple’s popularity synchronizes the “Big Apple” success.
e. Earth: All of the other 4 elements brings in the real estate success of NYC – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

What does it (Atherton zip code: 94027) take to be on the top of the list?

1. Water & Earth: According to the basic Feng Shui rule, water element controls wealth and earth controls health. Water (sea, ocean, lake and bay) and earth (mountain, hill and slop) are necessary for prosperity. Both the east and the west coastal cities are qualified for this rule. Flat land like Kansas will not achieve much, only producing the wind to carry the dream of Wizard of Oz.

2. Clean and Green: Clean water means “clean” business. That is why a great number of business in India and China are dirtily done because most of the water there is highly polluted. Green mountain with rich forest means healthy body. The reason for the people in Japan and Hong Kong to hold the record of longevity is because of the abundance of green mountains over there. The greater NY & NJ area and San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) both satisfy this rule.

3. Curved coastal line: The movement of the imagined noble Chinese dragon is traveling in an “S” shape over the sky. The point is that curve is good and straight line is bad. This explain why Japanese economy has suffered the “loss twenty” years of no growth is due to the fact that Japanese government has been engaging in a stupid activity for years: straight coastal line land filling. Using this concept, we can look closer at the entire US coastal line from top to bottom, from left to right. We will find out the portions with the most curved coastal line belongs to NYC, Greater Chicago, Greater LA and SFBA

4. Energy trapped zone: The good energy has to stay or get trapped to foster the well beings. In SFBA, every day the water energy from the Pacific Ocean enters into the Bay thru Golden Gate (what a beautiful name! Gold belongs to metal element and metal produces water (wealth)). In other words, the wealth energy get trapped in the middle and bottom area of the bay with the most curved coastal line zone which cover the cities such as San Maeto, Palo Alto, Atherton, Mountain View and San Jose. As a result, millionaires are created daily in this energy trapped zone. The big boys such like Apple, Google, Face Book, Twitter, Cisco, Adobe, etc. all have HQ there.

5. Top neighbor: Stanford University (wood element) is one of the most acclaimed universities in the world and certainly the best of the west coast. 2015 is the year of flower goat. A flower or Ivy needs to lean on and move up along a tree (wood) to reach the sky. Atherton is the closest city to Stanford University and it is the actual Ivy leaf reaching the sky in 2015 — Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

Why Switzerland is the number one Feng Shui place in the world?

Feng Shui is all about finding the best space and figuring out the best time. Switzerland got both.

1. Space:
a. Surrounded by the top countries (German, France and Italy) in the world, Switzerland is right in the middle of the noble place.
b. Many beautiful rivers (Rhine, Inn & Aare) originate from Alps, branching out extensively throughout the country. Water is wealth. The clean the better. Swiss water is sparkling clean and delicious, right from Alps. No wonder it enjoys the highest nominal wealth per capita in the world. No wonder KPMG ranks it to be the top location for “Life Science research & business”, leading San Francisco Bay Area and London.
c. Mountain is health and reputation. They got the noblest and greenest mountain of all – the Alps. Zurich and Geneva are ranked among the top cities with the highest quality of life in the world.
d. Curve lines can not only keep the wealth but also nurture harmony. The city scenery of Bern (attached above) offers the best “Curve” or “Crook” lines in the world. Curve lines leads to kindness and ethical behaviors in Switzerland. Beijing is just the opposite with many straight long streets, especially around Tiananmen Square, affecting Chinese people & communist party to be selfish and ruthless.

2. Time:
a. Geneva is in doubt the most famous watchmaker city in the world. It locates on the far reaching out south west spot of Switzerland. South or south west means business and Geneva is reaching out to the world.
b. Yes, they got the best time pieces: Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Chopard & Rolex. Why Rolex is the most famous brand in the world? It is because of the smart use of the crown logo. Crown means King. No. 1 – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

The great Feng Shui of London

1. City location: As the capital city, London locates right at the south east space of the country. (East and south east are the sun rise directions. Sunshine makes the leaders think clear. The capital cities of almost all the top countries locates in this space as well. E.g. Washington(USA), Sydney(Australia), Ottawa(Canada)

2. Water: money comes in.
a. Coastal line: London is sitting right next to the coastal line with most curves in England Channel.
b. River: The famous River Thames curves in and out of London.

3. Timing: The Big Ben of Elizabeth Tower becomes the landmark of London. Timing makes history. Bronze clock is a sharp weapon to fence off the dark spirits, purifying the city with healthy growth.

4. Circle: circle is metal and circle means reputation. That is why London is a famous financial (metal) center.
a. London Eye: The big circle Farris Wheel enhances the financial status of London and makes London the stock (water) market leader of European Zone (metal)
b. The circle road-map of London brings in harmony and care for the ruthless business world.

5. Transportation: The iconic red (fire) double deck bus enhances the fire element of car, granting the city a smooth ride.

6. Mountain: No real mountain but the noble Buckingham Palace and Palace of Westminster serves as the mountains to back up the city of London.
Conclusion: if metal and water are your lucky element, go visit London on the Chinese New Year day (Feb. 4th) to gain the top luck — Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

The Location of the Capital City of a Country Makes the Difference

It is interesting to find out that almost 90% of the top countries (in terms of high quality of living of its residents) have the capital cities located in the “East” or “South East” part of the countries. For example: USA (Washington), Canada (Ottawa), UK (London), Sweden(Oslo), Australia (Canberra), Japan (Tokyo), etc. The reason for this phenomenon is that the East and South East are the Sun Rise directions. The politic leaders and law makers of the countries with capitals in these two direction can think clearly and positively, influenced by the fair, energetic and upright nature of the sun. Sorry for people living in China, India and Russia.

The Map of China & its Neighbors

Everyone knows the map of China looks like a rooster. Also image the map of Japan is like a worm and the South China Sea Islands are like some rice drops. 

Rooster can eat worm. However, the worm is too big to swallow. One Feng Shui solution is to feed the rooster, making it bigger and stronger. That is why China Government is fastly land-filling those South China sea islands (occupying majority of the area, dominating the oil rich resource and building up an strategic military base). This US heavily criticized and South East nations’ boycotted action actually is actually one of the best strategies China Government has come up politically, making perfect Feng Shui sense.

The Map of China & its Neighbors II