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Certified Program

Feng Shui Practitioner Certified Courses

Program Description:

If you are serious about Feng Shui, want to learn as much as you can, or desired to become a Feng Shui consultant, this intense 5-day Feng Shui Practitioners program is just for you. This program is all about authentic Feng Shui which originated from Ancient China thousand years ago with ongoing modification and development. These courses cover many schools of Feng Shui including Forms and Compass School, Math School, Flying Star School, Eight House School and I-Ching School.

Students will be able to learn all the key concepts, analyze the situation and come up with the best Feng Shui solutions and remedies for a given scenario. Thus classroom lesson as well as onsite assessment is part of the curriculum.

After successfully completing the program, students will receive a Certificate of Completion, signed by Master Woody Chan.

All students are eligible to participate in the Feng Shui Advanced Program for those interested in continuing their studies.


The program is suitable to all levels because we will start from basic to professional level. The potential audience includes real estate agents, architects, builders, interior designers, Feng Shui enthusiasts, amateur Feng Shui practitioners or anyone who is curious about Feng Shui.

Registration and Payment Process:

To register or for any inquiry, you are required to email me:

Feng Shui Part 1 Curriculum:

• Background & History
• Chinese Cosmology and the Universe
• Qi, Yin & Yang, and the Five Elements
• Types of Feng Shui Systems: Forms and Compass
• Introduction to Forms School Feng Shui
• Introduction to Compass School Feng Shui, including 8 Mansion and Flying Star
• The 8 Trigrams and Traditional Ba Gua Arrangements
• Concept of Time: 3 Period and 9 Ages
• Concept of Space: Directional Energies
• Introduction to Flying Star Feng Shui
• How to draw a Flying Star Chart
• How to interpret a Flying Star Chart
• Feng Shui Cures
• Case Studies

Feng Shui Part 2 Curriculum:

• Classical Forms School: Physical Landscape – Mountain & Water Configurations
• Introduction to Luo Pan for taking directional measurements
• Understanding the usage and primary formulas on the Feng Shui Compass
• Rules for Yang Houses
• Selection of Auspicious Floors in a Building
• Basic steps in performing a Feng Shui evaluation for Yang Houses
• Bazi introduction
• Find out the lucky elements
• Decade Luck Cycle
• Annual Luck Cycle
• Bazi and Iching
• Bazi and Feng Shui
• God of Evil rules
• Case Studies

Course Schedule:

• The second week of each month.
• 5-day course from Monday to Friday
• 4 hours per day
• Starting from 1pm-5pm

Course Fee Includes:

• 4-day classroom lecture (4 hours per day, starting from 1pm-5pm)
• 1-day on-site Feng Shui assessment and evaluation
• Course materials, reference guides, and notes

Cancellation Policies:

• No refunds will be issued 7 days before class starts. Students have the option to roll any remitted payments to the next available class.