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BaZi of Celebrities

  • Tom Perkins was extinguished by water today (2016/6/9)

    Tom (1932/1/7) was born on the Candle light day (fire) in the cold winter month of ox (wet earth). To keep warm and be successful, Tom needs fire and wood (top luck elements). Water, metal and earth are his enemies because his candle light is too weak to face them.

    1. Since education (wood) is his lucky element, he graduated from top schools (MIT-engineering and Harvard MBA).

    2. Since electronic engineer and computer science (fire) is his lucky element, his picked the best career (high tech companies investment).

    3. For a fire (candle light) person like Tom, metal represents his wealth and fortune. Two pieces of metals shown up on the top line of his birthday chart. The ox is also the metal storage. He was born to have huge money luck (his net worth estimated to be $8 billion).

    4. Investment (metal) is his money star and VC focusing on high tech start-ups (fire). He has the top luck (fire) to make money (metal). Tom became the legend of Venture Capitalist.

    5. 1996 was the year of rat(water). Perkins was convicted in France of involuntary manslaughter arising from a yacht-racing (water) collision and was fined $10,000. Obviously enough, water is his enemy. He got a huge water trouble in the water year.

    6. Starting from the age of 81, Tom entered into the water dragon (earth) 10-year luck cycle. His luck came down dramatically because water and earth are his bad luck elements. He was likely to suffer water illness (kidney, urine) or earth sickness (stomach or colon) already since 81.

    7. In addition, dragon is the water storage. The monkey (2016) is the key to open up the dragon’s water storage. Thus, tremendous amount of water floods out of the storage to extinguish Tom’s candle fire in 2016 – RIP.


    Muhammad Ali was fatally knocked out by metal and earth today (2016/6/3)

    Ali (1942/1/17) was born on the metal day, in the winter month of ox (earth) and in the year of snake (fire). According to the producing cycle of the 5 elements, fire produces earth and earth produces metal. Ali’s metal is very strong. To balance and be successful, Ali needed wood (#1 lucky element) to defend the metal and weaken the earth. His enemy is definitely metal and earth.

    Boxing is a sport of wood because it requires the arms, feats and legs work. All of these are the wood parts of the body. That is why Ali picked the right and lucky career – Boxing. At older age, the metal force has been way to sharp to cut into his bone and hands (wood), causing him “Parkinson’s disease”.

    Why Ali died in 2016/6/3?
    1. 2016 is the year of monkey. Monkey is a creature of metal which is Ali’s #1 enemy.

    2. June 3rd falls into the month of snake which is the key to open up the metal storage of ox (his birth month). As a result, tremendous amount of metal flooded out to hurt him.

    3. June 3rd is the date of dragon (earth). Earth is Ali’s #2 enemy.

    4. Ali was fatally knocked out by the metal and earth elements today — RIP


    Janet Jackson is pregnant with a “Dammn Baby”

    Janet (1966/5/16) was born on the flower day in the hot summer month of snake (fire) and in the year of horse (fire). Since her flower was born in such a fire-up environment, she needs water (#1 lucky element) to cool down and grow her flower.

    1. Since music is water, Janet has top luck and talent to be a top singer.

    2. As the flower (wood) person, fire represents her baby because wood produces fire.

    3. 2016 is the year of fire monkey. The news of pregnancy (having a baby) is all over the news.

    4. Her new release this year is synchronized to be called “Dammn Baby”, why?
    a. The horse (fire) in her birthday chart clashes with the rat (water) in her “10 year luck cycle”.
    b. The snake (fire) clashes with the pig (water) in her birthday chart.
    c. Since fire represents her baby, these two fires (horse & snake) was “damn” (clash)

    5. Since fire is not her lucky element, Janet will have tons of trouble and pain with her baby. At the age of almost 50, Janet definitely falls into high risk pregnancy category.

    6. The sun shown up in 2016 is a yang fire (positive) and flower is a yin wood (negative). The baby is the opposite sex of Janet. Thus, it is gonna be a baby boy.


    Bill Ackman lost $1B in one day on Valeant(2016/3/1)

    Bill (1966/5/11) was born in the metal day in the hot summer month of snake (fire) and in the year of horse (fire). Based on his birthday chart, he is surrounded with 4 pieces of fire. He is totally fired up. His metal cannot take in more Fire (#1 bad luck element) and wood (#2 back luck element) which produces more fire.

    Starting at the age of 49 (2014), he entered into 10-year luck cycle of “Hot Earth”. The hot earth will combine with the 2 horses in his birthday chart to create a huge fire storage. A tiger (February) is the key to open up the dog’s fire storage. As a result, his luck dropped to the bottom in February 2016. He lost billion on his portfolio, especially on Valeant. 2015 (goat) was not a good year for him as well because goat is a wood storage. And wood represents money to him. His money (wood) was locked up (buried and disappeared). Since his birthday was so fired up, even his snake was not able to combine with the monkey (2016) to produce water – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    What makes Bill Gates to be the richest person in the world for so long?


    Bill Gates (1955/10/28) was born in the River (water) day. According to his birthday chart, the flower wood fuels the sun fire and the sun fire produces hot earth on top of the 3 pieces of pre-existing hot earth. Under this extremely heated environment, Bill’s river is totally dry out. Bill has no other choice but to give up his life as the river and go with the flow of the fire storm. Therefore, his lucky element is fire.

    For a water person, fire represents wealth. Bill was born to have this lucky element as the sun fire shown up next to his river. Two dogs shown up on the chart. Besides being the hot earth, Dog is also a fire storage and tiger is the key to unlock it. In 1986 (year of tiger), these two storage (2 dogs) got open. The fire was burning furiously without boundary and Bill Gate’s wealth shot up to the sky. In that year, Bill was ranked the wealthiest person in the world by Forbe Magazine ever since. Microsoft is in the software business (fire element) and it certainly helps. Case closed – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Feng Shui’s reading on Elon Musk’s big financial loss(2016/2/10)


    It’s been an ugly stock market for most investors. But famed inventor and investor Elon Musk is having an exceptionally bad year. Musk’s holdings in SolarCity and Tesla are down a staggering $US3.3 billion since the start of the year. Here is the Feng Shui’s answer:

    Elon (1971/6/28) is a wood person born in the summer month of horse (fire). Being so hot and dry in the summer, Elon’s wood needs to have water (#1 lucky element) and wood (#2 lucky element) to be stronger. Starting at the age of 38 in 2008, he entered into a fantastic 10 year luck cycle of wood. No wonder that he has achieved so much since 2008. On the other hand, metal is his enemy because his wood is too weak to be cut by the metal. Monkey (2016) is the year of metal, which will certainly be giving him a lot of pain and financial loss, especially in Autumn. Case closed — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Maria Sharapova’s failing drug test & Feng Shui(2016/3/8)


    Maria Sharapova will be suspended from tennis after she admitted to failing a drug test at the Australian Open in January. Let me dig out the Feng Shui reason for that.

    Born as the rock (earth) day in the April month of Dragon (earth), Maria’s birthday is full of earth. She could not take in more earth & fire (bad luck elements) because fire can produce more earth.

    1. 2016 is the year of “Fire monkey”, fire controls the first half of the year.

    2. The failed drug test came on January 26, which is the month of ox (earth)

    3. Her 10 year luck cycle starting from 2013 is “Fire Goat”. Goat is earth.

    4. Drug Test is blood test and blood is red (fire element).

    5. Meldonium is the drug started with letter “M”, which is fire.

    6. Australia is located in the south hemisphere. South direction belongs to fire.

    The fire is way too strong. Maria is virtually “fired” from the game. Contact me [(415)-335-2976 or] for a consultation to manage your luck better than Maria.

    Why Celine Dion lost both her husband and brother in the same month?(2016/1/17)


    Celine Dion (1968/3/30) was born on the mud (earth) day in the spring month of rabbit (wood). Surrounded by too many woods, Celine’s mud is getting too weak. To survive, get stronger and be lucky, Celine needs to have metal (#1 lucky element) to cut down the woods and fire (#2 lucky element) to produce more earth. Yes, singing belongs to the metal & water elements. That is why she has a gift and luck in music. That is why the Titanic’s theme song “My heart will go on” brought her the ultimate fame. Yes, Titanic is also a metal & water object. And “heart” is fire.

    On the other hand, wood is Celine’s enemy. For a mud person, wood represents her husband. Right now, Celine is in her 10 year Luck Cycle of “metal pig”. Right now (January 2016) still falls into the year of goat (which could be both the wood storage or the wood grave). The 2 pigs (one from Luck Cycle and one from her Birthday Chart above) opened up the goat’s storage. As a result, tremendous amount of woods flood out, giving Celine so much bad luck, pain and grief. Celine could not bear woods any more and has to get rid of some woods to survive. Unfortunately, her husband represents wood to her. She was forced to “get rid of” her husband. The goat became her husband’s wood grave.

    At the same time, these tremendous amount of woods continue to clash, stab and weaken her mud (yin earth). Being her sibling in the opposite sex, her brother belongs to the rock (yang earth). Unfortunately, her brother’s rock cannot withstand this ultimate force of wood. He died as well. In conclusion, to help Celine escape and reduce the wood’s damage, both her husband and brother “sacrificed” themselves -– Case closed – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan.

    Nathaniel Marston was killed by the wood fire yesterday(2015/11/11)


    Nathaniel (1975/7/9) was born on the day of sun (fire), fueled by two pieces of wood in the year during the heated summer month of goat (hot earth). This setting was all fire up. Nathaniel could not take in more wood, earth and fire.
    According to his luck cycle chart, starting at the age of 32, he entered the 10 year period of “Earth Wood”. 2015 happens to be the year of “Earth Wood”. November happens to be the month of pig which is the key to open up the wood storage of the goat located in his birthday chart. As a result, under this extreme wood alignment, Nathaniel got a car accident. Car is fire and the woods fueled it furiously, total out of control and he passed away on 11/11 — Feng Shui Master Woody Chan.

    Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with a boy.(2016/1/7)


    Kate Middleton (1982/1/9) was born on the day of river, in the winter month of ox and in the year of rooster. The best guess of time is dragon (9-11am).

    Since water produces wood, for a river (yang water) person like Kate, wood represents children. How many piece of wood you can find on her birthday chart? One? Not true. Let’s look deeper. Dragon is a special animal which is hidden with one flower inside. There are actually two dragons appeared on her birthday chart. Thus, two hidden flowers exist. Flower is yin wood, which represents the opposite sex to a yang water. In other words, these two flowers hidden in the two dragons mean two sons to Kate. In addition, a tree is shown up on the top left of the chart. Tree is a yang wood, representing a daughter to a yang water person. In conclusion, Kate should have a daughter and two sons. Since she already has two children, namely Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The expecting child should be another boy for the Duchess of Cambridge — Feng Shui Master Woody Chan.

    Hilary Clinton has top luck to become the first female president of the United States in 2016


    Hillary Clinton (1947/10/26) was born in the rock (hot earth) day in late fall month of dog (hot earth) in the year of pig (water).
    Born as a rock (hot earth), Hillary Clinton is gifted with great management skills to handle so many people with different voices. Well, Obama is an earth person too but he is a wet earth. Wet earth is softer than hot earth and a little easier to be accepted by people.

    Born in the hot earth day and hot earth month, Hillary is a naturally lucky person. This double hot earth effect makes Hillary so strong that she has the big potential to be a public figure or even a legend. Well she is already a public figure. Overwhelmed with hot earth, Hillary is a very persistent and even stubborn person. Once she has identified her goals, she can die for it. To enhance her luck, Hillary needs tree wood (#1 lucky element) to loosen up her earth and metal (#2 lucky element) to suck up the nurturing power from the earth.

    Why would Hillary never think of divorcing Bill Clinton? Well, Bill Clinton was born in the fall month of metal. His strong metal power was able to suck up and reduce Hilary’s oversize earth element and make her lucky. Therefore, Hillary just cannot afford to lose Bill.

    2016 and 2017 are the years of fire and metal. Metal is good for Hilary. In addition, woman has the top luck in 2016 because the most auspicious #8 white fortune star flies to the south west corner of the home which is the spot for female owner. Hillary does have top luck to claim the top seat – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Bill Clinton is a long stretching ivy


    Bill Clinton (1946/8/19) was born on the flower (wood) day in the month of monkey (metal) and in the year of dog (hot earth).

    Born as a flower, Clinton is a very gentle, pleasant and attractive person. However, born in the metal month, Bill faced with the extreme cutting force of metal, making his flower weak and fragile. To defend his well-being, Bill Clinton has to resort to the help of tree wood (#1 lucky element) and dew water (#2 lucky element) to grow his flower.

    Clinton was a gifted student. He earned the Rhodes scholarship to attend the University of Oxford and graduated from Yale Law School with a law degree. School and college belong to the wood element. It is not surprising that both Bill and Hilary were students with high-achievement. Wood (luck) is on their side.

    Governmental job also belongs to the wood element. Both Bill and Hilary picked up the right career early on.

    Bill was elected to be the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. 42 is the number of wood element. Here is the rule:
    One is wood = tree
    Two is wood = flower
    Three is fire = sun
    Four is fire = candle light
    Five is hot earth = rock
    Six is wet earth = mud
    Seven is metal = sword
    Eight is metal = gold bracelet
    Nine is water = river
    Ten is water = dew water
    Eleven is wood = tree (This 10 heavenly stems cycle keeps going.)

    1992 and 1993 both were the year of wood. With this strong wood force to withstand the metal, Bill Clinton’s flower turned into an ivy, climbing the tallest tree in the forest, reaching to the top and enjoying the best view up there. He became the 42th President of the United States in 1993. 2001 was the year of rooster (metal), which is Bill’s bad luck element. Bill Clinton stepped down from the presidency in 2001 — Feng Shui master Woody Chan

    LeBron James has less luck in the winter


    LeBron James (1984/12/30) was born on the rock day, in the winter month of rat (water) and in the year of rat (water).
    Being a rock day master, James has tough body, great endurance and strong conviction to win. Born as a rat in both month and year, James is a very sociable, adaptive, smart person, caring friends more than family. He is over enthusiastic with others but does not like team work.

    Surrounded by two pools of water, James’ rock is getting too wet. He needs to have fire (#1 lucky element) to dry away the excessive water and wood (#2 lucky element) to absorb the water. Playing basketball (wood) will do the job. LeBron always has the luck to pick the right team. These two words Cleveland Cavalier are both started with the letter “C”, which represents the sun fire element. Another team that he has played for four seasons is the Miami Heats (heats is fire for sure). To further enhance his fire luck, LeBron loves to wear cap or head band because head is the fire part of body. Being an extraordinary professional basketball player, LeBron James has scored a lot and won two NBA championships and many awards.

    For a rock (earth) person, water represents wealth. Well, James got two pools of water in his BaZi Chart. He definitely was born to have huge wealth luck. For an earth person, wood represents fame. James got to be a celebrity as a tree (wood) shown up on the top line of the chart. This tree signifies that he was born to have a super height, like a tree. Having such as perfect birthday chart together with strong working ethic, James’ life is a slam dunk win – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Kim Soon Hyun came from the star


    Kim Soon Hyun (1988/2/16) was born on the gold bracelet (metal) day, in the spring month of tiger (wood) and in the year of dragon (wet earth).

    Being a metal day master, Mr. Kim possesses a cold appearance and cool attitude. Born in the year of dragon, Kim is a dreamer, lazy but very lucky.

    For a metal person, wood is his wealth star. Since there are two piece of woods on his BaZi chart, Mr. Kim is born to be wealthy. Born in the month of wood, Kim’s metal is getting weak. Therefore, metal (#1 lucky element) is needed to fight against the forest.

    According to his Luck Cycle chart, at the age of 27 in 2014 when he gets into the ten year period of candle light and snake, he becomes the brightest star of Korea. Candle light is fire. For a metal person, fire represents fame. Kim certainly received a lot of it. Snake is the key to open the metal storage from the ox. When it got open in 2014, Kim was flooded with this lucky element of metal and become the instant celebrity. The TV drama I came from the star captured the eyeballs from the global. This is a perfect drama name for Kim because Star belongs to metal, as does his last name Kim – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Lady Gaga should keep singing poker face in the woods


    Lady Gaga (1986/3/28) was born on the river day in the spring month of rabbit (wood) and in the year of tiger (wood).
    Since there are plenty of woods to absorb and dry up the water from her river, Lady Gaga is in urgent need to refill her river with water (#1 lucky element). Metal (#2 lucky element) is definitely needed to cut off the woods and produce more water. Finally, Lady Gaga needs to have hot earth (#3 lucky element) to fence her water in. Wood is in no doubt her enemy.

    Being a singer serves Lady Gaga very well because singing career belongs to both water and metal element. Gaga rose to prominence with her debut album The Fame, with the popular hits like Poker Face and Paparazzi. This album cover was smartly designed to have the cold black (water) and white (metal) color theme. Poker face is a white face associated with a cold or no feeling face (water), trying to mislead other players to guess it wrong. This song with both of her lucky elements to break thru. Paparazzi is dog (hot earth) which also helps.

    Born in the year of tiger, Lady Gaga belongs to the most changeable group. It is very true in her case as her images are so ever-changing. Her heavy make-up and frequent changes in style matches with her tiger’s nature. Gaga is advised to dress more in blue (water), white (metal) and black (water) to enhance her luck. She should avoid red (fire) and green (wood) at all cost. River person is a very generous and capable person. She definitely earned a lot of helps from friends and fans. River lady has a higher chance of being a lesbian or bisexual person, and Lady Gaga admitted to that – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Ashton Kutcher uses metal to fight against the dirty water


    Ashton (1978/2/7) was born on the sword (metal) day, in the spring month of tiger (wood).
    Imagine that Ashton is a sword, cutting many trees in the forest. This sword becomes dull. To fix that, Ashton needs metal (#1 lucky element) to back it up and earth (#2 lucky element) to produce more metal to be stronger. Fire (#3 lucky element) is also necessary to refine his sword to be much sharper. Water is his enemy.

    TV and film belongs to fire. Ashton has natural talent and luck getting into acting. His most recognized role was Michael Kelso in the Fox (hot earth) sitcomThat ’70s show.

    For a metal person like Ashton, wood represents fortune. Well, there are two piece of wood found on his birthday chart. He was born to be wealthy.

    Investment belongs to metal. Ashton has natural luck to get into Venture Capital and has achieved amazing return. His recent action in launching a new Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley and setting up non-profit organization in LA to fight child sexual exploitation are parts of the great efforts. Child abuse is water and water is his enemy. Ashton has all the means (metal) to fight against it – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) has big shoulders to win the fire and wood games.


    Dwayne Johnson (1972/5/2) was born on the dew water day, in the spring month of dragon (wet earth) and in the year of rat (water).
    As a dew water person born in such a wet and watery environment, Dwayne Johnson is too wet and moisture. No wonder that he has to work out so much to get the excessive sweat (water) out of the system. To keep dry, Johnson needs to the help of fire (#1 lucky element) and wood (#2 lucky element). Water definitely is his enemy.

    Born as a dew water day master, Dwayne is a very smart guy. Born in the year of rat, Dwayne is a very adaptable and sociable person, caring more about his friends than his family. Born in the month of dragon, the Rock definitely has top luck to begin with.

    In his early life as a college football (water and wood) player, Dwayne did not have too much luck to move forward, as he was cut two months into the 1995 season in Canadian Football League. Following his grandfather’s footstep, he went on to become a professional wrestler (wood). The amazing thing is that Dwayne was able to pull him together and became one of the all-time greatest professional wrestlers. This success in wrestling gracefully earned him a ticket to act in Hollywood’s movies (fire) and again, he did not disappoint his audience. His recent acclaimed film came from The Fast and the Furious series. Car is fire. With 2015’s earthquake disaster film “San Andreas”, Dwayne has proved his is an out-and-out action hero, grossed an impressive $385 million at the global box office. which truly elevated Johnson to be one of the hottest stars in Hollywood.

    Johnson also published his autobiography book (wood), The Rock Says, which debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List and remained on the list for several weeks. However, the Rock is not the most perfect name for him because his lucky element is not rock or earth. In fact, Dwayne is a much better name since it starts with “D” which is the fire element. He is smart enough to use the name “Dwayne” more often. Overall, Dwayne definitely has the big shoulders to carry on the never ending fire and wood game – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Scarlett Johansson is a gold bracelet flown in the water


    Scarlett Johansson (1984/11/22) was born on the gold bracelet (metal) day in the winter month of pig (water) and in the year of rat (water).
    When a gold bracelet (metal) is washed clean by plenty of water, it will shine and blink. That is why Scarlett is a naturally born beauty. She has appeared in numerous publications around the globe and frequently ranked as the sexiest woman alive.
    Being a gold bracelet day master, Scarlett really has a strong sense of justice. No wonder she has been playing so many superhero roles in the movies to flight for the justice: Ghost World, The Spirit, Iron Man 2, Captain America, Lucy, etc. As a rat person, Scarlett is a very smart, adaptable and sociable lady.

    Born in the water month and water year, Scarlett’s gold bracelet is in danger of washing too thin. To overcome this hazard, Scarlett needs to have earth (#1 lucky element) to produce more metal (#2 lucky element), making herself stronger. Having a golden hair and being a legally blonde definitely enhances her luck further. Fire (#3 lucky element) is also needed to keep her warm out of the freezing winter month. Lastly water is her enemy.

    According to her BaZi Chart above, Scarlett got a rooster (metal) underneath her day master. Since metal is her lucky element, this rooster signifies that she will have plenty of male supporters, fans and relationship. Also, for a metal day master, wood is the wealth star. Look closer at her BaZi chart, Scarlett has two wood (flower and tree) on top line. The tree represents her career earnings and the flower represents her investment income. Both are abundant and top it up for her.

    Water, in Feng Shui’s sense, is usually associated with sexual needs and drive. Since water is not Scarlett’s lucky element, she was “forced” to post nude in front of some movies, especially when she was not too famous. Indeed, she hates to be naked in front of camera. Especially in 2012 (the big water year of dragon), Scarlett has suffered greatly after her nude pictures were hacked and posted everywhere online. Besides nudity, water also represents both talent and children to a metal person like Scarlett. Since there are two water (rat and pig) shown up on her BaZi chart, Scarlett is likely to have at least two children (one is girl and one is boy). Bingo, her daughter Rose Dauriac was born in 2014, under the river monkey luck cycle (a river represents her daughter) according to her Luck Cycle chart above.

    Fire represents husband or lover to a metal person like Scarlett. In 2008 (a big fire year), she married to Ryan Reynolds and got separated after a few years. In 2014 (another big fire year), she married to Romain Dauriac. Since fire is her lucky element, her husband treat her nice and she finds happiness in it.

    Given all that, Scarlett’s success is just starting. She still has a plenty of great movie works ahead of her as her metal (gold color) and earth (brown color) in her Luck Cycle chart will keep coming for a few more decades. Happy for this blonde beauty – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Leonardo DiCaprio is the cold winter sun


    Leonardo DiCaprio (1974/11/11) was born on sun (fire) day in the winter month of pig (water) and in the wood year of tiger (wood).
    Being a sun day master, Leonardo is full of passion to pursue his dream. Born in the year of tiger, Leonardo is an adventurer and would take an ordinary and boring life. Having a dragon in his BaZi Chart, Leonardo is a naturally born lucky person. To make it even better, there is a great circulation system in this BaZi Chart (water produces wood, wood produces fire and fire produces earth). Earth will produces metal which is Leonard’s wealth star. As ox is the metal storage, Leonard has a crazy money luck whenever he comes across ox, such as ox year, ox month and ox time. This is an excellent and rare pattern of producing cycle in his BaZi chart, propelling Leonardo to be one of the super stars in Hollywood. Well he was actually born in Hollywood. Plus, looking like a tiger (year) himself also helps.

    Born in the cold winter month, Leonardo’s sun light is weak. Luckily the tiger wood comes to the rescue. To making himself stronger to withstand the coming fame and wealth, DiCaprio needs fire (#1 lucky element) to keep warm and well balanced.

    Filming and TV belongs to the fire element, as Leonardo has the tendency to catch this fire at a young age. Starting from 1993 when his 10 year big luck cycle of fire kicked in, Leonardo finally got his audience’s attention by his performance in Romeo + Juliet (1996, year of fire). However, it was until his role of Jack Dawson in James Cameron’s epic romance Titanic (1997, year of fire) that earned him the Leo-Mania phenomenon and transformed him into one of the hottest commercial movie stars. Titanic became the highest grossing movie at that point. In 2013 (year of fire, again), The Wolf of Wall Street, won him the Golden Globe Awards for best actor in drama.

    With the many great works such The Man in the Iron Mask, The Departed, The Great Gatsby, DiCaprio continues to rely on filming to fire up his career, fortune and luck. His Sun fire will continue to burn brightly as long as he is still under the spot lights of TV and filming.
    – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Elvis Presley is a love-me-tender flower on earth


    Elvis Presley (1935/1/8) was born on the flower (wood) day in the winter month of ox (wet earth) and in the year of dog (hot earth).
    Being a flower master, Presley was a naturally born handsome man. Born in the year of dog, Presley was as adorable as a dog, capturing the hearts and souls for many female fans. Born in the cold winter month of wet earth and the year of hot earth, Elvis’ flower was so muddy and he was very much hungry for water (#1 lucky element) to grow, sun fire (#2 lucky element) to keep him warm from the cold winter and wood (#3 lucky element) to stab into the ground, making the overloaded earth loosen up and providing his flower a stronger wood support.

    Obviously, singing (water) and dancing (wood) will do all these tricks. Signing up with the Sun (fire) Record ignited his glorious singing career. The “King of Rock and Roll” status highlighted his overwhelming success in the music world. Filming (fire) also offered him the sky limit of opportunities. The images of the cowboy riding on a horse (fire) and his performance in Las Vegas (LV is a desert and it is a fire place) was nicely done. “Love me tender” was the name for both of his film (fire) debut and the widely popular song (water). Yes, the whole world (water and fire) loved him so tenderly. The appearance in “Aloha from Hawaii” with his famous outfits (wood) marked another red hot moment of his life. Hawaii being the hot (fire) tropical islands (water) would further fuel his luck.

    Elvis was also famous for his move or dance (wood and water). His hip and leg shaking moves in a high frequency were enough to keep his fans screaming.

    Comparing the Feng Shui cases between Michael Jackson (my previous posting) and Elvis Presley, we have no difficulty to find plenty of similarity. Both of them had their own top songs, top videos, top dancing techniques and born in the year of dog with tons of earth elements. Even amazingly, both the King of Pop and the King of Rock and Roll shares the identical lucky elements: water, fire and wood. Think deeply, in this universe, there got to be some kind of formulas for achieving the ultimate King status – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Michael Jackson sang Black or White and danced Moonwalk to claim the ultimate fame


    Michael Jackson (1958/8/29) was born on the mud day in the fall month of monkey (metal) and in the year of dog (hot earth).

    Being a mud day master, Michael was very good at attracting people with all kind of elements because mud can trap all five kind of elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) inside. Born in the year of dog (hot earth), Michael was as adorable as dog, appealing to fans of global base. Born in the metal month, Michael’s mud was leaking out steam but the hot earth comes to the rescue to make him stronger. To improve his situation, Michael needs to have water (#1 lucky element) to reduce the power of metal and fire (#2 lucky element) to melt down the metal and produce more earth to make him even stronger.

    Michael definitely had luck to pick up the best career – singing (water). “King of Pop” raised him to the highest status of the music world. As fire is also Michael’s luck element, the conflicting nature between water and fire actually created some interesting incidents for Jackson. First, no matter you are black or white, you will love Michael Jackson. A song with the name Black or White synchronized perfectly with his skin color alteration. In fact, this black and white is the secret of universe, as the symbol of “Taichi” represents: Inside the white zone, there is black dot and inside the black zone, there is white dot. Michael hit this universal secrecy perfectly. Another interesting things is that, a huge commercially successful song We Are the World with Pepsi (a water & fire or blue and red conflicting theme branding) marked the career peak of Michael Jackson. Michael had to rely on both of these contradicting elements to be successful. In the same fashion, Michael’s breakthrough music videos (music is water, video is fire) for his songs (water) included Beat it, Billie Jean and Thriller. All of these songs carried a theme of the fighting and confronting spirit. Dressing red and black would enhance his luck dramatically.

    For a mud person like Michael, water represents wealth. In other words, there more he sang, the more money he could make. This is very true in his case.

    In addition, Michael needs wood (#3 lucky element) to withstand the fall’s metal force. As dancing belongs to wood element, not surprisingly Michael’s dance received worldwide applause. The moonwalk dancing techniques (wood and water) was so successful that he got the whole world dancing into it. For a mud person like Michael, wood represents fame. Since wood is his lucky element, the more the wood he associated with, the more fame he would receive. The moonwalk dance would do that trick – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Tom Cruise keeps firing his gun, it is not mission impossible


    Tom Cruise (1962/7/3) was born on the dew water day in the hot summer month of horse (fire) and in the year of tiger (wood).

    Image that the wood keeps fueling the fire, drying up Tom Cruise’s tiny dew water drop completely. This is one of the extreme Feng Shui case of “giving up your life to go with the flow”. It simple means that no way can Tom Cruise survive the burning heat. He has to give up his life as dew water and go with the flow. Ironically, fire is his #1 lucky element.

    Filming is fire. All of his blockbuster movies, the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards have proven Tom’s ultimate celebrity status in the filming industry. Tom actually became a full-fledged movie star after starring as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the action drama Top Gun (fire). His role as secret agent in the Mission Impossible film series served him very well on the box office success. The more gun fires, explosion and car chasing (car is fire) scenes occurring in the movies, the better luck would be created for Tom Cruise. No wonder Tom has been firing up in majority of his films.

    Cruise has three marriages and ended up all in divorce cases. One of the most recognized marriage was with Nicole Kidman, who was born in the hot summer month and coming from the Australia, the south (fire) part of the globe. All the fire element coming from Kidman made Cruise extremely happy and lucky. Not surprisingly, their marriage could last for 11 years, the longest one. For a water person like Tom, fire represents both the wealth star and female relationship star. Plus fire is his lucky element. No wonder the more movies he makes, the more money and women he can receive – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Cristiano Ronaldo is perfect seasoned flower in the green field


    Cristiano Ronaldo (1985/2/5) was born on the flower (wood) day in the spring month of tiger (wood) and in the year of ox (wet earth).

    Born as a flower, Ronaldo is a handsome looking man. Born on the year of ox, Ronaldo is an extremely hardworking, creative and suborn soccer player. Born in the tiger month, Ronaldo has the ambition to be the king of the field (jungle) with many switching thoughts.

    Imagine what will make a perfect flower: having enough water, plenty of sunshine (fire) and protected by a tall tree. Indeed, water, fire and wet earth are three lucky elements Ronaldo needs. Metal will be his enemy because if a flower is cut by the sword, it can last long.

    Ronaldo are naturally born lucky person because he is a flower born in the spring time, not in the fall or winter. This perfect season matching makes him stand out to a noble start. Secondary, Ronald has picked the perfect career – playing soccer. Soccer is a sport that belongs to water element. Running all over the field is just like a tide or wave washing back and forth in the ocean. Exposing under sun in the field makes Ronald a healthy flower. The year of Ox is wet earth that feeds his flower nicely. Lastly, Ronaldo has suffered some injuries unavoidably as a professional soccer player. Surgery is metal because knife is metal which is necessary to perform operation. Surgery will definitely make him weaker as a flower.

    As a super successful and wealthy sport celebrities, Ronaldo has well known interest of collecting expensive watches. However, since watch is metal which is inauspicious for him. However, we don’t need to worry about him because he just got plenty of useful elements – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Princess Diana was the hottest flower in the world


    Princess Diana (1961/7/1) was born on the flower (wood) day in the summer month of horse (fire) and in the year of ox (wet earth).

    Born in the hot summer, Diana was one of the most beautiful flowers on earth, grabbing the world’s full attention. Since Diana was too hot and she needs water (#1 lucky element) to cool down and metal (#2 lucky element) to produce more water to get comfortable. It explained well why Diana was so font of swimming (water) and always went to the beachside (water) for relaxation and healing. Moreover, Princess Diana was most memorized by her smiling image with a pair of big blue (water) eyes, wearing a sapphire (water) ear rings and necklace, and a crown (metal). On the contrary, fire and hot earth is definitely Diana’s enemies because she is just too hot to take in more.

    Everyone knows that Diana had a real life Cinderella story, blessed by the world. Diana fell in love and married to Prince Charles just because Charles is a completely water person (born on the day of water, month of water and year of water. Refer to my next posting). However, when Prince Charles hooked up with Camilla (a completely fire person), his water level had reduced and Princess Diana could not tolerate him anymore. Princess Diana started to look for other sources of water and very soon found the lover of her own.

    When Diana turned 37, her big fire decades of bad luck cycle started, drying up her limited water sources further and putting her luck in great jeopardy. In Paris (south of England and south is fire), the car (fire element) that Diana was commuting in crashed, being chased by cars of paparazzi (car is fire; paparazzi are dog packs and dog is hot earth) in the hot summer time (fire). All of these big fire and hot earth were too much for Princess Diana to handle. Instead of crashing, Princess Diana was virtually burned to death – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Charles, Prince of Wales is an ocean with frozen heart


    Prince Charles (1948/11/14) was born on the dew water day in the winter month of pig (water) and in the year of rat (water).

    Charles was a completely water person. This extreme reading has led to a fairy tale: born as a Prince and married with a Cinderalla
    Since Prince Charles was born so cold, he is always so calm, so peaceful and so emotionless. It is not difficult to realize that all he needs is fire (#1 lucky element) to keep warm, keep excited and keep his passion alive, if any.

    Indeed, Princess Diana was his perfect match to begin with. As a beautiful flower born in the hottest summer season, Princess Diana had all the fire that Prince Charles was looking for. Instead of repeating the same story, please refer to my previous postings on Princess Diana for details – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Justin Bieber is a furious burning sun


    Justin Bieber (1994/3/1) was born on the sun (fire) day in the spring month of tiger (wood) and in the year of dog (hot earth).

    Fueled by the spring woods, Bieber’s sun is burning furiously. The hot earth adds up the temperature, offering an extreme heat-up environment. Bieber definitely is in an urgent need of finding a cold place to cool down right away. Metal (#1 lucky element) is called upon to cut down the wood and produce the water (#2 lucky element) to cool him down.

    Bieber showed an early talent in singing (metal and water elements). These lucky elements made him stand out from the billion competitors in the over-crowded YouTube . Canada is in the north (water) of the United States, which is in the south (fire). Thus Canada is a lucky home country for Bieber as he has an instant love and luck toward water not fire. Not surprisingly, Bieber has spoken out in public that he was not interested in obtaining US citizenship and has praised Canada as being the best country in the world. Bieber was discovered through his YouTube Video in 2007 (the year of rooster (metal)). In November of 2009 (water year of pig), Bieber released his debut EP, My World, certified platinum in the United States.

    Became famous at such a young age, Bieber has been assigned a personal coach to handle his sudden fame and manage his public image. However, if Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, knows the fact that all of Justin’s troubles come from the fire and wood related issues, he will have a much easier time to deal with Bieber. In 2014 (the big wood and fire year of horse), Bieber had his first arrest and several run-ins with the law around the world. He was accused of reckless driving (car is fire), driving with an over six month expired license (document is wood). Bieber told the police authorities (fire) that he has consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana, and taken prescription drugs (please noted that alcohol is a fire not water because it can be ignored to fire, not like soda. Smoking behavior is definitely fire). Sarcastically enough, Bieber even dressed in red (fire) in his jail picture.

    Being a sun day person, Bieber is full of energy and passion in life. Being a dog year person, Bieber has charm to be attractive to its audience, especially to teenagers as they are children which belong water element. As the wood keeps fueling his sun, Bieber becomes too hot and too strong to control himself. To make himself weaker and literally inject ink (water) into his body, Bieber had “tattoo” (metal and water) over many part of his body – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Rihanna is a beautiful spring flower on earth


    Rihanna (1988/2/20) was born on the flower (wood) day in the spring month of tiger (wood) and in the year of dragon (wet earth).

    Rihanna is a beautiful flower born in the perfect blossom season of spring. To make it even better, the year of wet earth provides the flower water and nutrition for her flower to flourish. Rihanna is known for frequently reinvesting her style and image. It is just her instinct to show off her best as a gorgeous spring flower. Achieving the sale record of over 41 million albums and 150 million songs worldwide, Rihanna is one of the best-selling artists of all time. Time Magazinenamed Rihanna one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012. Without any doubt, Rihanna is a truly blessed flower on earth.

    Born in the spring forest, Rihanna needs water (#1 lucky element) to grow her flower and the sun fire (#2 lucky element) to make her flower healthy and pretty. The sun fire can also burn down some of the trees in the forest and let the flower appear.

    Singing is a water element which indeed has served Rihanna well. Her debut album, “Music of the Sun“(music is water and sun is fire) peaked in the top ten on the U.S. billboard 200. In 2012, Rihanna appeared in her first theatrical feature film, Battleship. Filming is a fire and ship is on the water. Both are her lucky elements. As such, “Battleship” was another perfect name tailored for her needs, further boosting up her luck level. Rihanna will continue to do well as long as her water and fire element keep appearing, just like the battleship kept firing on the water – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    JFK was assassinated by fire


    John Kennedy (1917/5/29) was born on the gold bracelet (metal) day in the hot summer month of snake (fire) and in the year of snake (fire).

    Kennedy’s life was full of legends but did not lead to a happy ending. Born in both the fire month and year, Kennedy suffered extremely in the ultimate heat environment. His gold bracelet was virtually melting. To conquer his ill fate, John was disparately in need of having wet earth (#1 lucky element) to cool down and metal (#2 lucky element) to get stronger. Fire was definitely his bad luck element.

    Born both in the month and year of snake, Kennedy was an extreme intelligent person. He really worked his way fast and became the youngest president of the United States. During the ages from 38th to 48th period, John received the greatest support from the wet earth element (a decade of wet earth and metal for him). This is the key reason why Kennedy was so blessed to become the 35th president of the United States. This number 35 is also the number of earth.

    On 1963/11/22 (which was a fire day), John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas at noon time (fire time of the day). Please be mindful that south belongs to the fire element. Dallas is the southern city of the United States. Texas is a hot state and did not seem to be helpful either. In the hot place, on the hot day and at the hot time, John F. Kennedy got a gunshot (fire) on his head (fire part of human’s body). Under these multiple and extreme fire alignments of the universe, JFK was virtually assassinated by the fire element – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Keanu Reeves is a tree which emerged out of the Matrix


    Keanu Reeves (1964/9/2) was born on the tree wood day in the fall month of monkey (metal) and in the year of dragon.

    Born in the year of dragon, Keanu Reeves is a very quiet and unpredictable person. Being a tree man, Reeves is a handsome and standout figure among his peers. Born in the month of metal, Reeves’ tree has been cut and got hurt. To defend himself, Keanu Reeves needs to have fire (#1 lucky element) to melt down some of the metal. He also needs wood (#2 lucky element) to withstand the metal and back up his wood tree.

    Therefore, playing an action hero (wood) in films (fire) fits him the best. His international acclaimed blockbuster has to be the science fiction-action movie The Matrix. It is a sci-fi (fire) story related to computer network (fire). The martial art is wood. Fire and wood were all lined up to elevate Keanu Reeves to the true Hollywood celebrity status. Yes, he grows beard when he get lucky because beard is wood element as well – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Demi Moore is an ice bar


    Demi Moore (1962/11/11) was born on the day of dew (water) in the winter month of pig (water) and in the year of tiger (wood).

    Being a dew water person and born in water month, Demi is very cold in nature. We can think of her as an ice bar. To escape from the frozen zone, Demi needs the help of fire (#1 lucky element) and wood (#2 lucky element) to keep warm, feel alive and be successful.

    Filming (fire) was her ideal career. The movie Ghost, the highest-grossing film of 1990, made a super Hollywood star out of her. As we have mentioned before, ghost is the spirit which has the strongest tight to dew water person (from the prior life) among other ten heavenly stems. This is obviously the case for Demi Moore. Instead of haunting her, the ghost actually came and offered great help to her.

    Regarding Demi Moore’s personal relationship, we would take a look at Bruce Willis first. Bruce Willis was born in spring with great amount of wood element. Wood can produce fire, making Demi Moore warm, happy and lucky. In fact both fire and wood are essential to Demi Moore’s well-being. Coincidently, Ashton Kutcher was also born in spring with tons of wood element. Both Bruce and Ashton have been very successful actors in the filming (fire) industry. It has no doubt that Demi Moore had instance love over Bruce and Ashton, thanks to the fire and wood elements they possess – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Jennifer Lawrence is a burning Mockingjay

    Jennifer Lawrence (1990/8/15) was born on the water day in the fall month of metal and in the year of fire.

    Imagine Jennifer Lawrence is a river with a long line of metal cargo ships traveling across her. She becomes a very busy and useful river. However, having too many ships (metal) commuting will squeeze out her water, cause the flood and create disaster. To prevent the potential disaster from happening, Jennifer Lawrence needs to have fire (#1 lucky element) to melt away some of the metal (ships in this case) and dry up the flood water. She also need wood (#2 lucky element) to defend the heavy metal and absorb the flood water. Earth (#3 lucky element) is also important to her river because the earth can play the role of a dam to control and fence the water in. Finally, water and metal are Lawrence’s bad luck elements because she already got plenty of them. The goal is to make her life balance and then all the good luck (fame, wealth, relationship and happiness, etc.) will follow.

    In fact, without knowing it, Jennifer Lawrence has been in the process of filling up her life with the right kind of elements: fire and wood. She appeared in the independent dramas The Burning Plain (this name covers the element of fire, wood and earth as burning is fire, plain is a grass field = wood and earth) which ignited her acting and filming career (acting belongs to the wood element and filming belongs to the fire element). Winter’s Bone (bone belongs to the wood element), made her the Academy Award for Best Actress nomination. Lawrence gained international fame for playing the role of Heroine Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games film series. The series catching fire and Mockingjay served her the best. Dressing in the red outfit (red is the fire color), carrying a bag of arrows (arrow is made of wood) and battling in war zone (fire place), Katniss was totally on fire. Interesting enough, the logo behind her was the Mockingjay burning in furious flame (fire). All these fires were burning in her favor and helped elevate her to the red hot Hollywood celebrity status.

    On August 31, 2014, nude photographs of Lawrence leaked online, believed to be obtained from her iCloud account by a hacker. This incident surely gave her tons of pressure. Her birth month is also August (the month of metal element), which is obviously her bad luck element. However, fortunately, all these happened in 2014 (year of horse, which is a fire element animal) and her strong flight-back statement “anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offense. You should cover with shame” received massive public supports.
    Born in the day of water, Jennifer Lawrence is a water person. That is why we call her a river to begin with. Jennifer is actually a very smart lady because water represents wisdom and she got plenty of water. Born in the year of horse, Jennifer is a very pleasant, social and generous person. Born in the fall metal season, Jennifer has plenty of metal to produce water (Please refer to Chapter 2: productive cycle for explanation), making herself (water) strong enough to handle all the great pressure that comes with fame and wealth, inevitably.

    Jennifer is definitely lucky enough to engage on the filming (fire) career and actually thrives on it at such young age. On the opposite side, singing (water) is likely to be a bad career for her. Jennifer’s husky voice (voice comes from the mouth, which belongs to the water element) is one proof of her bad luck associated with the water element. Her voice is hoarse. That may be the result of long period of smoking (fire element). Jennifer Lawrence simply cannot stop taking in fire in whatever forms because it is her edge to accelerate to the celebrity status – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

  • Why George Michael died on Christmas day 2016?

    George was born (6/25/1963) on the earth day, fire month and rabbit year. Born in the hottest month with big fire to produce more earth, George’s earth is extremely hot. To cool down, get balance and be lucky, he needs water and metal (#1 and #2 lucky elements). No wonder George was so successful with music and song, which is the water and metal career. Fire and earth are definitely his enemies.

    Since 2009, George entered into the 10 year period of “dew water ox”. Ox is the earth creature and dew water can combine with earth to form the huge fire. 2016 is the year of fire monkey. This fire did not offer any help. Unfortunately, Christmas date also fell on the fire day. All these fires virtually burned him to dead. Heart failure is the “Fire” organ problem. 2017 is the year of fire rooster. Plus rooster clashes with his rabbit (his Chinese Zodiac), he will not be able to survive in 2017. Rest in peace.

    Stephen Curry is on fire virtually

    Curry (1988/3/14) was born on the rock (earth) day, in the spring month of rabbit (wood). His earth was stabbed heavily by the wood, making his earth weak and loosen. To keep balance and lucky, he needs to have fire (#1 lucky element) to produce more earth, earth (#2 lucky element) to back him up and metal (#3 lucky element) to cut down the extra wood.

    Starting from 2005, at the young age of 18, Curry entered into 20 years of top “fire and earth” luck – Candle light snake and rock horse. Both snake and horse belong to fire element. No wonder that he has early success in playing college basketball and named twice Southern Conference Player of the Year and set the all-time scoring record for both Davidson. His top luck continues to push him to become one of the best MBA players.

    2014 was the year of horse (fire) and 2015 was the year of goat (hot earth). Thanks to these fire and earth lucky elements, Curry won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award in 2014-15and led the Warriors to their first championship since 1975.

    2016 was the year of fire monkey. Fire will continue to do him good and monkey (metal) is also his #3 lucky element. We will continue to expect great performance from him.


    Why Prince died on April 21, 2016?

    Prince (1958/6/7) was born on the “flower (wood)” day in the hot summer month of horse (fire) and in the year of dog (earth). His flower is way too hot and he needs to have water (#1 lucky element) and wood (#2 lucky element) to be stronger. Indeed, Price looks as pretty as a flower and music is water, which is his lucky element. No wonder that Prince has top talent and gift in music. Fire, metal and earth are his enemies.

    1. 2016 is the year of Fire Monkey. Since monkey is metal. Both fire and metal make his flower weaker.

    2. April is the month of dragon, which clashes with his dog year.

    3. 21st is the day of rooster, which is metal. Rooster combines with the dragon (April) and unites with the monkey (2016) and created a huge “metal” force, his flower is cut into piece. Prince passed away on this day – RIP


    Are you are Girly Man?

    Sometimes you may think like this: Elvis Presley is so handsome that he looks more like a fine lady than a man. Or that woman is so powerful that she is more like a man than a woman. In fact, this phenomenon is well defined by Feng Shui thousand years ago – the basic theory of Yin (female) and Yang (male).

    For example: Bill Clinton was man born on the Yin day. Thus, he acts and talks like a sweet lady. On the other hands, Hillary was a lady born on the Yang day. We can virtually feel like there is a man inside her, which is even tougher than a normal man. Other classical example is like Arnold Schwarzenegger, without even checking out his birthday, we can be very confident to say that he is a manly man. That is why he coined the phrase to describe his opponent as “girly man” -Feng Shui Master Woody

    Warren Buffett is a perfect portfolio himself


    Warren Buffett (1930/8/30) was born on the water day. Having 2 metals and 2 waters to support and produce him, Buffett’s water becomes very strong. To get balance, Buffett’s lucky elements have to be wood & fire. Water & metal are his enemies.

    Wisdom is water. As a strong water person, Buffet has tremendous amount of wisdom. Wood represents talent for a water person. Both kinds of wood (flower & tree) are shown up on the top line. Fire represents wealth for a water person. Both kinds of fire (snake & horse) appears on the bottom line. Putting altogether, Buffett’s life is virtually a perfect portfolio of talent, wealth and wisdom.

    From his chart, we understand that noble life needs challenges to craft. His lucky tree is cut by the sword, reducing his talent. Fortunately, his lucky flower comes to the rescue, combining with the sword and saves the tree. Likewise, his lucky horse is clashed by the rat, reducing his wealth. Fortunately, the snake comes to the rescue, combines with the monkey which in turn pairs up with the rat and saves the horse.

    Since water & metal are his enemies, in 2012 (dragon year: dragon is the water storage), Buffet was diagnosed with prostatosis (a water disease in the water part of his body). 2016 & 2017 are the year of metal. His luck will come down considerably. It will not be the best time to listen to him. Case closed -Feng Shui Master Woody

    Warren Buffett & Feng Shui — Part II(2016/2/28)


    By looking at this most recent image, I can assume either Warren Buffett is lucky enough to apply Feng Shui to boost up his Qi without knowing it or a pure Feng Shui advocate. Here is my finding:

    1. Being a water day person born in the fall month of monkey (metal), Buffett has too much water and metal. He needs to have fire and wood (luck elements) to balance, be lucky and successful.

    2. In his office, there is a big green plant (wood) to stimulate his skills, talent and wisdom luck. His desk is of course made of wood, even his wallpaper is painted in green (wood color).

    3. He loves to wear red (fire) tie and suit, even his phone is the auspicious red color. The bright lamp (fire) on his desk is very helpful. Fire represents wealth to a water person like Buffett. The more the fire (red), the bigger his fortune.

    4. 2015 was the year of flower goat. Flower is wood and goat is the wood storage. The month of pig (December) is the key to open up the goat wood storage. It is no wonder his Berkshire Hathaway earnings can rise to a record in the year end. All thanks to his lucky element (wood).

    5. 2016 and 2017 is a different story. Refer to my previous Post on Buffett. Case closed — Feng Shui Master Woody

    Buffett’s Troubled Trades & Feng Shui(2016/2/26)


    The portfolio of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has suffered considerably YTD thanks to the bad performance of its major holdings in WFC, AXP, GM, DE etc. Here is the Feng Shui reason why we should not listen him in 2016 & 2017.

    Being a water day person born in the fall month of monkey (metal), Buffett’s birthday is full of metal and water (since metal produces more water). Buffett’s bad luck elements are definitely metal and water. In 2012 (dragon year: dragon is the water storage), Buffett was diagnosed with prostatosis cancer (a water disease in the water part of his body). 2016 (monkey) and 2017 (rooster) both are the years of metal. Since metal is his enemy, he has no luck to excel. This presents the rare opportunities for us to go against the Oracle of Omaha, or at least not to listen to him so attentively — Feng Shui Master Woody

    David Bowie was killed by EARTH today.(2016/1/11)


    David (1947/1/8) was born on the fire day in the winter month of ox (earth) and in the year of dog (earth). Surrounded by too many earth and water, David’s body is too cold and his fire was consumed up by the earth and weakened by the water. David’s bad luck element has to be “earth”.

    Today (January 10, 2016) is in the month of ox (earth) and year of goat (earth). Even if he can survive today, he cannot survive tomorrow because tomorrow is the day of dragon (earth). Worse of all, cancer is an earth illness. David’s fire was extinguished by all these earths . RIP Bowie – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan.

    Mark Zuckerberg’s life is 99% perfect(2016/1)


    Mark (1984/5/14) was born on the rock day in the summer month of snake (fire). As fire produces earth, his rock becomes very strong. To get balance, Mark needs wood, water & metal (lucky elements) to cool off and weaken his enemies (fire & earth).

    For a rock person like Mark, wood represents reputation, water represents wealth and metal represents talent. Since all of these three are his lucky stars, Mark got reputation, wealth and talent. Let’s prove it.

    a. 2003 (goat=wood storage): he got into Harvard University (education is wood, Harvard is a wood name), the school of great reputation.
    b. 2004/2/4 (wood monkey=metal): on the day of Chinese New Year (start of spring= wood), he launched Facebook (a great as Facebook is wood). Mark’s talent was put into good use.
    c. 2007 (pig=water), at age 23, Mark became a billionaire thanks to the huge boost on Facebook’s valuation. Yes, water is his money star.
    d. 2012 (water dragon=water storage): Facebook got IPO. Mark’s net worth surged up to the sky, riding on with this water dragon. Water = wealth.
    e. 2015 (goat=wood storage): his first child was born and he announced giving out 99% his Facebook shares during his life time. Big reputation was earned again.

    WOW, 99% accuracy rate on Feng Shui, together with 99% wealth donation. Mark’s life is virtually perfect – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Chris Hemsworth broke the ground with Thor’s hammer virtually


    Chris (1983/8/1) was born on the gold Bracelet (metal) day. At a glance of his birthday chart, a smooth circulation system was formed, as earth produces metal and metal produces water. 2 pools of water shows up to wash his gold bracelet clean and shine, making Chris a handsome looking man. Obviously, metal (3 pieces) is overwhelming on his chart. He cannot take it no more. To balance out, Chris needs wood (#1 luck element) to weaken and defend the metal.

    2011 (rabbit) was a breakthrough year for Chris as his role for Thor in the Marvel films Thor became a mega hit. The rabbit met with goat and pig on his birthday chart to create the universal super power of wood. It is pretty much the image of Thor raising his hammer and radiating with the blue thunder (yes, thunder is wood). In addition, wood represents wealth and female relationship to a metal person like Chris. Yes, Chris got everything in 2011: luck, wealth and female fans. Case closed -– Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Charlie Sheen has to carry four monkeys on his back in 2016(2015/11/17)


    Charlie (1965/9/3) was born on the sword (metal). At a glance, half of his birthday chart is covered by metal alone. Charlie’s life is very much out of balance. His enemy has to be metal and earth, which produces more metal to hurt him. Charlie is in urgent need to have wood (#1 lucky element) to survive.

    For a metal man, wood represents money and woman. Not surprising that Charlie is so obsessive with ladies. Woman definitely would bring him good luck and happiness. The more the better. Interesting enough, both kinds of wood (tree & flower = lover & wife) appear on the top line of his birthday chart. In fact, Charlie has been married 3X and divorced 3X. The cruel truth is that whenever he got married, he becomes unhappy. The Feng Shui rule is that when a sword combines with a flower (e.g. when he marries to a woman), it turns into a much stronger metal. Charlie cannot stand metal. He cannot stand his wife, not even the drop-death gorgeous wife like Denise Richards.

    According to his Luck Cycle Chart, when he turns 40 in 2004, he entered into the Big Trouble 10 year period of “Metal and Earth”. It was during this period that he was diagnosed as HIV positive. In fact, that exact year has to be 2012, the year of river dragon (wet earth). The dragon is a water storage, unlocked by the monkey. And river is associated with sexual disease. Bingo. HIV is the one. In short, we think the 3 monkeys (metal) on his birthday is troublesome enough. Wait until 2016 (year of monkey) when he has to carry four monkeys on his back. Wish you luck, Charlie – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    David Beckham is named People Magazine’s “Sexist Man Alive” for 2015.


    David (1975/5/2) was born on the stone day in the spring month of dragon (earth). Under this setting of layer of earth pressuring the stone, David should not be a handsome man, let alone a sexy symbol.

    However, based on David’s birthday chart, we can easily spot 2 pieces of swords (monkey is metal sword) and 2 pieces of flowers (rabbit is flower wood). The dragon is perfectly present here to facilitate the powerful combination of these swords and flowers into a gigantic METAL or the ultimate cutting machine. 2015 is the year of flower goat (wood earth), further fueling the combination and increasing the pressure. As a result, a perfect Diamond was cut out of David’s stone. David Beckham completed the ultimate transformation into the most sparkling and sexist “Diamond” alive — Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Kobe Bryant is set to retire at the end of 2015-2016 season.(2015/11/29)


    This retirement announcement today really gave me no surprise. As I mentioned on my post a couple days ago ( ) that Kobe will be running out of luck in 2016 (year of monkey) and 2017 (year of rooster).

    Metal and earth are his enemies. After the poor plays in 2015 (year of goat = earth), he is totally exhausted to meet and perform for another two consecutive years of metal. No wonder that he decided to cut it off. When top luck runs out, top career runs out. What left behind is his glory past as the brightest and warmest candle light fire (like the attached picture above). I join Kobe’s millions of fans around the world in congratulating him on an outstanding NBA career and thank him for so many thrilling memories & sparklings–Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Coach said yesterday,”I will never, never, never, bench Kobe Bryant” for poor play.(2015/11/28)


    Kobe Bryant (1978/8/23) was born on the candle light day, in the month of monkey (metal). Kobe’s candle light is getting weak as it was consumed up to melt that heavy metal. To get balance and be lucky, Kobe needs fire & wood to back up his candle fire and produce more fire. Earth and metal are his enemies because earth can produce more metal, which Kobe is overwhelmed with.
    For a fire person like Kobe, metal represents wealth. Born on the wealth month (monkey) and having another metal shown up on the top line of the chart, Kobe is naturally born wealthy.

    Earth represents talent to Kobe. Yes, a dog (hot earth) shown up on the top line and Kobe got great talent on his game. In 1996 (year of rat), Kobe was selected in the NBA draft directly from high school. This amazing feat was attributed to the rat which virtually turned his monkey from metal to water.

    2003 (year of goat) was a tough year for Kobe because he was accused of sexual assault in a hotel. Goat is earth, his enemy. That is why. 2015 was another year of goat. His performance was lackluster. Unfortunately, 2016 (monkey) and 2017 (rooster) will not be good years for Kobe neither because they are both years of metal. Coach, please save Kobe, never, never, never, bench him – Feng Shui Master Woody Chan

    Does Donald Trump have a shot in the White House?


    According to his birthday chart, Donald Trump (1946/6/14) was born on the mud day, in the summer month of horse (fire). Having 2 pieces of fire and 2 pieces of hot earth, Donald’s temperature is extremely hot. To let the fire out, his famous words on the reality show The Apprentice, is “you’re fired”. To get balance and luck, Donald needs water & metal & wood. His enemies are fire & earth.

    Having the sun to produce his mud and tree to stab into his mud, Donald was born with the boss or even US president status, receiving tons of attentions and controversies. Real Estate is earth and should not be his lucky element. All his bad luck with real estates has been materialized by 4 rounds of bankruptcies.

    According to his luck cycle chart, at the age of 69 in 2014, Donald entered to a 5 year “Gold Bracelet (metal). 2016 (year of monkey) is also metal. This double metal power offers him good chance to win the US presidential election. White house is white which is metal color. However, Donald’s highly criticized hair style – red hair, reduce his luck to win. Showing a beautiful forehead is a must for taking the top job. His hair is so messy to claim the presidency – Feng Shui Master Woody

    David Letterman was so endurable to carry on his wood & water show


    David Letterman (1947/4/12) was born on the gold bracelet (metal) day, in the late spring of dragon (wet earth) and in the year of pig (water).

    Being a gold bracelet person, David is a very endurable person. That is why he can perform Late Night with David Letterman for 33 years, the longest-serving late night talk show host in American television history. That truly feels like the eternity of gold. Born in the year of pig, David is lovely and smart, has great memory and easier to get others’ attention. Born in the month of dragon, David Letterman has the top luck to start off.

    As the dragon (wet earth) produces more metal, and the union of rooster and dragon re-enforces the metal element in a gigantic proportion, David’s metal body is extremely strong. To get balance, David needs the help of wood (#1 lucky element) to stab into the earth, make it loose up and let his gold bracelet expose to the world. After that, he needs to have water (#2 lucky element) to wash off the dirt and make the gold bracelet clean and shining.

    As one of the most successful and most popular TV talk show (water) hosts, David Letterman basically relied on his mouth (water) for a living. His quick wit, superior improvisational skills and funniest humor enough to make his audience laugh all night. Late night is the time of water. David’s gold bracelet has definitely been washed very shining.

    David spent considerable amount of time to compile up the The Top 10 List(wood). This top 10 list was well delivered and well accepted. Ten is a water number.

    For a gold bracelet (yin metal) person like David, tree (yang wood) represents his professional earnings. Bingo, the tree shown up on the top line of his BaZi Chart. Also, for a gold bracelet (yin metal) person like David, fire represents fame and reputation. Bingo, the candle light (fire) also shown up on the chart. Since both the fire and the wood are his lucky elements, David is born to be wealthy and famous. He also got a auspicious late name Letterman as letter is wood. David truly is a legend, measured up greatly with his perfect BaZi – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Katy Perry loves to sing to girls


    Katy Perry (1984/10/25) was born on the river water day, in the later autumn month of dog (hot earth) and in the year of rat (water).
    Born as a river day master, Katy is a very generous, open-minded and responsible lady. Born on the year of rat, Katy is very smart, sociable and adaptable. Having a dragon in her BaZi chart, Katy has the top luck to begin with.

    Surrounded with two piece of earths and two piece of trees, Katy’s river is getting polluted and dried up. This means that Katy has a tons of pressure or challenges in life. The rat water from the year pillars can only provide a limited level of release but it is far from sufficient. Perry has an urgent need to increase her water (#1 lucky element) level and metal (#2 lucky element) to keep producing more water to refill her river.

    Even thru metal cannot be found in her BaZi chart, Katy Perry takes in the metal and water by becoming a singer (metal & water). In fact, Katy Perry is considered one of the top-earning and most successful female singers in music, achieving the record sales of over 11 million albums and 81 million singles worldwide, and wining so many awards.

    Being a river (yang or male water) day master, Katy often shows off her masculine side, which was synchronized by the popular but controversial song “I Kissed a Girl”. This song made Katy Perry a household name.

    Occasionally, Katy loves to put on nose ring, hair ring or teeth ring or other rings (metal), which can enhance her luck whether she is aware of it or not. For a water person, earth represents reputation. Well, Katy got two piece of earth and she is a famous celebrity. For a water lady, tree represents talent and children. Well, Katy definitely has great talent on music and song writing. As far as children is concerned, since both river and tree are yang (or positive), Katy is likely to have daughter. As two trees were shown up on the top line of her BaZi Chart, two daughters are expected from her. In addition, the dragon under her day master is hidden with a son for her. However, since the dog and dragon clashes, this son is likely to be “clashed” (abortion) away – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Emma Watson loves to read the books of Harry Potter


    Emma Watson (1990/4/15) was born on the sword (metal) day in the spring month of dragon (wet earth) and in the year of horse (fire).
    Born in the year of horse, Emma is very generous, outgoing and determined to win at all cost. Born in the month of dragon, Emma has top level of luck. In addition, there is auspicious production cycle going around in her BaZi Chart: fire produces earth and earth produces metal. It is a perfect flow.

    Imagine that Emma is a sword buried under the earth layer after layer. It never gets notice from others about its existence. To break out, Emma needs all the help of wood (#1 lucky element) to stab into the earth, loosen it up and dig out the sword. Then her sword can appear and appeal to the world. Since Emma got too much earth (#1 bad luck element) and too much metal (#2 bad luck element) in her BaZi Chart, she cannot breathe (she may have nasal or aspiration system health issue) and cannot handle no more. She will suffer whenever she comes across more metal (e.g. the year of monkey, rooster) and more earth (the year of ox, dragon, dog and goat)

    Everyone has at least a few chances in life. In the case of Emma, it actually came very early. The Harry Potter film series were based on the same name best selling book (wood) series. The portrait of a school (wood) student as Hermione Granger earned Watson worldwide fame and fortune over the course of the years. Continuing her luck with schools (wood), Watson attended the very best Oxford University (Britain is East (wood) of the United States) and Brown University, graduating with a B.A. in English literature (wood). As a fashion (wood) consultant, Emma helps create a line of clothing for People Tree (wood name). In fact, Emma’s entire life is solely in the efforts of pursuing the best wood element, just in different forms. Green (wood) is definitely her lucky color.

    For a sword metal person like Emma, wood is her wealth star. The more wood she associates with, the more money she can make. After filming the Harry Potter series, she is virtually wealthy enough to retire at the twenties. Also, earth represents mother to her. Since she got plenty of earth element, she will get bad luck whenever she is around with her mother, no matter how much of love between them – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Bradley Cooper loves to drink red wine & enjoys the hangover the day after


    Bradley Cooper (1975/1/5) was born on the river (water) day in the winter month of rat (water) and in the year of tiger (wood).
    Born as a river day master on in the cold winter month of water, Bradley Cooper is full of water element in his system. Cooper must be a very smart person with this abundance level of water. At this same time, this water level is high enough to drive him crazy potentially. If the matter really gets worse, Cooper could develop into depression or other psychological problems. To avoid this stressful outcomes, Bradley Coopers really needs the help of sun fire (#1 lucky element) to get warm and wood (#2 lucky element) to absorb his flooded water. Bingo. He got into filming (fire and acting (wood). And his year of tiger (wood) helps him out in some degrees.

    Cooper’s breakthrough role came from the comedy sequences The Hangover. Alcohol belongs to the fire element because it is burnable liquid or spirit. Fire is Cooper’s #1 lucky element. He got no problem of drinking liquid, preferably red wine. In addition, fire is both the wealth star and female relationship star for a water person like Bradley. The more movies (fire) he performs, the more money and women relationships he can earn and cultivate.

    Cooper also has a lot of luck with the wood element as he was able to obtain a B.A. in English from Georgetown University (wood). His roles in the romantic comedy Silver Linings Playbook (Both linings and book are wood objects) earned him three consecutive Oscar nominations. Good job. Keep drinking red wine and enjoy the hangover – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Kristen Stewart was fired up to sky of fame by twilight


    Kristen Stewart (1990/4/9) was born on the tree wood day in the spring month of dragon (wet earth) and in the year of horse (fire).
    Being a tree day master, Kristen is a very kind and noble person. Born in the year of horse, Kristen is a very generous person and filled with passion to pursue her dream. As for the month of dragon, it actually will do her the best since dragon month is the luckiest month among all the other twelve month. Kristen already possess the great DNA to move ahead.

    Born in the spring season, Kristen’s tree is already healthy and strong. Imagine what it will take to make a tree useful and noble. The answer is candle light (fire: #1 lucky element) and sword (metal: #2 lucky element). The reason is that a healthy tree needed to be cut and turn into a fine piece of furniture to be useful. Luckily, there are actually two “sword” shown up in her BaZi chart. Now, the only thing missing is “candle light” fire.

    Bingo! Filming is candle light. Kristen has the luck to get into this fire career. To make it even better, her international success film The Twilight Saga also carried a fire name –Twilight. Please be aware that this film happened to release in the 2008 (year of big fire). Many people lost a great fortune on the stock markets and even their home on foreclosure due to the financial crisis, almost bringing the entire Wall Street down with it. However, far from being a crisis to Kristen Stewart, 2008 marked the beginning of her career as one of the hottest Hollywood movie stars. Candle light is on her side.

    Earth is the wealth star for the tree person like Kristen. Yes, you can find two piece of earth (dragon) in her Bazi chart. Kristen has a fate to be very wealthy. However, dragon is only good to see one. Two dragons together actually will be fighting each other. And one dragon happens to be located in her husband box, the space under her tree – the day master. That spells a trouble in her future marriage. It is likely her will marry at least twice. Well, nowadays in Hollywood, it is virtually hard to find a super star only married once. Two dragon also signified self-defeat. Kristen has a bad habit of self-denial, putting herself into many trouble thoughts.

    As Robert Pattinson was born in the hot summer month of fire, Kristen has a tendency to catch fire and fallen in love with Robert. However, this loving relationship did not last because Robert could hardly find the water sources he needed from Kristen’s birthday chart – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Robert Pattinson loves to act as a dark vampire


    Robert Pattinson (1986/5/13) was born on the rock (hot earth) day in the summer month of snake (fire) and in the year of tiger (wood).
    Born as a hot earth day, surrounding with hot summer fire and fueled the fire with the spring wood, Robert Pattinson is totally on fire. He disparately needs to throw himself into a water (#1 lucky element) pool to cool down. On the contrary, fire and wood should be his enemies.
    Born in the year of tiger, Robert is adventurer. Born in the hot summer month of snake, Robert has the passion to chase his dream. Born as a hot rock person, Robert is stubborn and often failed to think clear enough for many things.

    The only way for him to be successful in movie (fire) is to portray some dark spirit (water) such as a Vampire. Twilight film sequences brought Pattinson worldwide fame. Twilight is a good movie name for him because twilight is the time just before night when the daylight has almost gone but it is not completely dark. It is just the time the dark spirit is already to come out. Another romantic drama, Water for Elephants, certainly enhanced his luck as elephant is considered water creature.

    Instead of filming (fire), Pattinson may want to develop his other talent such as music (water). In fact, Pattinson is able to compose and play his own music. He sang in the Twilight film series and in some other occasions. Since water is the wealth star for an earth person like Robert, the more songs he sings, the more money he can make. One more suggestion: he should not grow beard (wood) because wood is his bad luck element – Feng Shui Master Woody

    George Clooney loves to swim in the ocean eleven


    George Clooney (1961/5/6) was born on the sword (metal) day in the hot summer month of snake (fire) and in the year of ox (wet earth).
    Born in the month of fire, Clooney is a hot blood person with a lot of passion to pursue his dreams. His strong drive to success is naturally gifted. Being a sword person, Clooney possesses a strong sense of justice and will stand very firm on his beliefs. Having born in the year of ox, Clooney is a very hard working and dedicated person. He is not too fond of speaking in the public unless he has to.

    Now blessed with all these settings, Clooney would love to have water (#1 lucky element) to cool down his temper a little bit, wash off the mud on his sword and make it shine. Metal (#2 lucky element) is needed to backup and strengthen his metal sword. Clooney gained wide recognition in his role as Dr. Doug Ross on the long-running medical drama ER. Physician belongs to the metal element as he picks up a knife to do surgeries. The superhero film Batman & Robin belongs to a water element. Batman is bat, which is considered the relative of rat (water) in Feng Shui. Another major hit that Clooney received wide approval has to be Ocean’s Eleven and its sequences. Of course, ocean is water. All this water washes of the mud from Clooney’s sword, make it shining and handsome. No surprising, George Clooney has been recognized as the sexiest man on earth.

    Clooney loves to sail on his boat (water) and surrounding with much younger girls (water)– Feng Shui Master Woody

    Michael Jordan was riding on the Chicago Bull to grab his Nike sneakers


    Michael Jordan (1963/2/17) was born in the gold bracelet day in the spring month of tiger (wood) and in the year of rabbit (wood).

    Imagine that Michael Jordan is a piece of precious gold bracelet trapped deep inside a huge forest. We really have difficulty to locate this gold bracelet. To solve this problem, Michael needs to make the gold bracelet shining, bigger and stronger so that we can find it easier. In other words, Michael Jordan needs wet earth (#1 lucky element) to produce more metal and water (#2 lucky element) to clean up, making it shining. Water makes Michael handsome as well.

    Being one of the most shining sport star and American icon, Michael Jordan must have all the talent and luck to put things together. Michael was mostly celebrated by his jump shot, wearing his legendary #23 red or white Chicago Bull outfit. Yes, Bull is ox which is wet earth, producing abundance of gold to make him stronger. Second, sport belongs to the water element because the player is required to move quickly in the court, just like the movement of water. Basketball is a sport (water).

    For a metal person, the wealth star is wood element. To be more specific, for a gold bracelet person like Michael Jordan, the wealth star is tiger (wood). Michael was born with huge money luck. Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers (wood) was one of the most successful products and brands in the sport shoe history – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Brad Pitt is a frozen flower, searching for warm fire


    Brad Pitt (1963/12/18) was born on the flower (wood) day in the winter month of rat (water) and in the year of rabbit (wood).

    Being a flower, Brad is a well approved sexy symbol. Born in the cold winter month, Brad’s personality is a bit cool in the nature. Born in the year of rabbit, Brad is a very social person with great mercy, adopting 3 children internationally. To elevate to a true celebrity level, Brad Pitt needs the help of fire (#1 lucky element) to keep warm and wood (#2 lucky element) to climb up to the sky.

    Yes, he chose the best career – filming (fire). Brad Pitt’s first leading roles in big-budget productions came with dramas named A River Runs Through it. This is a very interesting name for a movie when applying to Brad Pitt’s situation. This river (water) actually ran through Brad Pitt and did not stay behind. Water is a bad luck element for Pitt as he already has abundance. It is better for the river to run away as quickly as possible from Pitt.

    Besides his filming career, Brad Pitt’s personal life also attracts the media spotlights. Angelina Jolie was born in the hot summer month of June. Jennifer Aniston was a candle light person born in the spring month of wood. Both Angelina and Jennifer are hot enough to provide Brad Pitt with all the fire he so desires – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Bernie Sanders may not have enough luck to claim the US Presidency in 2016


    Bernie Sanders (1941/9/8) was born on the wet earth day in the autumn month of monkey and in the year of snake (fire).

    Being the wet earth person, Bernie is very skillful of managing people. Many true political leaders are within the earth group such as Obama and Hilary Clinton. The heavy metal from autumn month makes him a very noble and justice person, outspoken on civil rights and civil liberties. At the same time, this same heavy metal weakens Bernie’s wet earth situation because metal drains earth. To get balance and luck, Bernie needs to have earth (#1 lucky element) to support and back him up and fire (#2 lucky element) to produce and makes him stronger. His obvious enemy is metal because he simply has too much of it.

    In 1964, the year of dragon (wet earth), Bernie graduated from the University of Chicago. Earth did him well. In 1981, which started his ten year destiny period of dragon (wet earth), Bernie was elected as major of Burlington. In 2006, the year of dog (hot earth), Bernie was elected to US senator the first time. In 2012, the year of dragon (wet earth), Bernie was re-elected as US senator by a large margin of 71%. On April 30, 2015, the year of goat (hot earth), and the month of dragon (wet earth), Bernie announced his candidacy for the Democratic party’s nomination for president in 2016 US presidential election.

    2016 is the year of fire monkey. Monkey belongs to the metal element which is Bernie’s top enemy. This shortfall cut down Bernie’s luck substantially. Bernie does not seem to be able to line up all the luck he needs and achieve the ultimate success as the president of the United States in 2016. In fact, 2016 may well be a bad year for Bernie because it will commit the so-called “double perils”, a fire monkey reading on his birth month (second pillar from the right) meets the fire monkey reading in 2016. In conclusion, Bernie has the perfect luck to get nomination but may well run out short to become the president of the United States – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Michael Phelps is a golden medal per se


    Michael Phelps (1985/6/30) was born on the sword metal day in the hot summer month of horse (fire) and in the year of ox (wet earth).

    Imagine Michael Phelps is one of his many Olympic gold medals grilling on top of the fire burner. The metal would melt away. To escape from the heat, Michael is desperately searching for a cool place. A swimming pool would work. God treated him well. Michael grew up in the family which loves swimming. As water is his #1 lucky element without doubt, Michael Phelps showed extraordinary talent, strongest endurance and greatest luck in this sport.

    In fact, even without Phelps’ awareness, everything went to his favor. 2008 Olympics game was held in Beijing (north part of China). North is water. Bravo, he won 8 gold medals. 2012 Olympics game was hosted in London (the western city from China). West is metal (#2 lucky element). Phelps won 4 gold and 2 silver medals. To make it even better, 2012 was the year of dragon, which is a water creature in Chinese folk stories.

    Being a metal day person, Phelps is a very calm, stable, cold and focus. Born in the hot summer month, Phelps has a burning heart to chase his dream. Born in the year of ox, Phelps is an extremely hard working and creative person. Nothing come easy without great amount of efforts but hard working alone won’t reach this level of glory. We have to add luck. In Michael Phelps’ case, the luck is water and metal – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Taylor Swift loves her red dress and red lipstick


    Taylor Swift (1989/12/13) was born on the candle light (fire) day in the winter month of rat (water) and in the year of snake (fire).

    Taylor Swift is a candle light born in a cold winter. To make the candle light brighter, Swift needs fire (#1 lucky element) to back it up and wood (#2 lucky element) to keep it warm and fuel the fire.

    The release of Swift’s self-titled debut album in 2006 established her as a country music star. Self-titled album served her well because it doubled up her candle light (fire) and made it stronger. The reason she picked up country music, not other types, because country belongs to the wood element. Country music is a perfect choice for her. In 2012, her fourth albums “Red” was sold more than one million copies within the first week of their U.S. release. Fire is red. Thus red is her lucky color. Taylor Swift caught fire on this album, making her one of the hottest singers alive. Another great song “Bad Blood” reached number one on the Billboard hot 100. Blood is fire because it is red in color. In addition, Taylor Swift has a pair of very attractive eyes (fire and wood part of the body) and beautiful curry hair (wood). As long as Taylor loves to put on red lipstick color, her candle light will continue to burn brightly – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Jeremy Lin throws the world into Linsanity


    According to the BaZi chart, Jeremy Lin (1988/8/23) was born on the Yang metal day in the autumn month of monkey (metal) and in the year of dragon (earth).

    As the color of his chart indicated, Jeremy’s reading is all about metal and earth. Being a yang metal person and born in metal month, Jeremy is a very strong person. Playing basketball is right for this strong man. To reduce his overloaded metal and earth elements, Jeremy needs to have wood (#1 useful element) to defense the metal and stab the earth loose and water (#2 useful element) to produce more wood and drained down the metal and earth.

    According to the luck cycle chart above, starting at the age of 25, Jeremy is blessed with the water and wood useful element for a straight 25 years. No wonder after early years of struggling in pursuing his NBA dream, Jeremey finally broke out in 2011-2012 season with New York Knicks. Precisely, at the age of 25 and in the year of 2012, Jeremy unexpectedly led a winning turnaround with New York Knicks, generating a global sensation known as “Linsanity”.

    In this special year of 2012 (a great yang water dragon), Lin became a NAB celebrity. Dragon is a water creature in China and is considered a huge water storage. This storage can only be open by a monkey in the watering environment. Bingo, Jeremy was born in the monkey month and 2012 was a Yang water year. The dragon storage gate was successfully open, the water flooded out and Jeremy achieved his amazing feat. For Jeremey, water represents talent because as regards to the metal person, metal producing water signifies skills and talent. Wood represents wealth to Jeremy because as regards to the metal person, metal destroying wood signifies wealth. Since water and wood are Jeremy useful elements, Jeremy are likely to possess great talent and large wealth. To add it up for good sake, New York is in the east coast (the wood direction) of the U.S. Once Jeremy travels to the East, he will have money luck.

    Jeremy has definitely picked up the right career, playing basketball, as sport belongs to the water element. Basketball is a sport relying heavily on the arms and legs (wood part of body) movement and coordination. As such, basketball belong to the wood and water career – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Robin Williams’ stand-up comedies really delivered plenty of jokes and water


    Robin Williams (1951/7/21) was born on the river water day in the late summer month of sheep (hot earth) and in the year of rabbit (wood).

    Born as a rabbit, Robin Williams was a very sociable person. Born in the summer month of hot earth, Robin’s river was getting dry. The rabbit wood could produce more fire to dry up his river further. To fight against this situation, Williams needed to have enough water (#1 lucky element) and metal (#2 lucky element) to produce more water to survive and improve his luck. On the contrary, fire, wood and hot earth were Williams’ three bad luck elements.

    Amazingly, Williams engaged in the perfect career: stand-up comedy, Sitcom, musical comedy which belongs to the water and metal element. The fame in comedy landed Williams in many filming opportunities. Filming is fire which should not be Williams’ lucky element. However, Williams was still able to obtain sufficient amount of water and metal through other sources such as his decade of destiny. By the helps of water and metal, Williams achieved great success in filming, earned him many awards including Academy, Golden Globe and Grammy. Interesting enough, many outstanding films he played carried the strong water or metal elements into it, such as Popeye (a sailor is water), The Fisher King (fish is water), Birdcage (bird is metal), Night at the Museum (night is water time).

    In August of 2014, Robin finally ran out of luck. 2014 was the year of big fire and August was a hot earth month. The temperature was just too hot for Robin Williams to bear. Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope (wood) on his head (a fire part of body). Robin Williams’ river was totally dry out under all these fire and wood – Feng Shui Master Woody

    David Beckham digs up channels of glamor through soccer


    David (1975/5/2) was born on the rock (hot earth) day in the late spring month of dragon (wet earth) and in the year of rabbit (wood).

    Imagine David Beckham is a hard rock seating on top of the wet earth. This heavy muddy circumstance strengthens his body, making him very tough on the field. This extremely muddy situation is in urgent need of Feng Shui’s remedies. First, Beckham needs water (#1 lucky element) to wash off his loaded mud. Then, he needs wood (#2 lucky element) to stab into the earth, making it loose so that he can breathe.

    Sport is water, flowing from here to there. Soccer (or football in Great Britain) is the sport that requires the frequent use of the foot (wood part of body). Bingo. Water and wood, the two lucky elements, come with the same sport. David Beckham virtually killed two birds with one stone. Thus soccer is meant to be his game. Beckham became the first English player to win league titles in 4 countries: English, Spain, United States and France.

    Beckham’s fame extends beyond the pitch. Partially thanks to his good look and the spotlight of his famous wife, Beckham has virtually become one of the hottest spokesmen in the world, often signing multi-dollar deals with many top brands internationally. Spokesman is water. Fashion is wood. Fragrance is water. Magazine is wood. Commercial is water. God. Beckham’s opportunities are boundless. With the help of water and wood, Beckham became one of the highest earning sport stars, if not the top one.

    When reading Beckham, we cannot complete without bringing up his lovely wife – Victoria Beckham. The key question is “why David would like Victoria so much to marry her?” Let’s look into it now. I was shocked to find out that the reading of Victoria (1974/4/17) has 90% similarity to that of David. Both of them are rock person born in the wet earth month in the year of wood. This is a very rare situation where a couple can truly unified into one. This alone can explain the strong bonding between them.

    The only thing that Beckham may not like about Victoria was her association with Spice Girls (fire girls). The fire coming from the spice girls would produce more earth, which would drive Beckham crazy. Loaded with earth to the alarming level, David Beckham would suffocate from it – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Arnold Schwarzenegger fired up this life through Terminator


    Arnold (1947/7/30) was born on the sword metal day in the late summer month of sheep (hot earth) in the year of pig (water).

    Being a metal person, Arnold has a strong sense of justice. That is why he is a perfect guy to play the role of a cop. Born in the month of hot earth, Arnold has burning heart (fire element in earth) to pursue his dreams. Being produced by the earth, Arnold’s metal element grew stronger. However, it was still buried under the ground (earth). Therefore, Arnold has been working so hard, trying to break though from the ground. Arnold needs the help of wood (#1 lucky element) to stab into the earth and show up his rifle (metal). Then, he can aim and open fire (#2 lucky element) to show off his power to the world. In fact, Arnold has been chasing wood and fire all his life.

    Arnold’s success had everything to do with his filming (fire) career. 1984 was the year of a wood, Arnold portrayed in the film The Terminator, a block buster science-fiction movie directed by James Cameron. Remember the scene where the Terminator fired up his weapon with a close-up view on his left eye (fire part of body) which was red and torn down. Red is fire as well. This film declared the beginning of a glorious spotlight for Arnold.

    In 2003, all of a sudden, Arnold gave up his movie (fire) career and decided to run for the governor office of California. The Feng Shui’s reason behind this was that Arnold was exchanging the fire element with the wood element. After all wood is still his #1 lucky element. Being the California governor, Arnold was able to absorb all the wood element he needs and at the same time, showed off his strong desire of justice as a metal person – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Steve Jobs was fired up to become a legend


    Steve Jobs (1955/2/24) was born on the fire day in the spring month (wood) and in the year of sheep (hot earth).

    Imagine Steve Jobs is a fire, fueled with load of woods in a hot earth environment. The fire was burning out of control. These overheated situation totally revealed the fact that Steve Jobs possessed a burning heart and hottest drive to achieve his incredible dreams and goals in life. This extremely red hot situation had reached the breakout point. To obtain internal harmony and calmness, Jobs resorted to the help of Zen and meditation (wood element). In a normal sense of Feng Shui, water and metal should be Steve Jobs’ most needed elements because they would help cooling him down. However, it is not the case with Jobs. When thing goes to the extreme like Job’s, it turns the other way around. Jobs’ lucky elements are actually wood (#1) and fire (#2). Just like with a pile of red hot burning charcoal, we should never shower it with cold water immediately because, if we do, it will explode. All we can do is the other way around, keep fueling the red hot charcoal with wood and let the fire continue to burn to its glory, until it lasts.

    With this backdrop, things are finally pulled together and start to make sense. Steve Jobs has been hugely successful with Apple (wood element, the most recognized fruit in the world), computer and electronic gadgets (all electronics belong to fire element). In fact, all his life was in the pursuit of wood and fire. Steve Jobs received many milestones of success. Jobs assembled computers (fire) in his garage (fire), studied Calligraphy (wood) and brought fonts (wood) to Mackintosh (fire), went to hot place India (fire nation) to pursue spiritual enlightenment and Zen (wood). Even his beard (wood) became a signature of him.

    When a person having that much of fire like Jobs, he would easily explode with big temper, anger and frustration. This was certain the case for Steve Jobs. In fact, many Apple employees have been so afraid of talking with him, worrying about irritating him somehow and got fired.
    On the other hand, Steve Jobs’ bad luck elements are earth, metal and water. Jobs was fired as the CEO of Apple in 1985 (year of ox, wet earth). 2013 was the year of sheep (hot earth), Jobs was diagnosed with Pancreas cancer (the disease of earth element and Pancreas is the earth part of body). In 2009(wet earth year again) he received a liver transplant. In 2011 (metal year) October (hot earth month), his liver (wood part of body) was further cut thin and so was him. Jobs passed away that year. With the help of fire and wood, Jobs had not only built a great empire but also a legacy of innovation: Good Job, Steve – Feng Shui Master Woody

    Jackie Chan’s life is in a rush hour

    Jackie Chan (1954/4/7) was born on the dew water day in the spring month of dragon (wet earth) and in the year of horse (fire).

    Born in the month of dragon, Jackie is a lucky man to begin with. As a dew water person in the wet earth month, Jackie is smart, gentle and humid. Fortunately, his horse fire comes to the rescue to dry him up for a certain degree. Born in the year of horse, Jackie is very sociable and generous person.

    To get more luck in life, Jackie needs candle light fire (#1 lucky element) to dry up the moisture further. He also needs tree wood (#2 lucky element) to stab into the earth and make it loose and weak.

    As mentioned many times already, filming is fire and acting is wood. Jackie Chan is considered the most successful and productive martial art actor alive. Since 1960s, Jackie Chan has performed in over 150 films. After being famous in Hong Kong and Asian for over two decades, Jackie Chan’s Hollywood breakthrough finally came with the “Rush hours” in 1998. Partnering with Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan was able to gross US$ 130 million in the United States alone.

    Chan has innovated his own style of “action comedy” in movie. Martial art is wood and it is Jackie Chan’s livelihood. Jackie Chan even is a trained vocalist (water) and has released a number of albums. However, since water and metal are not his lucky elements, Jackie’s singing career received more criticisms than anything else. Metal is definitely not one of his lucky elements as he has been cut, hurt and undergone many treatments and surgeries thanks to the many dangerous acts in his movies – Feng Shui Master Woody