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Pick Auspicious Dates

Pick the Best Wedding Dates

1. Cannot choose the same birth years (Chinese Zodiac) of the bride and the gloom and also that of their parents. For examples, if the bride was born in the year of monkey, the groom was born in the year of ox, each pair of parents were born in rooster, dragon, rabbit and goat. Then all of these years (monkey, ox, rooster, dragon, rabbit and goat) cannot be chosen. This rule especially holds more weight on the bride and groom.

2. Cannot choose the same birth months and the clashing months of the bride’s parents and the gloom’s parents. For example: tiger (February) clashes with monkey (August). Tiger is wood and monkey is metal. Metal cuts/damages wood — not auspicious. Referring to the clashing table under Feng Shui 101-505.

3. April (4/4-5/4) and August (8/8-9/7) cannot be used. April is the month to pay respect to the ancestors and August is the month of ghost.

4. The pre-marriage giving date to the bride’s family — usually one month prior to the wedding date.

5. The auspicious time to pick up the bride.

6. The auspicious time for the wedding banquet.

Pick the Best Date for C Section

1. Pick a date with well balance of the five elements. Then choose the right birth time to complement the insufficiency of the birth month.

2. Baby’s birthday has to be auspicious to the parents.

3. The more top lucky stars, the better. Top auspicious stars include “Purple Noble Dragon star”, “Sky Flower Helpful People star” and “Money God star”. Please refer to Feng Shui 101-505 for details.

Pick the Best Date to Move In

1. Pick the date which is both auspicious and falls into the lucky element for the owner of the house.

2. Pick the date with matching pair and not the clashing pair of the Chinese Zodiac of the house owner. For example: if he was born in the year of rat, he should not pick the date of horse (clashing animal). The best date may well be the date of ox (matching pair).

3. Pick the time which is both auspicious and falls into the owner’s lucky element.

4. Here are the common rituals for moving in:
a. Spreading the money coins all over the house the day before moving in. On the moving date, sweep all the money coin into a center, wrap it with red cloth and place it under the master bed.

b. Pray the four corners with three incense sticks in this order (northwest, southwest, southeast and northeast)

c. Burning a long bunch of fire crackers in front of the house. If not possible, burn some incense paper in the middle of the house to clear up the bad Qi.

d. Turn on all the water taps, lights and stove for a while. Boil some water to drink to get totally synchronized with the house.

Pick the Best First Working Date for the New Year

1. The auspicious date for the boss, without the clashing his/her Chinese Zodiac.

2. The date of the lucky element for the boss.

3. The auspicious time of the date.