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2016 Fire Monkey

No Ground Work on these Directions in 2016

No ground work or construction should be seen and performed inside or outside of the house or office. Otherwise, injury and bad fortune will be expected.

1. South: The Three Brake star falls on the south.

2. Southwest: God of Duke falls on the south west.

3. Northeast: The # 5 Yellow Misfortune star: this notorious star situates in the northeast.

Chinese Zodiac and Direction Luck

2016 Observation:
1. Snake (month of May) is the Key to open the Ox’s Metal storage. There should be a huge money opportunity in May 2016. However, based on the Chinese Zodiac Compass above. Ox is located in the Northeast (which is the worse #5 yellow misfortune star lands in 2016, based on the 2016 flying star chart) in 2016. No luck will happen.

2. Monkey (2016) is the key to open the dragon’s water storage. Dragon’s (month of April) gate will be open. Tons of water will flood out. Dragon is located in the Southeast where the auspicious #1 money star lands. You will capture tons of money if water is your lucky element.

3. Pig (month of November) is the key to open the Goat’s Wood storage. There will be a huge money opportunity in November 2016 because the auspicious flying #8 fortune star lands on Southwest in 2016). It is especially beneficial to people whose lucky element is wood.

2016 the Best Get-out-of-bed Direction

The best getting out of bed in the morning direction in 2016 is #1 southwest, #2 east and #3 southeast. The worst direction is #1 northeast

2016 Flying Star Chart

The best #8 White Prosperity Star falls into the southwest corner, which belongs to the female owner. Woman has top luck in 2016.

The worst #5 Yellow Misfortune Star lands on the northeast corner, which belongs to the youngest son of the family.