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What Our Feng Shui Clients Are Saying

My husband and I used Woody for an at-home Feng Shui consultation. I have some experience and my husband almost none in the ways of Feng Shui. Woody was perceptive and his written review was very interesting. He certainly picked out a few things in each person in the family that we neither told him about nor was obvious but certainly accurate. Thankfully his report let my husband and I know we are compatible and that there are very reasons for his love of gardening. More importantly, his report was very detailed and advised us of ways to enhance our luck for the upcoming year as well as things we should avoid.

Overall the experience was very insightful and we are using it to manage certain things in our lives. From color choices to how we think about home layout there seems to be more clarity after hour consultation with Woody. We definitely would recommend Woody to friends and family.

- Pamela B

I had a feng shui reading from Woody in July, and recently asked for a birthday feng shui report. I learned so much about Feng Shui and blew my mind away. More importantly, after applying a few small tricks ( unlike moving furniture etc.), my finance started to improve. What he says in the Feng Shui report about my past seem accurate. He also gave me an outline of what to expect in the coming years, and how to enhance my luck and avoid bad luck. Also, I have had many follow-up questions, and he has always been very patient about answering my questions in great details. Thanks Woody. 12/7/2017

- Tina G.

If I had to describe Master Woody Chan’s Feng Shui consultation in one word, that one word would be “precise”. After going through two other Feng Shui masters and reading dozens of Feng Shui books that just provided “general” Feng Shui information (which is not specific to my birthday or my surroundings), I’ve never ever noticed any significant positive changes in my life or even felt a shift in energy for the positive as when I followed Master Woody’s Feng Shui advice. Master Woody is phenomenal in making the complicated aspects of Feng Shui simple to understand and actionable.

Master Woody is truly remarkable and after following through with his Feng Shui advice, my daughter and I have both actually felt a shift in energy for the positive and have gotten positive results (on job interviews, in having additional sources of income just randomly pop up, etc.). Master Woody is truly amazing and exceptional in his Feng Shui knowledge and background. On top of that, Master Woody’s rates are extremely reasonable and Master Woody is very sincere in trying to help you. If you are even slightly interested in Feng Shui, I would definitely give Master Woody a call to have a Feng Shui birthday consultation and home reading. The report that Master Woody generates is awesome and worth every dollar and more. You’ll definitely notice a shift in energy for the positive and positive changes happening in your life once you follow Master Woody’s Feng Shui advice. I can truly say that Master Woody is the one of the best Feng Shui masters in the Bay Area if not the best.

- Jim C.

It has been close to a month since last meeting Woody, and I am here to write an update review for Authentic Feng Shui Consulting. I accepted an offer which provides a 15% salary boost! while feng shui’ng my home bit by bit everyday. Woody is also still very responsive to my followup questions. Even if you are skeptical, and think this is all a coincidence, at the very least, feng shui has provided balance, harmony and aesthetics for the interior of my home. It is a great feeling!

- Tin C. #2

I’m glad to have found Woody on Yelp. Calling him and setting up an appointment with him was a seamless and very straightforward process. During our meeting, he is friendly, knowledgable and gave us a lot of suggestions on how to arrange our home based on feng shui and our bazi. His tips were very concise and I liked that he was not long-winded and kept everything straight to the point. We also received a thorough feng shui report which will be a good lifelong reference for us. What I truly enjoyed about our consultation session was that Woody was more like a caring friend in addition to being a feng shui master. He shared with us his personal feng shui success stories and chatted with us like a good helpful friend. He is also very responsive to followup questions. If feng shui is a completely new topic for you, and you are not sure who to consult, Woody is a great candidate! We are in the process of following his recommendations on feng shui’ing our home, and hope to update y’all more in a few months time! 🙂 Meanwhile I think he can consider opening his own feng shui store so that we can all buy what we need directly from him!

- Tin C. #1

Mr. Chan is a master of the Art. Knowledgeable and meticulous when it comes to dispensing his advice. I would refer him to my closest family and friends and consider him to be a valuable resource.

- Johnny T.

Master Woody helped myself and my family with his Feng Shui knowledge to the point where we received a surprise income 2 days after his visit and continue to hear excellent updates on a legal situation we are involved with.

- Cathy P.

It has been a pleasure getting to know Woody. Believe it or not, I am always open to things, and wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I did tread lightly being somewhat skeptical, but with a open mind, I started to listen to Woody’s advice and started making big adjustments in my life, adjusting my room being one of them and color choices. After I made changes, I was pleasantly surprise to experience many lucky episodes in my life. Coincidently, I have won fun $ raffles at my work 3 times already along with my brother winning once (among hundreds and thousands of people). I feel like my luck has increased as weird as it sounds, at least something feels different now in a positive way. Overall I enjoyed his advice and I like how each thing he has to say has a deep meaning behind them. If you guys are finding someone with Feng shui mastery, (BTW not your typical move your furniture around kind of deal) please do yourself a favor and ask for Woody, he’s the real deal.

P.S. I’m always curious what he has to say for other people when I ask him and they seem scary accurate. He’s that good. People are just born with it, I think he just has it. Thanks Woody! -bv

- Brian V.

It has been my good fortune to have found Woody and sought his Bazi consultation services from here in Singapore. There was a unresolved question in my life that I was seeking an answer to and even without my asking, his report has revealed the answer. His insight has given me a peace I have not felt in years.

Woody has an amazing feel for the flow of nature and the order of how things happen. To me Bazi is never about knowing my future but to know the reason for my being. No one has put it more aptly than Mark Twain (I quote)

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Thank you Woody.

- Tony E

Master Chan is very knowledgeable and passionate in Feng Shui. He started to analyze my lucky elements first and using the finding to do some explanation about my past successes and failures.

- Cecilia D.

Pretty quickly after I met with Woody, my fortune started changing for the better. And I only made a few slight adjustments to my place. Not only does Woody do the assessment of the home, he asked a lot of questions and did a thorough analysis on my well-being as a person as well!

- Amy L.

I am a wellness trainer in Los Gatos and I have this business for 4 years now. The few clients I had were very happy with my services but I needed more clients to break even. I knew I need help so I found Master Woody Chang. To my surprise, after implementing only few his recommendations, the energy in my business shifted dramatically. Clients started calling more, new clients are easily and effortless finding me on the internet, practically my business doubled in a matter of two weeks! And it took me 15 minutes to implement those few recommendations!

I tried to work with Feng shui consultants before and it was not a good experience. They either didn’t showed up or they came and told me that the situation is hopeless. Working with master Woody Chang it is so different! He has extensive knowledge, he shows up, he listen and he is solutions oriented. I can really trust him to guide me toward improving my business and my life. My life was pretty good before, but now everything feels easy and successful!

I can’t wait to see the results in my business and in my personal life after I do all the recommendations I got from Master Woody Chan! I am going to get busy now :).

If you need help in personal life and business, he is the one. I am so grateful that I found him!

- Ioana G.